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San Jose, CA

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J.C. Cadena DDS MS

San Jose, CA



J.C. Cadena DDS MS is an orthodontist office located in San Jose, California. They provide orthodontist services and treatments for adolescents and adults, and after hour emergency care services. They have metal braces, ceramic braces, and Invisalign available for clients.


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Liza H.

21 October 2019

We love Dr. JC Cadena and his helpful staff.   My son got his first stage braces there and we were always happy with the support, attentiveness and top notch care.  We continue to visit for followups and always leave informed on the progress and future of his orthodontic work. More...


Phoebe N.

9 October 2019

My extended family have been going to Dr Cadena for years (including my niece and nephew, my cousin, my younger brother and I) and I can guarantee that we have had the best experience ever. Dr Cadena and his staff are always so friendly and welcoming whenever we visit them, and most importantly they've been very patient through out my treatment plan, which was extended from 30 weeks to over 38 weeks. I thoroughly enjoyed their service (they always provide you with snacks, coffee, water, they also have kids friendly/ dress-up themes), their treatment and overall how Dr really cares about his patients. I'm so so happy with my new teeth and highly highly recommend Dr Cadena to anyone that needs braces! More...


Donny C.

28 August 2019

They did A awesome job putting on my braces and they take good care of you . They have waters which most places don't offer you nothing . Dr. Cadena and his staff really detail everything for you and make sure your are comfortable. I'm glad I finally started my process for a better smile. Can't wait to see the progress ! More...


Michelle Christine B.

28 May 2019

Feeling nothing but gratitude from my orthodontist! The whole atmosphere and staff have always been the best and I am sad too say goodbye  thank you Dr. JC Cadena for all that you do.


Imelda M.

11 March 2019

Tuvo mi hija una emergencia con una banda que le molestaba y gracias a Dios el Dr Cadena la atendio personalmente .Si salen se vacaciones sus empleadas deberian de dejar un recado en la contestadora que no estara abierto gracias


Carla H.

31 December 2018

I had such crazzzzzyy teeth! I had teeth that wouldn't come up from my gums, i had teeth that refused to move and i definitely broke a bracket or two. I had braces for around four years i think, but it was DEFINITELY worth it. Every problem my teeth gave them they never took the easy way out. Even when i left the state to go to college i didn't even want to find another orthodontist, i literally just flew back a few times to see them now i can't stop smiling :) More...


Sofie S.

8 September 2018

The team at JC Cadena is friendly, attentive, and professional. They go out of their way to accommodate the client and schedule appointments that works best for the client.  Upon entering the office, Sandra greets you with a warm smile.  There was no wait time.  Peggy, was attentive and professional.  Melanie and Rosie always greet you with a friendly smile.  They go out of their way to ensure clients are happy.  In a matter of ten months, my braces were removed by Dr JC Cadena. Thank you and I couldn't be happier with the results.  The office is immaculate.   Thank you again! More...


Francis L.

6 September 2018

Dr Cadena has been a great orthodontist , my daughter had braces 2  years ago and on 8/5/18 they had it removed, the expression on my daughter's face couldn't explain the happiness she feels and as a parents we couldn't be much more happier for her. I would like to thank Dr Cadena and the entire staff for being so kind friendly and accommodating! Great job! More...


Gladys H.

16 May 2018

2nd kid w braces done and same fabulous experience @ JC Cadenas ortho office. Always a pleasure to interact with the staff! Thanks again Dr JC!!


Ai Vy T.

10 May 2018

Good qualities, nice and clean place. I really enjoy when I go there because of the friendly staffs. They took care my teeth pretty well. I would recommend it


Yesenia H.

31 August 2017

We have been coming to JC Cadena's office for a little over 5 years. They are friendly and very professional. This place is very clean. Now my daughter has braces and we will continue her treatment here as well. I would not chose another orthodontist office to take care of my kids braces. More...


Marissa M.

3 August 2017

After 2 years my son finally got his braces off and we couldn't be HAPPIER!!   The office staff, dental hygenist and Dr are all friendly and knowledgable.  They are always willing to help and accomodated us with any emergencies my son had and were always helpful with questions and follow ups.  We are so greatful to the Dr and Staff for my son's GREAT SMILE!! More...


