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Jeju Sauna & Spa Home of Wellbeing

Adams Crossroads, Georgia

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Jeju Sauna & Spa Home of Wellbeing

Adams Crossroads, Georgia


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Elizabeth Arrington Godbey

I got a wild hair and drove 2 hours not knowing what I was getting into. Best decision EVER!! Next time I’m staying longer!! The scrub was amazing and a definite must for anyone going. I feel as if I was away from reality for days! More...


Brenda Shealey Steele

Awesome place. Nice environment. Very friendly staff. I had a wonderful experience. I highly recommend everyone treating themselves at this place. The body scrub was awesome...


Quinnetter Johnson

I went on yesterday for the first time for my birthday and it was an amazing experience. You feel so relaxed when you leave there. Me & my friends will be going back next month. #5starservice🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 More...


Sandtrecia Ushery

Every chance I get I am trying my best to to get there. I absolutely enjoy the hip bath, the different saunas as well as the wet area. Omg the food is amazing, a true must have 🤗 More...


Cammy Barnett

I LOVE JEJU SAUNA💕🙌🏽😍! What I dislike, are folks who can respect simple rules intended to keep all customers healthy and happy! “NO SHOES ALLOWED!” None! Zero!! Only the staff have on in- house issues water slippers.

Take of the shoes, people!

Take... off the shoes! No shoes! No zapatos! Old lady, ma’am... take ‘em off! So tired of people giving a million excuses! If you nasty at home.., stay home!

I spend my money here! You need to respect my money too! Not just your ego. Nasty is nasty!

The staff there works so hard to please folks.
But, as a customer I am over ridiculous customers. I don’t care what culture you are... this is a Korean Spa! If you can’t take simple instructions go somewhere else.

This is the only Korean Spa that goes above and beyond for EVERYONE to enjoy. Not just Koreans.


Vanessa Fennell

Missed flight home so i went to jeju!!! What could've been the worst night ended up being perfect. Thanks to the staff i felt soooo much better when in left. Thanks for being friendly. Jeju was awesome & i lol forward to coming back. Ill keep telling everyone about how great it was. More...


Jnyse Kiona

Great experience. Only thing is I wish you had a choice to be around the naked bodies and not exposed to it as soon as you walk in. The bath area should be closed off at least. & the common area is a little noisy. Otherwise a great way to relax and unwind ! More...


Kristle KookieKisses Donelson

My first time and I’ll definitely go back but what an experience it was. I went with my best friend & I’m sorta glad I didn’t read the reviews. Mainly because I probably wouldn’t have gone. If your a private person or have a complex with being naked or around naked people then this place isn’t for you. If you’re ocd about germs then you may not want to come here either. But anyways the hip bath is amazing. The sauna and jacuzzi was great. I slept good when I got back to my room. More...


Lorraine Swinton

My first body shampoo was completely awesome. I've been to the spa once before and my only complaint each time is that some of the patrons don't seem to understand the QUIET ZONES. I had to check three men in the charcoal room who appeared to be drunk. They left me in peace and all was well.

I didn't have any issues with cleanliness or the staff. I can't wait to go back.


Opal Stephanie Barrett

Concept was interesting but seemed a little like the movies or the mall. Not so much a retreat as I expected. Additionally I called several times before going so I could be prepared and still was unable to use the pool. No one told me bathing suits were not provided. Grant it hygienically, I’m sure it’s not allowable but I was under the impression you could enter nude like the saunas. More...


Tangela Norman

It is definitely the perfect gift to your body.This place has got to be heaven sent. I received the body scrub and it was amazing. Just a heads up, you will have to get nude to experience it as well as the hot pool, warm pool, cold pool, steam room & the dry steam room but you will feel at home. The nudity didn't bother me at all, a group of women just pampering their bodies. No matter what size or race, it's all accepted. The atmosphere was welcoming & it was extremely clean. $25 admission fee will let you explore all the pools and the saunas. Extra fees are added when you decided to explore other services like the body scrub, massages, hip bath "in which I'm getting on my next visit". Overall this has been added to my lifestyle ! I recommend everyone and they also have a men side, & a co-ed area so you can meet up with your companion. They also offer a sleep/rest room for relaxation. This place is amazing $25 will let you experience all this for 24 hours ! More...


