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Russell Jensen

11 August 2019

you are missing the best party


Nita K. Iwig

10 August 2019

great brisket & ribs! also the black eyed pea salad was great!


Ruben Gonzalez

9 August 2019

Had the Brisket sandwich and cup of Chili. Brisket was real tender and tasty good. chili had a good flavor and was a little spicy.


Jack Granison

29 July 2019

Great place, I can't say more.


Ari Hoffman

28 June 2019

I keep kosher so I cannot eat at Jacks but every time I meet with Jack i find out more about what makes him such a kind and generous person. The smells from the restaurant make my mouth water and I wish I was able to eat there. It truly must be what heaven smells like More...


Chris Bowman

14 June 2019

Excellent BBQ. They are really quick. Took about 5 mins to get a beef brisket sandwich, and a side of chili. The beef brisket was off the wall, and the chili, was the real deal. Full of meat, and this was a side item. I thought it was just going to be beans, but no this Chili, is a meal in itself. This is the type of place, you go out of your way for, to get some good grub. They have a bar, with a large screen TV for sports, as well. Highly recommended! More...


Javier Cancel

27 May 2019

Great barbecue with great options and I since we got the meal for four it felt like we had a little of everything and it was all so good. We are already planning our next visit. More...


Shelly Bergman

26 May 2019

A Texas gem in Seattle. Very good.


Walt Wollny

25 May 2019

This is the only true barbecue place in all of the Northwest. If you’re looking for true Texas style barbecue this is the place!


Gary Mendelson Varela

22 May 2019

OMG! They do BBQ right!!!!!!


Philippe Bower

18 May 2019

I am a Southern boy who has been looking for good BBQ in the PNW. My friends took me here for my graduation and all I can say is YeeHaw!


Debi Wright

17 May 2019

great bbq in Seattle's Sodo District


Sprinkles Carrillo

6 May 2019

It was so delicious and there staff was awesome


Cory Shepard

3 May 2019

Can’t wait to try the brisket!!!


Bryan Feddern

5 April 2019

Just digging in. Good, meaty ribs, spicy sauce, delicious pork scent from the greens, proper texture in the slaw and great portions. Flavor is on point! Thanks y’all. More...


Ed Stone

30 March 2019

Nom x 3. Tasty and succulent.


Jennifer Ivan

24 March 2019

Awesome BBQ, so close to central Texas BBQ, you’ll swear you’re in Austin!


Lia Guerrero

3 March 2019

good authentic BBQ country music and all the fixings including friendly folk what else could you want except a cold Mexican beer and they got that too !


Michele Stiltner

16 February 2019

Always good we are from South Carolina and love whole hog but my hubby also loves brisket


Megan Garcia

2 February 2019

THE BBQ is AMAZING!!!!! Service is good, drinks are good, but man that BBQ. I’m from Texas so I know good BBQ. There BBQ makes me miss home and I always say I won’t live in Texas anymore.


Pig Dabbin

29 January 2019

Good Texas Style BBQ. Tuesdays are the days to go. Only day they have dino beef ribs and they are absolutely worth it. Great brisket too. Pork ribs are excellent. I am a die hard BBQ guy and have a competition BBQ team. We know good BBQ. Toured the back of the house and met the pitmasters last week. Would love to be able to.cook like that everyday for people. Worth the trip for good BBQ that this state lacks........ More...


Beth Kester-Warner

27 January 2019

best bbq in seattle in my opinion


Leland Louie

24 January 2019

So fresh and yummi.. I would take one of each and I will die with a smile on my face.


Jay Lawless

24 January 2019

Bbq food at its best enjoyed the brisket, very tender and smoked well


Rosy Hall

20 January 2019

best Smokey brisket and the best ambiance ever. it's FAMILY


Angela Nowak-Passig

31 December 2018

yum l..that's all. Just yum.drinks, food, deserts..yum


Dan Passig

31 December 2018

Everything was delicious! The brisket melts in your mouth!


Greg Smallwood

24 December 2018

Great people... Great BBQ...


Austin Strick

14 December 2018

If you ain't been to Jack's BBQ, you better get here quick. Cuz you're missin' out.


Dan Lilly

13 December 2018

real good BBQ............


Gilberto Chacon Plata Aizprua

10 December 2018

Comida texana aquí más al norte de EU


Atina Tan

10 December 2018

Everything on the menu is amazing. But especially the brisket and pork ribs. The smoked old fashioned is amazing.


Steve Johnson

23 November 2018

This place always hits the spot.


Earl Brooks

20 November 2018

Thank you for last Saturday. We had to cancel our reservation when my brother in law was admitted to the hospital. So we were able to take 2 “ picnic orders” to go and feed his family and ours at the hospital. He was happy as he gobbled up brisket and that made everyone happy. Your hospitality made the difference in a trying stressful day. Thank you.. Earl More...


Johnny Grubbs

14 November 2018

Nice to get some Texas Barbecue in town


Ben Stanfield

7 November 2018

Probably the best BBQ I've had in Seattle. I miss my midwest and southern BBQ joints - so Jacks fills the void. I usually get the rib plate or brisket plate with beans and mac and it never disappoints.


Daisy Bert

14 October 2018

yum yum yum, and so authentic! try the smoked Manhattan it's delicious!!!