Fran R.

18 July 2017

Love bringing my kids here at Dr. Cadena's office. Everybody and everything are very kid-friendly. Dr. Cadena is very professional and such a fun orthodontist. You can tell that he has so much passion in treating kids. They have high class equipment and office!!! Will definitely recommend! More...


Patricia R.

17 July 2017

Dr. JC Cadena and the staff are so caring, and you could tell they know what they're doing. Every time I come in for an appointment, the office is clean and I feel extremely welcomed. Sometimes, they have different themes (i.e. Halloween, Playoffs GSW, 80s, etc.), and it's a way for their patients of all ages to have a lot of fun! They also have water, coffee, tea, and snacks available. I've visited 2 orthodontists, and Dr. JC Cadena won for my sister and me. It's my second year and I'm having my braces removed soon, I recommend this office 100%. They keep their promises! More...


Liz G.

13 July 2017

I have been coming to Dr JC for 8 years (two kids total). The doctor and his staff have always been exceptional. They anticipate our needs and are extremely knowledgeable. My favorite part is that they gave my youngest son tough love when reminding him to wear his rubber bands. That is exactly what he needs since my 14 year old thinks that he knows everything. The office is modern and clean and they always have coffee, snacks and water for us that are always on the run. Dr JC and his staff keep the patients motivated with JC bucks (for prizes) and always have contests. Office hours are limited but I appreciate early morning appointments to avoid missing school/work as much as possible. Thank you Dr JC and staff for a wonderful 8 years but I'm relieved that the braves are coming off today. More...


Katelyn B.

12 July 2017

Dr. JC Cadena and his staff were always friendly, appointments on time, and always helpful. I had braces previously as a teenager, but lost a retainer and never replaced it. Oops. Now as an adult my teeth had moved. My bite misaligned and I was experiencing pain where my teeth hit improperly. When I went in for consultation I was told 12-18 months of treatment if I followed all instructions. Today, 15 months exactly, I got them off! At my appointments I would come in with questions ranging from pain from my rubber bands, or could I reduced time wearing  the bands. They were always willing to work with me and come up with some options that were maybe a bit outside the box. In the end I am very happy with my treatment, customer service, and quality of care. I would definitely recommend them to anyone who is looking for any orthodontic needs. Thank you for all your help and my new beautiful smile! More...


Belle B.

26 April 2017

Great doctor and very friendly staff! They provide water and snacks while you wait. "Bucks" are good incentive for kids.


Veronica V.

8 April 2017

We have twins, so we knew when it came time for orthodontia that it would be a big undertaking. We interviewed 3 different orthodontists who all had great reviews and were excited to find Dr. Cadena proposed a great treatment plan, incentives for the kids to take care of their hardware and follow the instructions given, and he was a provider for our HMO dental plan, which saved us thousands of dollars! The office staff has been helpful and kind, Sandra at the front desk is always friendly and easy to work with and the rest of the team get us in and out of appointments on time. Dr. JC is happy and the kids enjoy talking to him. The twins are now free of braces and wearing retainers at night with great looking straight teeth! More...


Mel D.

26 January 2017

He's the best orthodontist and the team is amazing.Due to job relocation and gaps between treatments, I ended up seeing a total of three orthodontists in a span of 4.5 years.  So I can actually compare different doctors and practices.I'm so happy I found Dr JC as he is the best one I worked with. He got the job done.  As an adult patient and a transferee, I presented to him a particularly challenging case but he took me in, worked on my existing braces, and with his methodical and meticulous care, he made sure I was happy with the results.  The staff, oh boy, they keep it real and tell you how it is... I love it! Keeps me in check about wearing my bands, cleaning, etc. You know they actually care about their patients.  The office space is warm and welcoming to everyone that you almost forget you're there to get braces work. Yet unlike other offices where I feel like I'm in a Best Buy showroom, Dr JC's office is so patient-centered that every time I go, I know I am in good hands.I just got my braces removed about an hour ago (and yes, I'm feeling the euphoria) and walked out of that office with a brand new smile knowing nobody else could have done any better than Dr JC. More...


Briana C.