Jessica Evans-Durden

Myself, My daughter, my sister, and niece went for mothers day for the first time and it was a very different but beautiful experience....$25 to get in and enjoy the sauna's, steamroom and other services. Some services like body shampoos, foot therapy are extra. All in all it was really nice. Will most definitly be going again More...


Wafzig Nordhus Nicole

We just moved from Dallas, Tx to SC so we drive 2.5 hours to come to Jeju. We practically lived at the Korean Spa Houses in Dallas (King Spa & Spa Castle).

Jeju was MUCH smaller and not as well organized as what I am used to. The sauna rooms were not has hot or cold....so as to really feel the true experience of the sauna.

No one had respect to keep their voices down and the loud speaker was ridiculous....It was so LOUD...not relaxing at all. I brought my 8 year old and 10 year old boys (who have been going to Korean Spa’s for the last 5 years) and they know how to act much better than the adults who were here.

“Also allowing bachelorette parties is ridiculous....it’s supposed to be relaxing - not a party. Not to mention that in Korea this is family environment..

I think that the trick is to get there super early to beat the crowds. I want to go back but now am prepared to bring some ear plugs.


Juanita Ghaskin

It was my first time ever going to a spa like this and I loved it. The manager did have to tell some ladies who were loud to quiet down but she wasn't rude about it. I think if you go there while you and your girls maybe excited, it is a spa and some people do come to relax, de-stress, and want quietness. I'm just saying. I still loved it and will be going back again. More...


Tameka Smith

I have zero complaints about this spot I drove over from Alabama and went at about 7 a.m. I had a body and foot massage. I really enjoyed the saunas and the wet room. Being naked amongst women was very enlightening and comforting. Everyone was very respectful and nice and helpful also. The food was great and needless to say I hate I had to leave. I will make this a monthly trip to unwind and de-stress from my work. Thank you so much to the staff that seem like they really like their jobs. More...


Gloriela Rosas

Good concept and choices of “relaxation” however they need to be more strict to keep people quite! It’s supposed to be spa to relax and not stress. But people are talking loud as if it was a party. There are signs to not use the cell and everyone uses them. They don’t follow the rules and they place doesn’t implement them. Too bad. It could be a real spa instead it’s a hanging out place. More...


Michele Christopher

It is amazing! To think you can have different experiences for $25 and stay as long as you want is awesome. My first time, with a party of 6, for a birthday celebration we had to get naked! I experienced the hot tub, total body scrub, hip bath and all the different saunas. (Hands on treatment is extra $ but worth every penny). If you’re a germaphobe this is not the place for you More...


Dionne Mitchell Clarke

I love coming to Jeju; however, I was a little disappointed with how I was treated yesterday by the ladies in the locker room. I asked a question and heard one of the ladies complaining, “that she doesn’t mAke the rules,” as if I couldn’t hear her. When my number was called for my body shampoo; I was told to get back in the water which I did. My friend noticed they moved our numbers down to put others ahead of us because they were getting a more expensive service. When I inquired about what had just happened; I was informed that their service would take longer and she couldn’t tell me how long the wait would be. Those young ladies need some training on everyday customer service and etiquette. More...


Sherri Champagne

I was very pleased with most of the services I received today. The body scrub was amazing, and the massage worked out all of my knots and kinks. The only thing that I disliked was how I was treated by the staff at the nail salon. As soon as I walked in, they had an attitude. They were doing each other’s nails and got mad because we walked in and interrupted what they had going on. Then the lady kept telling me how much everything was and asked me if I had the money. I was highly offended by them saying that. If I didn’t have money, I wouldn’t be there asking for services. Besides that little incident, everything else was � More...


Wanda Holmes Brooks

This has been my get away also for over 12 years but I can assure you things have changed!!!!!!Definitely ,keep up with the audience you serve ,but your staff is not customer oriented ,nor preparing others for next visit . One of the young ladies at front desk, on this past evening before the holiday, was not thinking of the customers. Not smiling ,very flat & condescending . Maybe hire with maturity and customer friendly. Kudos,to having men late night !!! Hip bath personnel on point !!! Also food service ...maybe a different frontline greeter ...very abrupt ! or maybe frequent breaks to not be weary !!! People want to return ,help us want to come back !!! More...