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Cammack Village, Arkansas

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Integrated Psych Solutions

Cammack Village, Arkansas


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Michael Leeman

14 September 2019

Concise, practical, useful feedback.


Nicky Fastman

24 August 2019

I had a prior lap band that slipped and no longer worked. The gastric reflux was really bad and after the interview and paperwork, he spent extra time showing me some calming techniques. I was also really stressed about the procedure and he made it an easy, simple experience. I really appreciated this because I thought maybe he would think I didn't "try hard enough" the first time. But he was understanding and talked to me about how to pay attention to triggers for eating and keeping myself calm. You can tell he really cares. More...


Jennifer Bledsoe

6 April 2019

I met with Dr. Anderson for a bariatric pre-surgical evaluation for about one hour. He has a very nice office and the staff was attentive. He provided some helpful tips. Apparently he was a personal fitness trainer in a former life. We talked about my diet history and efforts to lose weight. The only feedback I have is that the personality profile is a little long. It was a total of two hours with all the paperwork. More...


Daniel Baker

6 January 2019

Dr. Anderson is phenomenal in all aspects of psychology. He is a gifted assessor, patient listener, and motivational speaker. I would highly recommend his services to anyone needing psychological care. His passion for life is clear seconds after meeting him...he is one of the greats. More...


Lisa Nelly

6 November 2018

Testing with Dr. Anderson was pleasant and insightful. I was able to get in quickly. He took the time to explain the results and had the assessment written in one week!


Emily Rademan PsyD LP

13 March 2018

Dr. Anderson is a compassionate and insightful Psychologist. He works hard for his patients to get the results they are looking for. He invests time in reading the most recent research to ensure cutting edge evaluation and treatment. Dr. Anderson has been known to go above and beyond to meeting clients where they are. I highly recommend his care! More...


Kamil Jaber

5 March 2018

Integrated psych solutions helped me cope with the stress at my career in the medical field. I was constantly depressed and bitter about expectations of myself at work from administration. I was considering trying medication. Dr. Brian Anderson helped me learn coping mechanisms that redefined my view of my place in life. Through reflection and healthy lifestyle habits, I am more fulfilled and have increased emotional reserve and emotional intelligence and have inspired those around me to make meaningful changes as well. Thank you so much Dr. Anderson for your service to me! More...


Joe Limbaugh

3 March 2018

I would reccomend Dr. Anderson to anyone looking to make a change in their life. He helped me see myself in a different light and discover real purpose and potential.

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