Sheri DoRan Hopper

27 September 2018

best prime rib dinner in seattle!


Rod Wymer

16 September 2018

Only "Texas BBQ" place I've found in Seattle that's actually good. Actual smokers flood the street and parking lot with smokey Texas goodness. Ribs were okay, but the brisket was a nearly fat-free slab of heaven. Didn't care for the sauce, but the meat doesn't need it. Nice bark on the brisket, too. Get the Texas caviar...thank me later. More...


Alan Davis

10 September 2018

Fantastic Aromas and some of the best beef brisket ever!


Carl Detert

9 September 2018

Great drinks and excellent BBQ. Ribs, brisket, Cowboy Caviar all worth the trip!!


Mary Tomblinson

9 September 2018

We sure enjoyed our trip to Jack's. Super friendly with good food. We'll be back!


Mike Jeroslow

9 September 2018

Best BBQ in Seattle. Texas style!


Elora Walden

9 September 2018

delicious every time we have gone.


Gary Dunn

5 September 2018

best bar b que in Seattle


Elton Goo

4 September 2018

Owner gave us a tour of the Smokers. Very nice guy not to mention the best bar b q in Washington.


Thomas Farrell

31 August 2018

Great food!


John Comer

14 August 2018

Came in with a huge party of 16... food was cooked well, came out timely... drinks were strong... and most importantly My kids LOVED the Mac and cheese


Lulu Garcia

5 August 2018

Best in town


Willie Earl Briscoe

3 August 2018

Very delicious!!!! There's nothing but love!!! Every bite left a good taste in my mouth. You know it's a good barbecue joint when the place is fully packed.


Daniel Lancaster

10 July 2018

Brisket was unbelievable.


Travis Arnott

7 July 2018

Good food, brisket is spot on only two places in WA with brisket like that Jacks and one other. Wish it wasn't located in Seattle or I'd visit more often. Will make it a lunch stop when in town for work More...


Jo Ann Nocom Encomienda

20 June 2018

Best place to eat BBQ ���


Daniel York

19 June 2018

I grew up in Texas and have been to the central Texas brisket houses. Jack’s brisket when they opened rivaled any of them and dare I say, his brisket has gotten better the longer it’s been open. I went here for Father’s Day and the brisket was perfect. I took a giant group of Texans here before my wedding and they raved about it. The ribs are outstanding and the Billionaire Beef Bacon is I like anything I’ve ever tried anywhere. This is the only place for BBQ in the PNW. More...


Loren Peters

18 June 2018

As good as any BBQ in TX. Margaritas are done right (as in NO MIX used). Breakfast tacos are a great addition. I would like more non-pork meat options. Great food. Great service. A bit of TX right here in Seattle. More...


Mika Kawakami

13 June 2018

Great food, staff and bartenders!


Denise Wardlaw

1 June 2018

Amazing food and drinks!! Please start making peach cobbler!


Mark Walker

28 May 2018

There is good BBQ in the PNW. Right here. This is central Texas bbq meaning it’s all about the brisket. It was that good. I’ve been to The Salt Lick in Round Rock (If you know Texas BBQ, you know about Salt Lick bbq). I’m telling you, it was on par if not a bit better. The portion could be a little bigger, but the meat was perfect. I will be back. More...


Richard Stine

25 May 2018

This is one of the BEST BBQ in Seattle!! When ever I get either homesick or just a craving I go here.


Brandon Bock

6 May 2018

Legit. Good service. Brisket melts in your mouth.


Corey Walker

1 May 2018

The food was amazing. When I first got my plate/tray I though no way would these two slices of brisket be enough for me but omg. They were so delicious and rich I was getting fuller than I normally do. Kept me filled till lunch the next day More...


Tina Swan

27 April 2018

Great service, Erin is awesome! Will definitely go back again!


Courtney Hurst

12 April 2018

This place is fantastic. The food was delicious same with the dessert. I’d happily drive 45 minutes just to eat here.


Alexis E Kurtzman

9 April 2018

Jack is awesome, the food is the best, especially the brisket which I love. I am from Texas and for BBQ this is the real deal, nothing compares to it in Seattle, I fact most of the others are awful. I feel at home there and Shelby is an increadble waitress and hostess. More...


Scott Trulson

2 April 2018

Best bbq in the country! I will be be back ASAP, thank you!


Molly Kulpa

27 March 2018

Jack's BBQ offers delicious, authentic Texas-style bbq and sides. My coworker and I had heard of this restaurant, so when we were in Seattle for a conference, we decided to check it out. The pulled pork was incredibly tender, the Texas caviar (black eyed pea salad) was refreshing and flavorful, the macaroni and cheese was rich and their homemade pickles were a unique touch. Our waitress was great and very attentive, while Jack Timmons, the owner, actually came by our table to speak with us, and later gave us a slice of pecan pie "on the house." Would recommend this to anyone looking for good BBQ in the Seattle area! More...


Daphne Cross

18 March 2018

I love Jack's BBQ, but I'm pissed! I placed a Door Dash order, and waited almost an hour for delivery. Finally received a call from Door Dash that the restaurant is too busy to fill the order. Called the restaurant and spoke to a young lady who handed me over to the manager (Leo?), who proceeded to argue with me about why it's not their problem that they are accepting orders they can't fill! Who does that? Offer a gift card or discount, but don't piss me off more than I already am after waiting for food that's not coming! Not good customer service. Don't do delivery, if you can't do delivery! More...