28 December 2016

If your looking to get braces I would recommend this orthodontist. I just got my braces off after two years and I must say, even though the braces were sometimes traitorous, it was still an amazing journey with the J.C. Cadena's staff! And now my smile is more beautiful than before. More...


Mary H.

13 October 2016

Nice, friendly Staffing,professional dentist hygienist  and assistants,fair prices...highly  recommended,


Gloria S.

17 August 2016

I had consultations with 3 other orthodontists before choosing Dr. Cadena. As someone who has severe anxiety about doctors and dentists, I have to say that this is the only place that I felt completely comfortable in and 100% trusted. As soon as you walk in, you're greeted with friendly faces. The waiting room is very comfortable and I have never had to wait a long time to be attended. There is a television and computers as well as a snack counter in the waiting room. That, along side with the televisions on the ceilings (which patients can watch while being attended to) give the entire office a modern feel.The staff is great, they always ask how you're doing and make small talk. Dr. Cadena is amazing. From the very beginning, he explained the entire process of having braces, he made expectations clear and answered any questions. He offered alternatives to having some permanent teeth removed and then reviewed my treatment plan again. He stresses the importance of the patient doing their part regarding the treatment (i.e. wearing rubber bands and retainers) and how it affects the results. Even now, after having my braces off for a full year, I feel welcomed and extremely happy with the end results. Highly recommend to anyone looking for not only great results but a welcoming environment and amazing staff. More...


Tingting W.

15 June 2016

Awesome place! I have been to Dr JC for most two years. During this two years, I feel welcomed all the time. The stuff are very professional and welcoming. Dr JC is awesome and can always find a way to start conversations. The office is always neat and clean. My teeth are taken care of very well and I am so happy for the result. For anyone who is considering getting braces, this is the right place to go! More...


Maria R.

10 June 2016

The best orthodontist in San Jose and around. The staff is super professional and friendly. My twin daughters loved this place better than all the others we visited prior to finally deciding on Dr. Cadena. He is very friendly and gives his honest opinion and is an expert in orthodontics. My daughters teeth are so much straighter. They love the contests and extra rewards they get for coming here. The look of the office is very modern and they have coffee and pastries in the waiting area which is great for me. I love Dr. Cadena and his staff! I would not choose any other place for braces. More...


V P.

4 May 2016

We are almost into our 2nd year and my son's teeth are looking great.  I have liked how, no matter how busy they get, they will try to squeeze you in especially when something breaks.  We have only ran into problems with Friday's being closed since that's the day when our schedules are free in the afternoons, but that has not stopped us.  They constantly hear from us to change appointments and they are so patient and helpful.  My son's treatment is not being rushed and he loves this office.  We started our younger daughter (8 years at the time) for treatment in September.  She had to start early due to over crowding and really crooked teeth.  All of her 4 front teeth are looking very nice and there is so much difference from when she first got them on.  Her braces were all over the place and looked funny at the beginning because of where her teeth were; that is not the case anymore.  Overall, we have been happy with Dr. Cadena and his staff and we make sure to wear the shirts and check in on Facebook to get the word out. More...


Barbara W.

6 March 2016

I had lost my retainers from my previous orthodontist, so my dentist made me some new ones. Stupidly, I hadn't worn those consistently enough and felt that my teeth were getting crooked again. I stopped seeing that dentist, and I needed some new retainers. I came in for a free consultation with Dr. Cadena and told him that I wanted new retainers since my teeth had moved again, I thought. He checked out my teeth and told me that my current retainers were actually doing the job well and that I did not need new retainers.  They snapped into place, which was a sign that they were sufficient so no new retainers were needed.I was impressed because he could have easily conned me, as I was already expecting to pay up for new retainers. Instead, I left after that consultation and paid nothing. A good, honest orthodontist. His office was immaculately clean and was super easy to bus to from downtown SJ. I recommend! More...


Jeanette M.

5 August 2015

Both my kids have been going to Dr. JC...he is great! Staff is really friendly and professional.


Andrew C.

4 June 2015

As a patient here I can say that the doctor and staff are really nice and do good work. They are really friendly and answer any questions I have. I like that I'm always greeted with a smile and they take the time to remember me and seem to always have some cool contest going on. More...


Saxon D.

