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Stephanie Pantoja

7 August 2018

JCP Marketing Group did everything for SP Aesthetics such as my website, branding, graphic designing, and printing. I highly recommend them!


Jackie Matzirakis

7 August 2018

It's been a pleasure working with Eduardo We appreciate his willingness to work with us not only for business needs but for community involvement fundraisers as well. It's nice to do business with people that are guided by the same principles of customer service, providing quality products and giving back to the community as we are! More...


mahten charg

23 February 2018

Great serviec.very professional helpul & efficient staff.I would definitely recommend to my family and friends.


Lynda T Monreal

23 February 2018

I hired Ken to Chauffeur my wedding. Couldn't have been happier. Very professional, kind and courteous. When it started at my outdoor ceremony, raining he drove me around to different locations on site so I wouldn't get wet. I would recommend Dayton Limo Rentals to anyone. More...


Terrance Foster

14 October 2017

I love the people I work with, and the environment in which we work is great and productive. As far as direction and future of the company, is dismal at best.


Luis Brown

14 October 2017

Love the team environment and atmosphere. Everyone contributes to the culture and its great reputation. Fantastic benefits and perks. Great Management.


Alexis D.

18 September 2017

Well I thought it would be more professional to give a business to business review since this is a business to business type of company but I guess my personal review will have to suffice. I am new to business (relatively) and new to Las Vegas (relatively) and frankly I got hurt and burnt bad by every company I came in contact with for web design and marketing. JCP specialises particularly in Medical (Cosmetic/Aesthetic/Plastic Surgery) marketing and as such I can say Eduardo is a pleasure to work with. My site was not optimised correctly, it was in fact poorly optimised and today you can see my site if you google De Vries Cosmetic Centre. With regard to the marketing aspect, Eduardo takes the time to get to know you as a provider and understand the direction you want to go in and he works, much like many of us, 24 hours a day 365 days a year. He is not a lazy web designer/marketeer who tells you they will do things, spends a bit of time and then tells you why all is your fault. Eduardo goes above and beyond thus far for me and I appreciate that. I can assure you if you want the best go with JCP Consulting first, do not let everyone out there take you for a ride and end up desperate and at the door of JCP trying to get you out of your mess. More...


Vivianne Castillo

7 June 2017

I am SO glad you kept calling us. Super nice to have someone who works well by text and email and is local and reliable!!! Thank you!


Carlos Rangel

17 November 2016

JCP put a lot of thought and expertise into designing my website for my type of business. JCP covered a lot of information, delivered in concise parts that were easy to absorb. The structure was clear, logical and effective. The interaction and feedback made it easygoing. Thank you for all of hard work and excited for what JCP brings into designing my website.

Carlos from Square Circle Boxing Academy!


Stephanie P.

15 November 2016

Always great work by JCP consulting group. They are very professional and always up to date with the latest in marketing. Thanks JCP!

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