David Bleiweiss

11 March 2018

Bbq done right! Best this side of the country. Jack knows his roots.


Andrew Chetton Santos

25 February 2018

Excellent staff and excellent smoke BaBaQ‼️


Lynn Abate-Johnson

14 February 2018

I will be back, again and again, every time I visit Seattle. Great people, great food, fun and relaxing atmosphere. And the Chef Owner, Jack (!) is close at hand for a talk about all things foodie. He know how to make customers happy. Win win �� More...


Rob Gamble

7 February 2018

Being a native Texan, I recognize good Texas hill country barbecue brisket when I smell that smoky aroma and shovel it down the hatch. Jack's is it in Seattle! Of course, you gotta wash it down with a Shiner Bock! More...


Marty Dugan

2 February 2018

Great stuff- Pulled pork is perfectly done. The beans are saucy and spicy, and the cole slaw has great tang to it! Love this place!


Blake Ilstrup

28 January 2018

Top-notch BBQ with great service in a fun, roadhouse-style environment.


Christopher Scofield

21 January 2018

Great place ran by fantastic people I delivery beer to jacks love going there


Tahmee Plunket

21 January 2018

Amazing food and the best Bloody Mary I’ve ever had will definitely go back!


Stefan Thom

21 January 2018

Excellent food, great people, nice place and very decent price. I’ll definitely come back.


Scott Leidle

16 January 2018

Unlike any other BBQ in Seattle. No "fusion-this" or "A blend of organic and free-range-that;" just meat. And really good meat, to boot.


Nebojša Solunac

6 January 2018

Delicious BBQ, great service, comfortable digs... the real deal for “low and slow” in Seattle.


Greg Roileen Domingues

4 January 2018

Best greens and chicken ever!!!Awesome service, which is almost as important as the food! If I could change one thing, it would be to add creamed corn to their menu.


Lennie LaBerta

22 December 2017

Damned good brisket, ribs and sides, we don’t get by there enough...great service as well


Shaheed Nez

4 December 2017

Place was Fucking awesome possum!!! Great food, service and beer.


Karen Osborn

20 November 2017

The brisket made me feel like I was in San Antonio again-so good! The Texas caviar goes great with the BBQ too.


Marty Warr

19 November 2017

Awesome as always for Boys Night Out! Serious BBQ. Tuesday is beef rib night, don’t miss it!


Jermanne Spearman

13 November 2017

Great food and service.Look forward to the breakfast selection soon.


Ann King

12 November 2017

I lived in TX 20 years. I have my own smoker and do my own briskets so I consider myself a BBQ snob. Been in Seattle 20 years and have FINALLY found a BBQ restaurant I'll eat at. Not just the meat, but the sides are legit. The sauce, not so much but I was told to try the spicey. The meat's so good, you don't need sauce tho. More...


John Kohl

9 November 2017

Just had Jack's cater my daughter's wedding on Nov 7th and we couldn't have been happier with the decision. Our order, and thoughts on each - Brisket (brisket was very good, perhaps only a salt / pepper rub? great smoke flavor, didn't use BBQ sauce as it wasn't needed) - Pulled Pork (one of my favorites from Jack's they do a great job when pulling to get the majority of any remaining fat removed. Also, nice bark throughout. My wife did say that she still prefers my pulled pork, but she may be biased :) ) - Sausages - I ordered WAY to many of these for the size crowd, but that just means MORE FOR ME!.. they are awesome! - Beans (can't have BBW w/o the beans.. better than average.. nice amount of heat ups the score here) - Mac and Cheese (just a sucker for Mac and Cheese.. good not great?) - Texas Caviar (ok.. so this is a side that is funny..if people see it or hear the name and they may just pass it by... that would be the BIGGEST mistake ever in my opinion.. this stuff is just fantastic and the fact that I have tons left over is just a bonus! All in all.. fantastic experience... John (father of the bride) More...


Fran Mason

6 November 2017

I really love the food here. I've tried their two kinds of sausage, their pulled pork, and their brisket. Yum. Next I need to try the ribs and the chicken.


Sydnie Sliker

5 November 2017

If you want genuine, Texas style BBQ in Seattle, this is the place. Loved the food and the atmosphere. The service was excellent too.


Michele Arnold

29 October 2017

Jack’s serves great Texas BBQ (we had the slow-smoked and perfectly crusted brisket and the jalapeño cheddar sausage), amazing hush puppies and pecan pie. I’m not a sweet tea connoisseur but their smoked sweet tea was delicious! A visit from Jack himself made our first visit memorable. We will be back! More...


John E. Petruzzelli

21 October 2017

Excellent barbecue, great service!!! ✅ ❤️


Donna Thompson Curley

13 October 2017

Real Texas-style BBQ - we had smoked Prime rib with wonderful seasoning rub and cooked perfectly... served with the best garlic mashed potatoes and a mushroom/onion medley... all was out of this world!


