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Jaxon Visual Design, llc logo

Jaxon Visual Design, llc

Sanford, North Carolina, Lee

Jaxon Visual Design, llc logo

Jaxon Visual Design, llc

Sanford, North Carolina, Lee


For over two decades Jaxon Visual Design, llc has been helping small businesses and large corporations create an impressive presence by providing transformative brand development, engaging graphic design, captivating illustrations and motivating written campaign content.



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Web design should be simple in functionality (easy to navigate) The written content should be brief, precise and engaging. Images should be captivating and speak to the best visual projection of the business. It should be able to move your audience to a desired response.

What is your goal? Who is your audience? Who is your competition?

Visual Alchemy...is the process by which JVDllc takes the ordinary idea and transforms it into extraordinary visual/promotional materials. It is physical, mental and even metaphysical. We know it when we see it!

I would need to know what your goals are for the project and an expected delivery date.

I love the challenge of creating things fresh and new, from the ideas of others.

I've assisted small businesses and large corporations in creating attention-getting marketing materials in many mediums (for many years). Starting my own business allows me to exercise my talents and experience as well as have personal freedom over the creative process.

Finding the right creative can be difficult in a ocean of great designers, however, creative experience makes the difference.