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Ryan Yorck

24 January 2018

If you need justice and can't afford anyone but a Pro-Bono Probate lawyer, these are THE guys to go to. Got me a settlement, my bicycle replaced and physical therapy. No hustle, no issues.


Andrew Dominitz

15 August 2016

I can't begin to describe how grateful I am to Andrew Brodie and his team of lawyers for the quality, responsiveness, and compassion of their service. A little context - I was hit by a car in a biking incident in downtown Boston. It was traumatizing and crippling, and after a few weeks of recovery, I realized there were a number of logistical issues I had to face. To be honest, I had a fundamental suspicion of lawyers and their motives, but I knew I needed expert help. Luckily in my search, I stumbled upon Jason & Fischer's website and read their profiles. Immediately, my initial suspicions started waning as I read about Jason & Fischer and their team of attorneys. This is a group that specializes not only in personal injury cases but specifically in bike-related incidents. As dedicated bikers themselves, they pride themselves in advocating for all bikers and the issues they have to face. I immediately called their offices and left a message on a Saturday. To my amazement, I received a call back less than an hour after I submitted my inquiry. They scheduled a meeting with me for that Monday. When I arrived at the office, Andrew Brodie greeted me, heard my story, and immediately did everything he could to help me. Given the nature of my case, I wasn't an ideal candidate for a settlement. At that point, Andrew and his team could have easily asked me to leave. Instead, Andrew insisted that he would be happy to represent and help me file important paperwork for me FOR FREE. For the next hour, Andrew helped explain my insurance options and helped me file every and all necessary documents to ensure that my medical bills would be covered. At the end of that extremely helpful and productive hour where Andrew helped protect me from over $5k in medical charges, grateful but still somewhat skeptical, I asked Andrew candidly, "what's the catch? How do I pay you for your help?" I'll never forget how Andrew replied, he said, "I don't just practice law to make money. I practice because I'm passionate about helping people." Overwhelmed with emotion, I almost broke out in tears. Andrew's genuine kindness and compassion helped turn a terrible situation into a manageable one. He's continued helping me through this process, and hasn't charged me a dime. Andrew and the team of lawyers at Jason & Fischer know that good business isn't just about making money at every turn. It's about building relationship and trust. They certainly built tremendous trust with me, and in the event that I (or any of my friends) ever need help / representation, the first place I will refer them to is Jason & Fischer. More...