Lisa Klosterhoff Files

18 September 2017

We loved it! We ordered 2 picnics and sides...The meats were delicious! The service was wonderful and when we were finished we were taken out back to the smokers for a little field trip!Jack was also there and you can tell how passionate he is about the food. It was my brother in laws 50th Birthday & he got some pecan pie for dessert which was amazing! Such a great experience! I'm telling all my friends & we will be back!! Thank you Jacks! More...


Tim Sherrill

17 September 2017

The Brisket, Texas Caviar(black eyed pea salad), Collard Greens, wait staff, beer selection all great. Topped off with some great blues guitar on the sound system.


Candace Olson

10 September 2017

Great place. Excellent Texas bbq. Friendly staff good beer.


Jeena Khan

4 September 2017

Food was good, service was genuinely friendly, ambiance is welcoming. Definitely a place I want to go back and visit again!


Chad Robischon

3 September 2017

I'm not one to review places, but this place was out of this world. We came for breakfast and I highly recommend the breakfast tacos with a side of grits and meat bacon. Put grits all over your tacos and enjoy. The service is very friendly, and they have a nice outside area. More...


Pat Low

23 August 2017

Great food and great atmosphere. Also friendly staff. They have a fantastically huge parking lot.


Jarod Owen

23 August 2017

Great BBQ, needed more sauce for my liking , meat was a tad dry, flavors hit you in the face, i wanted a cool bite, but even the coleslaw was spicy. Ring of fire 3 stars


Susan Burkett Treat

16 August 2017

Good food, fabulous service. The BBQ is pretty authentic Texas. The banana pudding was great too. Best food we had in Seattle by far.


Robert Byers

14 August 2017

I'm originally from Greenville, SC so I had an amazing and new BBQ brunch experience at Jack's BBQ. Friendly service and laid back atmosphere. Would definitely recommend to others! More...


Carol Matteson

9 August 2017

I loved the brisket! It is some of the best I have eaten. My brother took me to Franklin's in Austin in March. Jack's is as good....Texas style!


Randy Shields

9 August 2017

Texas boy here, this place is legit and I highly recommend visiting to enjoy some really great BBQ!


Glenn Levine

30 July 2017

Lived in Dixie > twenty years. Had all the best BBQ GA, AL & FL have to offer.


Neil Goldrosen

9 July 2017

Great brisket, pork ribs and beef links. Coleslaw and Mac & cheese were excellent!


Hugh Brown

5 July 2017

We thought the line would be too long at Franklin's in Austin so this 4th of July we decided to try Jack's Central Texas BBQ in Seattle. It's as good as Cooper's in Llano or Black's in Lockhart in my opinion. Jack is a former Microsoft employee from Central Texas who decided to bring real smoked meat to this Vegan region. The long long lines indicate that he found a popular niche! More...


Aaron Vanek

4 July 2017

The brisket we had was cooked perfectly and the atmosphere is awesome also the owner Jack is there and he is very friendly and checked on us several times I would definitely recommend it to anyone that wants a good barbecue spot with a great bar


Wendy Miller Case

3 July 2017

I am a fellow Texan as well. We have been there several times and before Jack even had his place! My only complaint is that Jack you need to open a location closer to me :)


Henry McKee

26 June 2017

I feel like I'm guilding the Lily a bit here, withe all the great reviews already appearing here, but the brisket, sausage, ribs and sides were all outstanding and like nothing I've ever tasted before. I especially liked the black-eyed pea salad, which I believe they call Texas Caviar. I encourage all to give it a try. More...


Jen Turner

25 June 2017

Lordy, this is some good BBQ! And we've travelled for BBQ before, had some of the best, ate stuff from different competition teams, etc. This doesn't even factor in the awesome service - they even vac packed the meat AT THEIR OWN SUGGESTION to help it travel back to Canada. (Seriously, when is the last time that you've ever gone somewhere that was so incredibly helpful and good to you?) More...


Robert Nellams

19 June 2017

The best Texas BBQ in the state and it's not even close...


Earl Brooks

12 June 2017

Delicious!!! Tasty, yummy best brisket ever, the owner actually works and is cool as a smoked ice tea.


Sonya Chang

11 June 2017

The new Sunday brunch at Jack's is fantastic! The portions are so generous and the brisket is delicious as always! Treat yourself to a beef bacon Bloody Mary for an extra good time!


Mary L. Johnson

11 June 2017

Sunday brunch with Mexican coffee ... everything so darned tasty!


Armen Stein

10 June 2017

Jack's BBQ is legit. Service is so friendly, food is delicious! Jack needs to expand to the Eastside so I can go more often!


Ben Evans

10 June 2017

Great food, great taste but watch what you order, the portions are massive :)


Janie Basson

4 June 2017

Excellent food! Great service and all round fantastic experience.


Lee Illrok Johnson

3 June 2017

It's just as good as Arkansas barbecue. No LOL The brisket is to die for


Barbara Harris

26 May 2017

17 May 2017. Our tour operator asked us where we wanted to be dropped off. We suggested somewhere we could get BBQ. He dropped us out where it seemed we were in middle of nowhere to Jack's BBQ. The four of us had the best night. That was because the food was awesome (picnic for 4), our waitress was so much fun and helpful, the atmosphere was great, had fun with the manager (dessert "pecan Pie") was the first and best tasting ever. Thank you More...


