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Denise F.

30 July 2019

IM=X Pilates finally allows me to get in some precious “Me Time”! I go 3-4 times a week and definitely feel stronger! ALL of the instructors are amazing and care enough to insure I’m doing everything correctly. They aren’t just interested in taking my money (like Lifetime). I’ve hated exercise my whole life, but I love Pilates at IM=X! More...


Barbara Sotnick

26 July 2019

I love the women who work here. Caring, helpful and really know what they’re doing. I feel like a different person after only a week.


Elizabeth Rizzi

23 July 2019

My new addiction. Great Pilates classes and instructors!


Grace rosano

23 July 2019

I started IMX Pilates with a free pass the first week of June. Six weeks later I’m amazed at the results. I was hooked from my first class. After a week of classes my neck and back pains went away. Initially I did feel “fatigue” in my neck muscles but was assured that would pass as my neck strengthened. It did and I feel great! Working out at the gym I was always sore in all the wrong places. The movements on the Pilates reformer are smooth, fluid and lengthening. There are a variety of instructors and classss which make the experience better as each one has their own style. I will say that consistency is important. I’ve been going average of 4-6 days a week to get the most benefits. I’m exhausted by weeks end and sleeping much better too. I recommend also combining your own cardio too by running, walking, biking or in my case, rollerblading, to get full exercise benefits. More...


Maria Cole

23 July 2019

Wonderful class, challenging but fun!


Sara Gazzillo

16 July 2019

IMX Westwood is great! Friendly staff and members. My muscle tone and flexibility have improved so much since starting.


Kk Slimes

4 February 2019

Today’s 8:00am was awesome! Mercedes is amazing.


Terri A.

4 February 2019

I absolutely love IMX Pilates in Westwood. It's the best workout I've ever had and I would have never ever considered spending this much on fitness, except that I love it. I love that the workout is non-competitive, low impact and it's giving me a complete body workout.I suggest anyone who is slightly interested to try out their free class offer. As a person who hasn't worked out in years aside from home yoga and 15 min exercise tapes, I've been going for 2 months now and I'm seeing good results. The machines do take a few times to get used to so have patience with yourself. I also like that I have to sign up in advance, which helps to keep me accountable and actually go! More...


Smaranda Lungu

4 February 2019

Excellent training sessions; Erel and Erin are absolutely great.


Vara Edara

4 August 2018

Very clean. Great classes and a pleasant ambience to the place.