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Integrity First Lending is a Utah mortgage broker you can trust. We offer home loans for first-time buyers, as well as refinance loans, renovation loans, and mortgages for investment properties. Contact us to speak with an experienced lender.


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Justin Robins

5 April 2019

Two thumbs up! Great management team. Would love to work together in the future.


Lynsie Wheat

5 April 2019

Blake and Erin are amazing! So glad we found them and didn't go with our preferred lender. They are THE BEST!!


Leslie Winter

5 April 2019

Our experience was awesome! We had great comunication. The process was easy. And the people were so nice. 5 stars for sure. Thanks Tori, Natalie and Richelle.


Lynnette Creviston

5 April 2019

I don't understand why people say buying a home is a nightmare. Stacy and Frenchell have been an absolute joy to work with and made the whole process a dream. I will be sending all of my friends and to Integrity Lending! More...


Katrina Mary Smith

5 April 2019

I absolutely loved my experience here! Working with Erin Lee was the best decision we made when choosing someone to help us refinance our house. She was knowledgeable and helpful every step of the way. She worked very quickly to help us. I would recommend her to anyone looking to get a loan! More...


DaveandMissy Clark

5 April 2019

Lisa Schmirler is the best!!!!!! She continually gave me updates every step of the way. She even called while she was on her vacation in Lake Powell to check on things.I Was told by other lenders they couldn’t help but Lisa got it done! More...


Esther Shepherd

5 April 2019

Clayne and his team are Fantastic!! I recommend them every chance I get! He has gone above and beyond with each of my clients to ensure they have a great loan even when they didn't even think they could get approved! His fun positive attitude is contagious! I end every conversation with a smile! The great communication him and his team provide leaves no question what part of the loan process we are at! I 100% recommend Clayne and his team!! � More...


Josh Stika

5 April 2019

I love where I work!!! Great people - Great friends. =)


Matt C.

31 October 2018

Stephanie did an excellent job of getting my loan processed quickly and seamlessly. I took a money-out loan on a 4-plex in SLC and got 3/8 of a point better rate than I was quoted by three other companies. Thank you Integrity First Lending.


Tiffani M.

18 October 2018

Lisa was absolutely incredible to work with during the very stressful time of buying a new home. Lisa was ALWAYS available by phone or text whenever we needed her. She was able to save us $8,000 in closing costs compared to quotes we received from Academy Mortgage. She was always super friendly and accommodating. I definitely would recommend Lisa for your next home loan! More...


Melanie L.

7 November 2017

Lisa S******** with Integrity First Lending was amazing to work with. As a top producing Realtor, finding an amazing Loan Officer is the missing puzzle piece to making a transaction run smoothly. Lisa has gone above and beyond on some very tough deals for me. I am pleased to have her "on my team". When searching for a Loan Officer, definitely give Lisa a chance! More...



14 September 2017

Lisa was dedicated to us throughout the entire process. She was very responsive and did not miss any details. She and her team did an excellent job helping us obtain our mortgage.


Deborah O.

12 May 2017

Scott Taylor Thank you.  You are the man, up one, "Of your Word!" I have been trying to refinance my home for the 8 months, and it has been a nightmare, I spent over $2000 in appraisal, been lead to believe at last hour I would closing and nothing.  Until Scott Taylor came a long, yes it was a long process almost 4 months, so don't believe what you hear.  What Scott did say to me in the beginning came true and more... There were times I wanted to give up and his calming voice walked me through the obstacle at hand.  We got through and I must say I have learned  a lot.  One think I know for a fact is that Integrity First Lending stands by their word.I have looked at other reviews here and I would say this process isn't fun, my whole life has revolved around this ordeal, and yes I experienced different scenarios, not with lender but Quicken Loans was working with me at the same time, but never followed through, they just fell of the face of the earth.Thank You Scott Taylor More...


Brad W.

11 January 2017

Ryan and Cherise were professional and detailed in handling my recent refi. Things weren't smooth in the process as the bank continually changed things. That is to be somewhat expected. But I was impressed at the speed and follow-up from the Integrity team! I highly recommend them!! More...


Jeremy L.

2 December 2016

Amir is the man. He knows his stuff and will get you the best rate and price possible, give you straight and honest answers, and will be there with you from start to finish. I almost want to keep him a secret but anytime anyone asks or is talking about a mortgage or refi, I feel guilty if I don't let them know about Amir. He is an invaluable resource and I am lucky I know him. More...


Nikki B.

22 November 2016

Lisa Schmirler with Integrity Lending did fantastic work for me.  She was extremely responsive with all of my questions and had a lot of patience with me throughout the entire process.  They took care of me and made certain I was happy during my refinance.  I would definitely recommend working with Lisa and Integrity Lending. More...


Radhika H.

9 September 2016

Lisa was great from start to end of my refinancing for my home. Great service! Answered all questions and everything went smoothly. Definitely reccommmend her to friends. More...


Richard R.

3 June 2016

They were great. helped through the new underwriting criteria.Amir was very considerate and helpful


Joe H.

23 February 2016

I have refinanced twice through Integrity over the last 7 months and Pete and his crew has helped me with both and they all did a great job.   On the last refi I just completed they had all of my information from the previous time and I closed within 3 weeks from start to finish.   One great thing is I did not contact them Pete contacted me with some new rates and programs that were available to me.   I did everything on line and over the phone with them and all forms except 2 were electronic signature, this was so hassle free and I will do again when they check in with me 6 months from now, (if the rates are better).     I have passed along their information and will pass along their information to others that are looking for a home load or to refi. More...


wilf p.

22 June 2015

I once again used Cheap O Air to fly to the Holy Land We aren't leaving until October but there seemed to be no complications. We got exactly what we wanted within our time frame. The price was the best I could find. We will let you know how the connections work out after we get back in November. More...


Paul N.

8 December 2014

Welcome to Integrity First! In our office, you'll find the friendliest, most dedicated, and helpful group of mortgage experts and staff in the great state of Utah. We pride ourselves in not only our decades of combined mortgage expertise, but in our complete commitment to helping and serving you. We are happy, dedicated professionals devoted to absolute integrity, character, and competency, and we can answer any question you might have about your next big investment. More...

ਕਰਨ ਦ.

27 November 2014

Awesome experience! Integrity First Lending Salt Lake City is not only helpful and honest, he is also extremely knowledgable about the Home mortgage .


Jeff L.

28 October 2013

I found Integrity First through lending tree, and worked with Greg West. Greg was extremely responsive, friendly and very helpful. Ultimately, I cancelled my contract and decided not to pursue a loan, but Greg's rates (with reputable lenders behind them) were extremely competitive and I was confident IFL could have got the job done extremely fast. More...


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