Karen Anderson Cowan

22 May 2017

For anyone who's missing or love Texas BBQ, this is THE place to visit!!!! Jack took us on a tour of the "pitts" which are very impressive, friendly staff, great menu selection....save room for the Banana pudding ; ) More...


Dawn Mace

15 May 2017

Such amazing brisket! The staff was really great too. Definitely going back. Pecan pie is a must!


Erin Goebel

11 May 2017

Amazing bbq there is nothing else close to this place in Washington


Debby Suates

7 May 2017

The pulled pork I had had the best flavor I remember having in a very long time. Delicious! The lettuce wedge was a perfect paring a la carte! I will be back!


Sindy Deming

7 May 2017

This is my favorite BBQ place in Washington. And the Margaritas are good, too.


Debbie Smith

1 May 2017

I have nothing but positive feedback for Jack's food, service, and atmosphere. I learned that brisket can be either dry or moist depending on the amount of fat on the cut, I went with the moist, delish!!! I had the pork ribs, mac n cheese, greens, and pecan pie. Oh! And I tried their hush puppies too. Delish all around!! This was my first visit and definitely won't be my last. The banana pudding was sold out so a definite for my next visit. Already telling others about the best BBQ in town. More...


Jeff Naylor

26 April 2017

Rib tips and wedge salad! I get it everytime! MMMM! Love it!


Chris Gorman

25 April 2017

I've been here twice in 2 months... both times surprised by the quality of BBQ. I've been visiting as many NW BBQ's as I can over the last 3 months. I've hit 15 joints (so far) from Mt. Vernon to Auburn. Some good, some bad... but Jack's has excelled in producing the trilogy, service, sides & feel. Recommend of course. More...


William Board

24 April 2017

Finally found a descent place to enjoy good BBQ and best part is I don't have to make it or clean up... win-win!! Real good smokey flavor we got the picnic for 4 so we could try everything; house made smoked brisket & jalapeno cheddar sausage, chicken, brisket & ribs & included 4 sides!! The brisket was by far the best... smokey flavorful tender & juicy... their sauces were just ok tho & came in regular or spicy... thanks Jacks... I will def be coming back!! More...


James Kneeland

23 April 2017

Their new Sunday brunch (which includes breakfast tacos, grits, etc) is amazing!


Michael Sessa

9 April 2017

good stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Aric Becker

5 April 2017

Service and food were excellent!!!


David Simpson

2 April 2017

I've eaten there twice and love the food and their service. Took my co-workers there around noon at their busiest time of day. The place was packed. We were a group of 5, our waiting time was 15 mins which isnt bad we were lucky. We got seated in 10 mins! Would recommend the place. More...


Eric Gillett

2 April 2017

Best brisket I've ever had. No knife necessary. Just a fork to poke it.


Kenneth Gatke

31 March 2017

Great food. Service is a̶ ̶b̶i̶t̶ quite slow and inattentive especially if your dining alone, even when it's dead. With limited time for lunch breaks kinda forces me to avoid the place more than I'd like.


Ben Remak

30 March 2017

The food is great, Jack is even better. The Texas Trinity is a must have.


Jenna McInnis

23 March 2017

Had a birthday party for 10 here and had the best time. Great food, great service! Can't wait to come back.


John Robertson

20 March 2017

Great BBQ in a comfortable atmosphere. Would love to see some beers from Bellevue Brewing on draught to pair with the amazing BBQ!


Bulla Paiva

20 March 2017

Best slowly smoked brisket in town. This was my first time there.


Brian Wright

18 March 2017

One of the top BBQ places in the NW! It's the real deal!


Andrew McGinnis

17 March 2017

Great atmosphere, felt like I was back home in Texas and not in an industrialized part of Seattle! The brisket was perfectly moist and the sides were awesome!


Mandy Marie Hamilton

7 March 2017

The first time I've ever had BBQ and not had to slather it in sauce ... tender and delicious


Michael Grey

27 February 2017

First off, the BBQ was great. We tried pork ribs, brisket and 2 kinds of links plus brisket enchiladas. Second, the staff were friendly and attentive. Finally, the soundtrack was perfect. Blues and BBQ just go together fine. Oh, and the decor was comfortable and whimsical. More...


Jimmy Sabado

23 February 2017

One of the best I've had. Thanks to Seattle Refined for reporting on best BBQ places in the city.


Maggie Tasse

21 February 2017

Being from texas and knowing what brisket should taste like, Jack's BBQ has nailed it!!! I also tried the pulled pork. Melts in your mouth :) I can't wait to go back and try the pecan pie.


Aaron Cutting

20 February 2017

Just moved back from Texas and this is the best barbecue I have had including Texas. Best service I have had as well. Reminded me of being back in Texas with the combination of great food and southern hospitality. Brisket is awesome and try the pecan pie the best. More...


Marvin Wilson

19 February 2017

Brisket: deep, rich smokey flavor. Great bark, tender and juicy. Delicious. Pork ribs: rich smokey flavor. A wee bit chewy, but still excellent. Sauce: tasted more like enchilada sauce than bbq sauce. Thankfully served on the side. Totally unnecessary. Staff: friendly, great to talk with. They can open a place in Austin anytime and would rank very high, but to say Jack's is as good as Franklin's is a bit of a stretch. Next time I am in Seattle, I'll definitely go back. More...