1 June 2015

Dr. Cadena's clinic is excellent! He is an extremely personable orthodontist that truly cares for his patients and the work that he does. I loved the feel and atmosphere of his clinic. His staff and assistants were very kind and welcoming to me. I really enjoyed my time there! I would highly recommend him! More...


Marie L.

5 April 2014

There are so many great things about Dr. JC and his staff! I went to him between 6th grad up until early freshmen year of high school! My teeth were straight before braces, yet I had canine teeth that need to be removed! In order to keep my straight teeth, I had to get braces to make sure the new teeth would grow perfectly! I loved going to my Orthodonist appointments! The atmosphere was great and I felt very welcomed! I loved my Orthodonist more than my Dentist! If I had any issues with my brackets, wires... etc they were always willing to help! From the beginning stages upon getting braces, everyone loved to help! I love the system they had! Upon arrival you would sign in on the computer, they you would grab your folder, check the chart schedule for the chair you would be sitting in and just wait to see the Doctor! I loved the fact that there was always something going on in the office! There were always parties hosted by the team at local bay area places that were suitable for all ages! There were always a lot of contests as well, which were always fun! I went all of my years to Dr. Cadena's old location near the Regional Medical Center of San Jose! The location wasn't the best and parking wasn't great, however inside it was awesome! There was a really cool fish tank that was fun for the kids to watch and the office was always decorated for different holidays! They had such a great structure and organizational routine! I haven't been back since I took off my braces and got my retainers, so I have not been to the new location! I hope to go back soon and pay a visit! I would love to see the new location! They were always sweet to me, in fact, they let me keep my braces! More...


Teresa M.

12 March 2014

My husband got his braces here.  They are super friendly,  respectful,  and professional.   Their office is beautiful and modern.   I like going with him.


Mary M.

30 January 2014

Dr J.C. And his staff are amazing. My oldest daughter had her braves done her as well and I had my braces done by his old partner Dr. Chiappone. This is a very organized office and very friendly! I would recommend this place to anyone who needs orthodontic treatment! More...


Julie D.

3 January 2014

Dr. Cadena was recommended to me by friends whose 18 year old is almost finished with his braces.  I was immediately impressed with Dr. Cadena's office: the professionalism, friendliness and competence of the front office staff as well as the openness and beauty of the facility itself.  It was easy to get an appointment, and processing my son for braces was quick and easy.  Office Manager Rosie was competent, patient and kind with both me and my son. I'm extremely impressed with Dr. Cadena himself who is obviously devoted to his profession, there daily at 7:00 am and works long hours.  You can get an appointment all the way until 6:00 pm. This is especially helpful to me to get early morning and late afternoon appointments, something I've not been as successful with my older son's orthodontist.  I also love the organization of the office and positive reinforcement for youth to continue good habits by accruing points and receiving positive feedback.  After the last 3 years with a less-than-stellar experience at my older son's orthodontist in Willow Glen, whom I've only only met once during processing 3 years ago, whose office is beautiful but feels like a "mill" and I feel managed by receptionists, Dr. Cadena's office and staff are a breath of fresh air.  The feel there is friendly, transparent, and very personal, yet professional.  It's a wonderful switch and I'm so thrilled that I found Smile Works.  I'd give it a "10" if I could! More...


Lokelani Y.

13 December 2012

Doc & the staff are awesome. They made my girls feel comfortable. Their staff took the time to answer all my questions & concerns. The office is clean, well organized & inviting. I recommend seeing Dr. Cadena if you need an orthodontist. More...


Jasmine P.

