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Sarah A.

29 May 2019

This place is a gem for a student like me .. Steve the owner is really nice and  he is willing to help to get my best print.. he is very precise, explain me a lot of things I've never learn , he teach me many things about film photography and this place is really organized, comfortable and clean .. I'm glad that I found this place and thank you so much Steve. More...


Sheila Fatla

27 April 2019

American Foods Group could not have found a better photography company! Bill and Jen were absolutely wonderful to work with during our project!! The fact that they came right to our sight to take our product images made the project so much easier. During the project they made sure every shot was just perfect and you could really tell that they truly enjoy what they do! They were detailed and very organized. It was so hard to say good-bye at the end of the project because they became part of our work family :) Would recommend them to anyone!!! More...


Kenneth J.

4 April 2019

Steve Carver & IMAGE darkroom is a great resource for filmmakers and photographers alike.  I shot a scene for a film here and Steve was passionate and specific about how to accomplish our goals of developing photos on-camera in the darkroom.  Steve is a professional photographer and developer with a full grasp of all things darkroom, and is an accommodating location owner.  He took the time to chat with me and help us prepare to shoot a subject completely foreign to most people today.  We had a great time and were able to get some amazing coverage - just what we wanted! More...


Linda A.

12 March 2019

Image Studios Lab & Darkroom is a real gem and the owner/operator Steve is an amazing artist, patient teacher and fount of knowledge all rolled up into one. I have used the darkroom twice now and am planning on going back to work on a project. I hadn't been in a darkroom in many years and he graciously and meticulously walked me through the entire process. It was a great experience and I was very happy with the finished product. His prices are quite reasonable too especially when you realize you are also getting a lesson a truly skilled and experienced artist. I'm so happy to have found this darkroom! Thank you, Steve!One tip; it's in a very industrial area and street parking is not advised make sure you take advantage of the secure parking he has inside the gate right next to the studio! More...


Miya F.

17 February 2019

The Image Studios Lab & Darkroom is a treasure for those requiring a darkroom. Steve, the owner is the proud owner of this facility is a great teacher and master technician. Skilled darkroom users should note... Steve will be in the darkroom with you at all times. It's his equipment and chemicals. Sloppy handling of the equipment and contamination of the chemicals is not acceptable. After two 6+ hour sessions (and more to come), Steve provides a very comfortable environment to get your project(s) done. Printing, developing, drying, mounting, print touch-ups, it's all here and a great asset to a dwindling art/skill. More...


Emily Sanderfoot Feagles

7 February 2019

Image Studios is simply exceptional! Our team was thrilled with our new professional portraits. Not only is their crew incredibly talented, accommodating and fun, but they made everyone on our team and board of directors comfortable throughout the experience. We cannot thank the Image Studios team enough. More...


Dustin S.

21 January 2019

Image Studios is incredible, the owner/manager Steve is one of the most hospitable fellows I have met in a long time. Not only has he created a highly professional work space for small to medium shoots, with all of the lighting equipment you might need, but he also is more than willing to work with you on your budget to ensure the space scales to your project.Needless to say everything went off without a hitch due to the resources available and Steve's willingness to facilitate our needs every step of the way! I would highly recommend to anyone wanting to shoot in a professional and yet somehow affordable studio space to give a call down to Image Studios Lab and book this space immediately! More...


Sara Peters

27 September 2018

Image Studios is phenomenal. They are my go-to studio for video and photography of our people. They're on time and on budget, responsive, and insanely creative. They make my company look good, but more importantly, they make ME look good for hiring them!! :) More...


Shannon G.

18 September 2018

Our agency team wanted to have an inspiring offsite to do something creative, different and exciting. When we found Steve and The Darkroom, we knew we were in for a real treat. From the moment he greeted us upon arrival and took the time to review our film, providing helpful and educated feedback our team was already inspired. Then he took the time to walk us through how to print our photos with care, attention and knowledge. If you are looking for a special place to visit and do something unique, this is the place! More...


Mariana G.

17 September 2018

This place is magical! Steve Carver is super committed to photography and he will walk you step by step on how to develop and print film. We had so much fun just walking around looking at props and Steve's work on the walls. The darkroom is extremely professional and clean. You HAVE to come to this place and learn from Steve even if you're just an amateur photographer . He will challenge you and help you improve your skills and creativity. 100% recommend!!! More...


Lisa F.

10 August 2018

Had a photo booth for my daughter's grad party.  Employees were friendly, the booth itself was great, and we really got our money's worth with our package!  My daughter said it was the best photo booth she's ever experienced at a grad party, and she's been to a lot!  We even had to reschedule the party due to my daughter's illness, and they accommodated us without a problem.  Would highly recommend and will definitely use in the future! More...