Melissa Ann Parlin

18 February 2017

I was born and raised Texas I've had BBQ all my life I just moved to Seattle last year and this BBQ was amazing � the brisket was mouth watering definitely a must have


Chuck Cutting

12 February 2017

Amazing service food! Definitely the best I have ever had.


Rusty Humphries

29 January 2017

As a official KCBS judge and a guy who's traveled the world looking for the best BBQ, I can tell you Jacks BBQ is the real deal. The brisket and ribs are as good or better than any place in central Texas and that includes Franklin's! If you're a fan of BBQ it's an amazing place to get an incredible meal. However, if you understand the ART of BBQ, (and great BBQ is an art), you must come to Jack's. He is truly one of the great artists of our time. More...


Morrey Taylor

16 January 2017

Being from Texas, I was skeptical going in, but everything was excellent. I'll definitely be going back.


Ryan Beaunaux

13 January 2017

The best!!! Jalapeno cheddar sausage and smoked iced tea for the win!!!!


Serena Spencer

6 January 2017

Great food and great service! Drinks were yummy. Rum n cokes were perfect.


Ringo Nishioka

5 January 2017

I just discovered Jacks' BBQ, and where have you been all my life? I consider myself a student of BBQ with 4 grills / smokers on the deck. This is by far the best BBQ I have had. Had an amazing time. I loved the smoked Portabella mushrooms. I was there with a cigar event and 50 folks. Every time a plate was served, there were a ton of "Oohh Snapps" heard across the table because each dish seemed to outdo the last one served. Incredible. Highly recommended. Thank you Jack for the Vertigo event! More...


Marla Newton

1 January 2017

We last night for the first time. The Brisket.amd ribs were AMAZING, after reading reviews the next time I will ask for the brisket wet. I agree that the sauce needs adjustment,but I will say the flavor of the meet is so good you don't need it. The slaw was good, macaroni and beens were ok. Not a fan of the hush puppies or sausage, but overall very good BBQ! More...


Meriel Young

31 December 2016

Go early and ask for the brisket "wet" for the juiciest brisket around. Perfect sugar cookie and smoke ring. Too much cumin in the BBQ sauce made it taste like chili base with the texture of cocktail sauce. Upscale TX BBQ served with a knife and butcher paper on a metal sheet tray. Meat could definitely pass in Dallas...but not the sauce. More...


Jens Gunnoe

30 December 2016



Chantel Noecker

23 December 2016

Love this place! I sure wish we would have tried it sooner! The service is the BEST! The ribs, chicken and brisket are awesome. The greens and potato salad not to mention homemade pickles! Yummm! The pecan pie was also wonderful. Just try everything! Lol. Don't forget the Margarita! More...


Mariyah Wafford

21 December 2016

Just had the brisket sandwich - phenomenal! Will be a return customer!!!!


Lynda Hardwick-Albers

20 December 2016

Jack help me out with a lunch for one of my good customers and it turned out great thank you Jack


Christy Marazon

22 November 2016

Real Texas BBQ - great atmosphere- we are Native Texans and this place kills it! Great staff and enjoyed talking Texan with the owner! ����


Wayne Bowdle

20 November 2016

The brisket, ribs, Mac & cheese, and Texas caviar are fantastic!! Love this place!!


Damien Guillemard

15 November 2016

Great food and service, ribs and briskets are excellent and so tender! Our waitress was also very welcoming and spent time explaining each dishes and how to enjoy them.


Amber Thakur

13 November 2016

This is the real deal. Born and raised Texas gal here who loves her BBQ. Favorite was moist brisket and ribs. Can't wait to go back and try some more!


Fiona Black Jackson

10 November 2016

The day after the election, was too depressed to cook. Stopped by Jack's for comfort food. Truly amazing brisket and great sides.


Micah Herrera

21 October 2016

Brisket, chili, and the bombest corn short of mexican elotes


Debbie LeDone

16 October 2016

My husband tries bbq all over the country and he loved this place the ribs were great the brisket was great and we loved the sides


Roberta Barron Trujillo

15 October 2016

� Food was delicious we had Pork ribs with Texas Calviar Mac n cheese Joe my husband had the Brisket he it was the best he ever had Chili was mostly meat he lived it .The serves was fast and our waitress was very helpful to all our questions an a amazing dinner � More...


Jonathan Henry

29 September 2016

Jack -- I'm eating brisket in Kansas City right now, and all I can say is that I wish I was eating yours!


Mary Ann Malacek

24 September 2016

Texas barbecue. Went in for the short ribs. Late in the day and they didn't have any left.


Allen White

31 July 2016

Our first time at Jack's while waiting for our food we were allowed to tour the pit area where we found an 18 & 22 foot pit, it was quite impressive. The pork ribs and brisket were very tender and flavorful the black eyed pea salad very tasty and the mac & cheese excellent, all in all great food and friendly service I will return. More...


Lou Maxon

11 June 2016

we had an amazing lunch at Jack's a couple weeks ago and look forward to returning.


Rene Livia Wells

28 May 2016

We drive from Federal Way to here all the time. The best BBq!!, the mac n cheese could use a lil salt but damn everything is hella good. I am addicted to there Billionaire Bacon!!!! Omg . Nothing like it around! As long as you keep making great food, we will keep comin!! More...