18 October 2012

Loven the doc and SaraNow... the good news is, my braces from like 15 years ago, really did the trick.  The bad news is that the retainer that my old ortho provided me with, actually created a small gap between my otherwise "perfect" teeth. I came into the office today, to realign my retainer, which is quite frankly a straightforward and financially reasonable task.  In doing so, the Doc. pointed out some "opportunities" for change (the small space, etc)... and I'm strongly considering correcting them.  In-fact part of the reason, I'm considering the work so much, as opposed to a simple realignment of my retainer, is because I kinda-sort-a fell in love with the staff.  I have found myself thinking; "well if I just get a retainer, then I don't get to see these people any longer... but if I get my gap closed... I get to see them for a few more months!"  Now, I must say i was a little standoffish at first when I first met Sara, but drooped my guard immediately.  It is so rare when individuals in position to provide you with a service, sale it to you in an ethical, and non demeaning way, especially when aesthetics are concerned.  I didn't feel self conscious when in the office at all! Not even, when the doctor was discussing options about my small gap!  I mean what better way to sale beauty than, to make people feel bad about their appearance?!  Well... that may be so... but that certainly isn't how this office does business! That being said... I'm not afraid to add; Dr. Cadena is pretty hot, for someone who could quite possibly be my pop's age!  Yeah... the pic of the staff, here on Yelp... does them absolutely no justice.  Sara (directly behind the doc) is also beautiful, fellas!  Um.... why is this important, you ask?  Because who really wants an unattractive dentist with a bad set of teeth working in their mouth?  Yeah... I'll let you think about that..... More...


Matt T.

7 October 2012

I highly recommend Dr JC Cedena. I've had a positive experience every visit. The staff is very friendly and helpful.


chet l.

6 October 2012

Friendly staff, nice new office. Dr. Cadena always has a smile on his face.


Abigail Q.

26 September 2012

Not sure where to start.  I normally don't write reviews but I felt it necessary to let everyone know how awesome Dr JC AND his entire staff are!  I first took my son last year just to get a 2nd professional opinion.  His dentist thought he should get braces ASAP but he was only 7 at the time.  Skeptical, I wanted to be sure so I brought him to Dr JC.  His staff was very welcoming and informative from the get-go and the service only got better.  Dr JC was very thorough during the consultation and my son was at ease the entire visit.  Dr advised it was too early to determine the need for braces and wanted to monitor my son for the next year or two.  He assured me that we'd be in contact and he definitely kept his word.  We received reminders and a courtesy call almost a year to date from our first visit.  His staff is seriously on point.The second visit was just as exceptional as the first, if not better.  They had moved to the Alameda St location and the layout of the new office very much matched the vibe of the team. . open, modern, welcoming, and professional.  I also appreciate their respect for time.  Your appt time IS your appt time!  They take you earlier if time permits, but NEVER is it delayed.  Very important for those on a time constraint.Although my son may not need braces for a while, I love that Dr JC is keeping an eye on his progress.  I know what to look out for and expect so when the time comes, there are no surprises.  My son looks forward to his visits here :)I absolutely recommend Dr JC to anyone shopping around for an experienced, super kid-friendly, honest orthodontist!  Dr JC and his team are passionate about their service and enjoy making their clients happy.  The new place is great, but I really do feel that it's not the place, but the people who make the experience so thank you to Dr JC and the team! More...


Ozzy D.

27 January 2011

Friendly staff. I feel me daughter is in great care. JC is the best.


Irene L.

13 July 2010

So far so good, the staff is friendly, the office is very clean, and everything seems to be going well. Their consultation was extremely informative and thorough, the rates are reasonable, but a little more expensive than all the other places I checked out. I will update once my two years are up! They are closed Fridays, Sats, and Sundays. Right across Regional Hospital, but you have to bust a U-turn and go down that tiny street to get to this place.*UPDATE* They have moved to "The Alameda St" and their office is SO NICE! More...


Michelle C.

12 July 2010

I stumbled upon this Dr. when I was looking for Dr. Chiappone who was my sister's Dr. a while back. When I called I got the news that Dr. Chiappone had passed, but that Dr. J.C. was there I decided to make an appt. for my son. I was given their website for me to view and I liked what I saw. Very kid friendly. -Financials: I got to my appt. and had to discuss the financials and this place was $1000 cheaper than the 1st place I got a quote from. They took care of all the billing to my insurance and set me up on a monthly payment plan for the difference. -1st Appt.: My son went in for his 1st appt. and they were very kind and friendly. They explained the entire process as they did everything. The Dr. introduced himself and explained what my son will need to do to take care of the braces.-Bonuses: The Dr. always has contests to give away awesome prizes, including a Wii system, gift cards, and other goodies. He also has a summer party for all his patients and their families every year.I HIGHLY recommend this place. And I myself will be getting some work done here soon. More...