Vaya Lauren

6 August 2018

It doesn't matter what project I'm there for or who I am working with, I always get excited to head to the Image Studios and hang out with the cool kids. I always get an ab workout from laughing so hard and never have to question quality. Thanks Image! More...


Suzanne Auten Suranyi Martinez

24 July 2018

We have had many, many customers comment on our web-site saying they called us because of the look of the site. Laura is the BEST designer. If I ever want to add something or have a question they are right on it. More...


YoonGoo C.

28 May 2018

Oh my god!! I am so glad to work in this studio! I am a serious student who is studying photography and film (cinema) Steve Carver is amazing photographer and artist! He truely loves art. He will teach you and guide you if you have any trouble with your print. I learned a lot. Thank you so much Steve! I will stop by here more to do my work! Thank you again! More...


Dani Marie

27 May 2018

Unique, fresh and sound perspectives - they are amazing at what they do!


Tyler T.

22 April 2018

This place is AMAZING!  Steve is one of the nicest people I've met - incredibly accommodating, dedicated to his craft and customer service, and just one of the nicest all around guys.We spoke a number of times as I was planning my trip to LA for a film shoot, and Steve allowed us to come and film at his studio, he prepped all the prints for our shoot, taught our team how to develop their own photos, and was an absolute pleasure to work with.I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this place - IMAGE Studios Lab & Darkroom is a wonderful business run with care, expertise and good vibes ;) More...


Jacob T.

11 April 2018

This place is really amazing. I've been a couple times to print some of my film out in various sizes. Both times I spent the entire day there and it was an excellent experience both times. I came out with beautiful prints and a head filled with new knowledge about the entire process. Steve is a master in the darkroom and his willingness to share his years of knowledge and experience is admirable. Anyone from a complete beginner to another master can come here and have a fulfilling experience. Just bring negatives and printing paper!The darkroom at Image Studios has a very thoughtfully layed out workspace and the highest quality printing equiptment you could hope for. The fees are extremely reasonable also.There's a full studio as well and I would imagine it could be formatted for most any type of studio based photography. I definitely plan on coming back to print a lot more photographs! Thanks Steve! More...


Danielle M

4 April 2018

Unique, fresh and sound perspectives - they are amazing at what they do!


Gina Zabel

23 March 2018

When I started my business I didn't understand the importance of a website, social media, SEOs, and my Google listing. Bob and his team took my logo and created a clean looking site describes vision for the business and elevated my brand to a whole new level. I am so glad I chose them. They have taught me so much! More...


Brian Seven Lawson

21 March 2018

Elegant Image Studios are amazing. Love my site. Very user friendly. Phone app ia amazing too.


Darlene Anne Robertson

12 March 2018

Excellent response to any issues that arise and resolution in less than 24 hours. great customer service.


Ankur P.

10 January 2018

I just had a quick chat with Steve as I begin my journey into B&W film photography and processing.  He has a lot of patience and is very open to helping.  I look forward to stopping in for a darkroom session soon. More...


Anita Robertson Peters

28 September 2017

Bob and Laura get 10 stars from me. They are the best!


Robert Scott

10 July 2017

Bob and his team developed and has managed my site for over five years. He was referred from a friend and has done a great job. He is responsive and his results are great. More...


Mahrini W.

9 July 2017

It was a pleasure to sork with Ignite Photo booth.  They were very professional and the prices were reasonable.  You get unlimited photos and a thumb drive of all the photos taken.  Definitely worth it!


Matt Holmes

13 June 2017

They did a great job on my website. I would highly recommend them to anyone no matter how big or small the company. I've had nothing but compliments on my site. They even spent one on one time with me to make sure everything was perfect. More...


R M.

7 June 2017

Came to print out some black and white photos and Steve offered some great advice in a quiet darkroom with top equipment at a reasonable price. Recommend for anyone at any level to print/develop black and white film. More...


Minami M.

2 June 2017

This studio was amazing. I learned a lot about printing and film.I visited this place because I had to complete my negative and printing.The owner, Steve, is so kind and nice person:)(And he is a professional.)He taught me a lot about film that I really enjoyed.I really had a great time:)Thank you so much:)!!! More...


Greg Ball

27 May 2017

I've had the pleasure of working with the team at Image Studios on several occasions, primarily translating their videos into different languages. They are very easy to deal with, and handle every one of our projects with the utmost professionalism and integrity.We work with many other production companies, and I can honestly say that their production work is of the highest quality. I would recommend them as a quality production company. More...


CrystalLight E.