Bryan M Hesse

23 February 2016

Lunch on Tuesday was great, had 1/4 lb moist brisket and 1/4 lb pulled pork with the "fixins". Yummy! Can't wait to return


Derrick Maxie

1 February 2016

Authentic Texas BBQ served with a smile! The smoked sweet tea is a first for me and highly recommended.


Lisa J Carbone

7 January 2016

The meat was outstanding! Spiced to perfection and tasty to the last bite! The sides were great accompaniments. Had some very tasty appetizers and drinks too! Was truly disappointed with how little I was able to eat. More...


Henry Yamamoto

31 December 2015

I'd give it five star if not for the fact I just ate at a bunch of BBQ places in Austin about a month ago. It's the best I've had so far in the Seattle area for sure. Loved the burnt ends! I could just eat those all day. The pork ribs were also very tasty without the need for any sauce. Sausage and pulled pork was also very good. The sides we had, coleslaw and mac & cheese were good as well. The only meat I was not blown away by was the brisket. This could have been a matter of the section I had, but it was a bit dry and the only meat I put a little sauce on. I'd go back for sure. More...


Mark Levy

25 December 2015

Mother made an excellent brisket. There were never leftovers. Auntie's was kick-ass. Even better than Mom's.


Daniel A. Berry

30 November 2015

This is just the place to have a great time and food along with good service. dAb>)


Amy Winterowd

5 September 2015

Since I live in Portland, OR, I had been biding my time for the opportunity to visit Jack's BBQ. And it was worth side trip at the end of a long day in Seattle on business!!! We got the picnic for four which gave us an awesome sampling of the meats and four sides. I couldn't get enough of the brisket and no sauce needed even though it comes for anyone who is used to that. More...


Steven Bell

9 August 2015

The BBQ was pretty darn good. Love the pulled pork. Was nice and juicy and not pork mush like BBQ Petes. So disappointed in them, but now found a new place for real BBQ. Also had ribs. They were awesome too. Sauce was good. Could have been a little sweeter, but I ate it any way. The only complaint and it's not a big one is that the rub you use was a tad salty. I love salt, but it was pretty darn salty. Also the price was acceptable. $60 for lunch for two was a bit high although we did eat a lot More...


Danielle Casey

24 July 2015

Good Brisket I thought it was tasty and so were the sides,but we didn't receive all of our meal. We didn't get our onions,bread and pickles a little disappointed with that. I probably would go back.


Adam Vigus

23 July 2015

Fabulous. Amazing food, and stellar service. I feel cooler just being here.


George Delovino Raimondi

8 July 2015

Just had beef rib Tuesday and wow wow wow......did I mention wow?


Mike Klozar

6 July 2015

Beef rib Tuesday is one of a kind in Seattle. The fatty brisket is an everyday favorite. I am a born Texan and this is as fun and friendly as you can find outside Austin.


Mike Tiny Metzger

1 July 2015

The pork was a little dry, but let's be honest you're here for the brisket right?!? That's what I thought. Then you've come to the right place because there is no place better west of Austin to get it, TRUST ME! Enjoy!


Linda Wiswell

17 June 2015

Went here with daughter and son in law,didn't think any place could have barbecue like Texas but it is very much like it. We loved the food and margaritas were superb! Love our dinner here ~ way to go Aggie best of luck to you. Will definitely come again when we visit next,and if anyone is looking for good barbecue I highly recommend JACKS BBQ !! More...


Douglas Dietiker

15 June 2015

Impressive smoke ring on the Brisket. Had the Brisket, Chicken, Sausage, and Rib. Was very good, the chicken and rib were almost as good as what I do.


Erik Bryar

17 May 2015

Fantastic food and an incredibly awesome staff. Jack was awesome and gave us a tour of the most impressive smoker I have ever seen A must for anyone that loves smoked meats. Also try the old fashions. They are amazing! More...


Betsy Hamel

16 May 2015

Top notch! Seriously great Texas BBC. The minute we got out of the car my mouth started watering. Killer brisket - tender and moist -pulled pork was very tasty and we had mac n cheese on the side. The pitmaster Tony (what a nice, nice guy) slipped me a rib and two sausages to try as well .....I thought I had died and gone to heaven it was all so good! Great service, friendly unpretentious atmosphere. Plus, they have a 3-6 Happy Hour daily. The B.O.M.B!!!!! More...


Crystal Stewart

6 May 2015

The BBQ was fantastic! Best in Seattle by far. If our server would have been better the experience would have been a 5 star. We had to get our own silver wear and she charged me for a refill, but I never received it. Will try it again though. More...


Mike Watson

6 May 2015

Well, I'm from North Carolina and recently transplanted (happily!) via New York, and my visit to Jack's last Fall was part of my move here and convert from pulled pork to beef brisket!


Douglas Thompson

1 April 2015

first of all Jack your amazing. Thank you for bringing Texas BBQ to Seattle. the meat is savory and melts in your mouth. the hush puppy with tarter sauce yum. the thing that touch me the most and will keep me coming back is your staff they all had the heart of Texas in them. I loved the openes of the place and for me BBQ is to be shared with a lot of people which your place offers. Thank you and I'll be back for desert I didn't have room for it. More...


