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Jade Consulting offers holistic brand development services for the ambitious woman. Brand development includes the work of articulating your vision and mission, identifying your ideal client, value innovation, logo design, style guide, and copywriting/brand voice guide to round out your brand platform.


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Linda Vorthman

26 February 2019

The owner, Brooke, is AWESOME! She's been holding monthly masterminds and I always look forward to these meetings. We toss around ideas and most of them stick. We all come away with enhanced businesses, good feelings and more ways to serve our clients. I highly recommend her! More...


Ayurvedic Health Center

30 August 2018

Brooke is a potent force of nature. If you are ready to step up your game—really ready—you have found your best ally. Run; do not walk.


Trisha Hochreiter

21 August 2018

She did an awesome job listening to what I wanted and designed by name and logo for Votophotos. I would definitely recommend her.


Willadee Worthington-King

21 August 2018

Brooke is awesome! I attended one of her workshops and learned important tools to put into my business to help with growth and connecting more with people. She is sweet, hardworking and full of great ideas. Thanks so much Brooke! More...


Cheryl Gerace Bassitt

21 August 2018

I just completed Brooke's Branding Course. It was informative, engaging and exactly what I needed. Brooke is a walking example of what it means to brand with authenticity. She is truly in alignment with her gifts! More...


Donna Gilday

21 August 2018

Brooke is amazing. She listens and creates exactly what you are looking for in branding your business. She is incredibly talented, creative and someone who makes you feel inspired! If you need help with branding or marketing your business she is your woman! More...


Jacob Boland

21 August 2018

Brooke always brings me new ideas and creative energy when I meet with her.

The ROI workshop was amazing and taught key fundamentals when it comes to target marketing and finding your ideal prospects. The worksheets and group talk was informative as well!

Also she is very proficient in her worksheets meaning the material made it easy to digest and assimilate into plans of action according to your business and to the degree of your professional business level.

Thanks Brooke, always happy to attend another one! �


Nicole Cooley

21 August 2018

I attended one of Brooke's workshops and was so impressed by the thoughtfulness put into every detail, from the content to the worksheets to the snacks! Brooke is truly a heart centered entrepreneur with a gift for design, but also seeing the greatness in other people's businesses and helping them articulate it to the world. I'm so in for future workshops, your missing out if you don't join us! More...


Jen George

27 May 2018

Brooke gives 110% to her work with clients. I was blown away by the amount of time and intention Brooke invested in understanding my business and how I work before creating my logo and website. This intuitive way of working resonated with me and I’m forever grateful. Finally, after 12 years of being in business, I can hand out my business card and send clients to my website with excitement and confidence because both reflect the essence of my work. More...


Mackenzie Cohane

27 May 2018

Jade is amazing. Her talent and attention to detail blow my mind. She puts a tremendous amount of thought, creativity and care into her projects and clients. Her ability to articulate words in an eloquent and intuitive manner makes her work easily stand out. When you sit down with her, time has a way of stopping. She really is able to drop in with her clients to see and feel the beautiful work they are bringing forth into the world. I highly recommend this wonderful woman behind Jade Consulting. More...

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I love helping ambitious women make their maximum impact through holistic brand strategy. My philosophy of brand development focuses on a "blue ocean" paradigm: helping you craft an innovative offering and establish a unique brand position within your niche. We don't focus on how to stand out from the competition: we focus on how to innovate value for your community in a way that builds long-term brand equity, a strong bottom-line, and eventually increased revenue. I LOVE making this transformative process delightful and inspiring rather than stressful and expensive.

I was inspired to start my own business out of a deep desire to help women make their maximum impact. Brand isn't just about how you look online – it's about how you show up and animate your brand. As I designed brand identity after brand identity, I began to go deeper into a space of coaching – helping clients identify what they desired for the brand and business, as well as what was holding them back from getting there. I named my consultancy Jade because this green crystal has been respected throughout millennia as a talisman for wealth, clarity, and balance. It also represents the alchemical partnership of the masculine and the feminine energies into harmony: the intuitive and the strategic.

When you hire me for your brand development needs, you are not simply hiring a designer or another coach – you are investing in a profoundly aligned, thoughtfully constructed container for your sacred work to become all it is meant to be. At Jade, the work of brand development is a sacred craft, a social responsibility, and an opportunity to consciously choose our best selves. I consider your investment in my services an investment in yourself: and is my responsibility to steward that investment by giving you excellent value and challenging you to your highest level of ability. It would be my honor and immense joy to be your right-hand woman and brand expert.