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We are Doctors of Physical Therapy , I treat wholisticly pains from head to toe, I master so many manual and therapy techniques to treat depression , stress, anxiety and so money ailments including but not limited to tk119814he following:


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Dalisay B.

22 September 2018

Professional doctor treats me and all his patients with respect and care , very knowledgeable and understanding when it comes to pain and treating the pain . Has a unique style of treating pain which makes me come to him then any other therapist . 10/10 would recommend to anyone who has any type of pain . My mom used to have her oxygen saturation very low when she used to walk cane to Dr Salem her breathing and saturation gradually increased and got better . My mother also has complete deafness in her left went to multiple doctors and they couldn't restore her hearing , we took her to Dr . Salem he took the pressure off the cranial nerves with some manual techniques and restored her hearing by up to 40% , highly recommend for any type of rehab . More...


Abdelrahman Salem

19 September 2018

A great Facility and a great staff


Zafar Karimov

19 September 2018

Dr Salem knowledgable and understanding. And I think only few Doctors are like you. So if you my friends have back pain or legs pain or muscle pain Dr Salem's office the place u should go Thank You


Niveen Ahmed

19 September 2018

It was my pleasure to know Dr.Abdelrahman Salem.He is above and beyond excellent . Doing therapy under his hand ,it is like a magic improvement . I had the opportunity to opt for physical therapy service at Integrated Rehab and Physical Therapy P.C. can testify that the quality and the service of each one of the staff has been excellent and I feel much better . I can assure you that you won’t find any other services or better quality at any other facility,so always I invite my friend to treat where quality is always a must .
Finally I can says that Dr.Abdelrahman Salem is the most professional and caring person I know


Victoria Afia

19 September 2018

I am very happy coming here everyone is wonderful dr Salem helped me a great deal so far I went twice and I am feeling so much better I would recommend him and his staff to everyone they are very patient and kind and helpful God bless them


Adrian J.

19 May 2018

After searching for and not finding the awesome pre-yelp therapist who took care of me before and after my first far less invasive shoulder surgery I found Dr. Salem and Dr. Salama and I've been seeing them for about a month. I see them in their Bay Ridge office.I've had a few physical therapists in my life and most of my experiences have been good but I am very impressed by my treatment and by what feels like rapid recovery from a painful surgery. In their brochures they say that they treat you like family and they really do. They genuinely care about each patient. This morning I had a migraine and when I called Dr. Salem to cancel my appointment, he tried to convince me to go to his other office.  When I declined, he offered to come into the Bay Ridge office to take care of my headache. Because I can usually get rid of my headaches within a couple of hours, I did talk him out of it. Even so, I am so very touched by his genuine concern for me and his willingness to go the extra mile to care for me. Dr. Salama is also very knowledgable and explains everything to me about what she is doing and why she is doing it.  They always take the time to make sure that you get the attention and the care that every patient needs, so sometimes there may be a wait. It's your health. Put the time aside. Bring a book. It's worth it. More...


Jason L.

16 May 2018

Been procrastinating about making an appointment to a physical therapist for my nagging back pain.  Finally found a physical therapist that took my insurance plan and had hours that fit my schedule.  Just came back from my first visit and my back feel better than before.  Dr. Salem is knowledgeable and friendly.  He explained in detail after his initial evaluation of what was wrong with my back and how he was going to treat it.  Taught me some exercises that i could do at home to help with my back.Looking forward to my next visit already so my back can return back to normal and not feel pain anymore. More...


Val C.

12 August 2016

Have been going to the office for several months now. My condition has greatly improved. Very knowledgeable doctors, careful and patient staff, flexible hours. Talk to Dr. Salem first.  I highly recommend them! More...

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