Wendy Bjorndahl

31 March 2015

You know what I love about Jacks BBQ besides the wonderful food? The conversation that goes on at Jacks. Had a wonderful Birthday party and looked around at the 25 people and everyone was eating, and talking to each other. No texting at the table, no eating while ignoring your surroundings. It was awesome!!!! Jack BBQ+Family/Friends=Love. Come on peeps get your butt down to Jacks :) More...


JG Garcia

21 March 2015

Simply amazing, had the picnic for 4, will have food for days, blew my expectations!!!


Amy Morgan Cizik

30 January 2015

Took our family of four (2 kids -


Jeff Mak

12 January 2015

I have found a new pre-Seahawk game food tradition/superstition. Must order brisket, chicken, hot links, ribs and pulled pork to guarantee victory next week against Green Bay. Jack, thanks for the Texas hospitality and the tour of the smokers. See you around the neighborhood. More...


Tasuray Laguire

14 December 2014

Meat coming off Jack's 22 foot smoker is amazing! We will be back!


Kyle Rodeheaver

11 December 2014

Finally found a good BBQ joint. Hands down best I've been to in the Northwest.


Jeff King

30 November 2014



Rico Lacsamana

27 November 2014

Best brisket I have ever had! You will not be dissapointed!


Mars Red

19 November 2014

I never need to go back HOME to be HOME now! Thank you Jack! You should go eat here if you love good Texas Que! I LOVE JACK'S!!!


Don Frasier

19 November 2014

Jack's is the best BBQ I have experienced in Washington. It is fantastic! Can't wait to visit again.


Lorena Martinez Ruiz

5 November 2014

Food was great, service was quick. We thought our family of three would be able to share their biggest plate called the "Picnic" (also because the waitress said we could easily feed the three us with that selection). But it definitely was not enough, it's more of a picnic for one rather than a family of three. With that said, we ordered a couple of sandwhiches to go (brisket, pulled pork). The sides are really good too! The atmosphere is unique and it felt like we were sitting in someone's kitchen (which made us feel right at home. We'd definitely go back again! More...


Barry Leaf Jr.

4 November 2014



Jana Hutchison

2 November 2014

Loved it! Can't stop thinking about the brisket.


Shaun Fluke

12 October 2014

Best BBQ... Period!


Katy Flanagan

11 October 2014

Finally, quality Texas-style BBQ in Seattle! No knives necessary, BBQ sauce optional- delicious as-is. Falls right apart. We will be back again and again... My Texan boyfriend is one full, happy man. More...


Greg Cort

11 October 2014

Good food


Sam Alhadeff

11 October 2014

Best brisket within a 2200 mile radius!!


Amanda Moore

4 October 2014

It's like being back home in TX!


John Burns Logan IV

1 October 2014

Great place! Best bbq in the city.


Duane Johnson

18 September 2014

I decided to try this place after a recommendation from a friend. I arrived for lunch. Line was long and they served cafeteria style. The staff was very friendly. The lady that served the drinks was confident that I will be back. It was worth the wait. Tried the Texas Triple. The smoke ring on the brisket was no joke and the meat was tender and flavorful. Sausage had a snap to it and the ribs.....OH my. I normally have my BBQ with sauce but did not miss that these were served with sauce on the side. Needless to say, I will be back. So will my co-workers that tried the Brisket and Sausage (I would not let them touch the ribs). Had the Mac & cheese and Greens for sides. The Mac & Cheese is serve with Jalapeno's and had a nice kick to it. More...


Andy Ma

18 September 2014

Central Texas Barbecue you'd otherwise have to hop an Alaska Airlines 737 to Austin, TX to enjoy!


Jay Gardner

13 September 2014

Great Brisket with nice deep red, smokey bark, really good Texas Caviar and potato salad, and Stevie Ray on the stereo! What more could you ask for two thousand miles from Austin?


William J. Daly II

12 September 2014

Absolutely incredible! Jack's BBQ rocks! The food is just phenomenal - best ribs and brisket I've ever had in my life. Didn't even add a drop of sauce (which is provided on the side). Cannot wait to get back here. Fave new eat spot! More...


Mike Arntzen

10 September 2014

Jacks is a refreshing burst of Texas in airport way, SoDo. The brisket is so good I could have eaten double but should have eaten half of the generous serving. Texas caviar is an explosion of southern flavor and the lemonade tastes like it was stolen from a kids stand down south! Good honest real food and great hospitality. It's a winner. More...


Rob Miller

9 September 2014



Indigo Blue

9 September 2014

The most luscious, perfect brisket you can imagine. Fit for a Queen.


Celia Sheppard Evans

8 September 2014

Had a superb meal! Sublime. Thank you Jack's BBQ we had a great eve. Try a cocktail when you go. Very creative and so good!


Dale Payne

6 September 2014

Absolutely amazing. The sides are great, the meats are greater, and the staff might just top it all. Great atmosphere and there is no doubt in my mind that Jack's will be the premier BBQ in Seattle.


Matt Heaton

6 September 2014

Yes, there is now some great Texas style BBQ in Seattle. The meat is awesome, sides are great and the drinks are good too. Don't miss it, they'll be famous soon. More...


Leslie J. Olson

4 September 2014

Defies description. Going is a must.