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Clarissa Garza

7 December 2018

J.Sapalicio Investigations gets the job done. They are affordable, efficient and certain to get you results!


Ben Vlad

7 December 2018

If you have a problem, this is the place you call. Not only are they great with communication and keeping you informed, but there service is amazing. If you are looking for professional and quality work, look no farther. More...


Rory M.

2 July 2018

Having to deal with child custody it's stressful in itself. Sapalicio Investigations made such a huge impact on our case that the opposing party had no leg to stand on in court. The PI made himself available at all hours and was flexible when we needed the best evidence possible. We even had a spur of the moment event that required him to go out of town to follow the subject. He offered solutions to the problems that we had and made suggestions in such a highly effective manner that it eased the stress of dealing with court all together. Every report, every video, &  all the evidence was presented in a very thorough, easy-to-understand, high-quality, and professional manner. He provided effective solutions and was ready and available to make court appearances and also confident enough to be cross examined when needed. Most importantly, he was ready to present the evidence for court and dressed professionally. We highly recommend Sapalicio Investigations! More...


Ken C.

12 October 2017

Jess is the future of the industry.   Jess started with me when he was fresh out of the military.  Without any training he already possessed more common sense than most PI's.  I was lucky enough that he worked with me for 5 years.  I trained him and at the same time had the pleasure if learning from him.   He is an excellent investigator!  Jess is tech savvy, great at surveillance, he's a go with he flow kind of guy who can flip a switch and get "it" done.  Hire Jess to get the job done right the first time. More...


Bryan R.

10 October 2017

In the spirit of being candid, I must say i have known "J" for over 10 years now. I've known him and the quality of his work from his military career and through his private investigations. So when I heard he broke off on his own, I was eager to send work his way. At the time, I was working in alternative financial investments that focused on the securitization of life insurance policies. A large portion of our work was performing life style analysis on our insureds. First, we would have to track them. A forever daunting task. So I offered J. Sapalicio the task of tracking these individuals that were particularly hard to find. J's prices were extremely competitive considering the amount of Private Eye's around town competing. His was work was thorough, precise, and timely. We continued to use him for every such case.And anyone who has used a PI before surely knows the usual type: unprofessional, low expectation setting, and seemingly unwilling. But J has proven himself to break free of those tropes- smart, professional, quick, eager to perform. Things I guarantee you will not find from many of these "Dicks" out there who hire newbies off of Craigslist and whose turnaround rate for employees is 3 months. If you're looking for the best without the inflated ego or price, contact J. Sapalicio right now!!!! More...


Susana M.

18 July 2017

I contacted J. Sapalicio to see if they could help me find my long lost grandparent whom I have not seen in over 20 years.I am happy to say that thanks to them I was reconnected with my grandpa and grandma.They were so professional during the whole process and my family and myself are beyond grateful they could help us out.We will finally reunite and all thanks to J. Sapalicio.Thank you! More...

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