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My company offers design consulting and a step-by-step overview of the value clients save. We start by listening to our clients to learn more about their business or interest in creative work. Then, we ask questions about the goals and objectives, potential barriers, target audience, direct competitors, etc.



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It starts with empathy/listening and defining what the problem is to be solved; knowing the problem is half the solution. Next we research the challenge before ideating a few strategies to for exploring further and test concepts against goals and objectives for the project. This is done with sketches and not meant to spend too much time during the process. Lastly, we settle on and implement one of the sketches into digitize rendering the client can review and provide feedback. After a few revisions, we finalize the product.

I require partial payment up front. This will ensure design ideas and work that goes into research are compensated. Will also need the clients consent they will be available and responsive during the production process in case we need clarification and direction. During the first half of the production process, we identify color schemes, appropriate font choices, design styles (abstract, modern, traditional, transitional, etc) for the product before we start to render ideas using design software. With so much work leading up to creating the product on the computer, it’s important the work and effort is accountable and compensated for.

My passion is in problem solving. I view creative jobs as a means to helping clients with a successive product and for me to scratch my craving for functional designs. I have been in the creative industry since I was 7, from my first art class to cooking, to home renovation, to visual communication, I love to problem solve and win clients over.

Honestly, I needed supplemental income doing something different from my day job in management. I have a talent for creative problem solving so what better way to make use of your idle/down time in doing something you really enjoy while helping clients move their businesses forward. I will use the extra earning to handle honey do projects around the house.

I have over 20 plus years working as art director in advertising, I ran my own creative business many years back and currently oversee a creative company for the federal government. I have experience in every dimension of the creative process and with that institutional knowledge base comes the ease of discovering solutions others have difficulty completing. Every job is my priority and I support a single client at a time. Clients enjoy and learn more from our experience, although at the start of new clients feels doubtful, but by the end our relationships seems to hinge on a mutual respect and appreciation for each other.