25 March 2017

We decided to use our Daddy Daughter Dance budget for a photobooth instead of a DJ.  I found this company on Groupon, and before paying I called to make sure they had our date available.  There was another company cheaper than them but they didn't respond to me and the price was SO low I was kinda scared.  I'm happy the didn't!!! Not only did Ignite honor the groupon price, but gave a personalized heading on the pictures just for using PayPal      The communication was great, Donno responded through both email and txt (promptly). We had an enclosed booth, the girls got UNLIMITED pictures AND we got a USB with all the pictures after the event. There were two different options you could pick for the theme of the background.  I had NO IDEA they brought their own props!! That was AWESOME! And such a hit! Emoji pillows and beads, sunglasses, etc.       They were on time, had everything set up, extremely professional, great price, I would HIGHLY recommend them.  (And clearly going to use them again ) More...


Gabriel O.

28 February 2017

Seriously one of the best experiences I've ever had. Brought my girlfriend here as a Valentine's Day gift she loves developing film and had such a great time. Steve is an amazing fella who runs the studio great energy and super knowledgeable and made the experience so fun for the both of us. Thank you Steve. More...


Sandra R.

17 January 2017

I have had the true pleasure of working with Image Studios for a number of years. Everyone of their photographers has a passion for their art and a commitment to excellence. They are outstanding and fun to work with...hence the long term relationship. Beautiful end product. Cannot say enough positive things about them! Excellent company and community member. More...


Rob Hendrix

21 November 2016

Bob Hendrix did an excellent job with the creation of our firm website. We have worked with many web designers, but his work was by far the best. I would recommend his company without hesitation. More...


Bruce Bennett

21 November 2016

Bob did a great job designing my website. He's extremely knowledgeable and easy to work with. I highly recommend Bob to anyone looking to upgrade or design a new website.


Claudia G.

28 August 2016

Awesome group of people! We hired them for our 50th High School reunion! They were the best! Thanks for making our reunion a big hit!


Catherine K.

13 August 2016

I was a bit nervous about hiring Ignite. A photo booth was not on the top of my must have list, but quite a few of my family members thought it would be great! Our communication was challenging. There was a lot of phone tag and I felt that I had to followup a few times too many. I didn't know what to expect the day of. On the day of the wedding, our venue created some challenges but Donna cruised through them and managed to pull everything together seamlessly to me and my guests. Herself and the staff member with her were both very polite and pleasant. Everything turned out very nicely. If it wasn't for the communication challenges prior, I would for sure be leaving 5 stars. This is a new company, and they will have a few kinks to iron out - but all in all....great job! :DThanks! More...


Patricia W.

9 June 2016

Student-processing black and white labs are available to students during the school year, but close when school closes - what to do? There is ContactLabLA, near the LA County Coroner's office but if you live in another part of the city, you're out of luck.  That was yesterday! Today there is a beautiful, clean, affordable lab in the mid-city.  The lab is located where the Weber's/Hostess Bakery use to be.  Remember when the area was desolate, with lots of dumping and transients filled the streets? Not any more - Image Lab is in one of the buildings.   Others' have spoken of the owner, Steve Carver (movie producer, photographer), and man's best friend, Indie. I have my reservations about giving too many details because my experience was so positive and my fear is that this lab will become so popular, that it will be difficult to get in.  In all fairness, I will be truthful - it was the best experience that I have had in a while.  Steve is a teacher!!  Steve was at my side for 5 hours - I now have new skills, new confidence, and beautiful prints to show.  Give it a try, you will be so pleased - More...


Ken L.

9 May 2016

Recently had a photo shoot here and can't say how much I had a good time. Everything from Steve and his crew, to the lighting, attention to detail and professionalism. Such a relaxed environment.  If you're looking to shoot definitely check them out. More...


Stacy S.

6 April 2016

Image saved my photo project! I had a great learning experience in the darkroom. Not only did Steve Carver, allow me to come in and work on developing my first black and white print, he took the time and taught me the process, step-by-step of film processing, in order to understand and create a beautiful print. I recommend this location to any film developer. You will not regret!  I will come again for his patient assistance. Thank you!P.S. Not only is Image Studio a cool place, you will get to meet the director of Lone Wolf McQuade. "Fighting...Loving...Killing...There's no-one like McQuade" More...


Danny Schlei

10 March 2016

Image Studio's gets all 5 stars for being an innovative leader in photography and video services by employing the best people and investing in the latest cutting edge tech. I recommend Image Studios to my clients with high expectations, in need of great ideas and looking for perfection. They always succeed and always deliver for clients we refer and to us for our own video and logo animation needs. Danny - Brew City Marketing. More...


Stephen F.

8 December 2015

I'm am SO GLAD that Image exists!As a student at SMC taking the Advanced B&W class, I needed some alone time in a darkroom without all the chaos and Photo 2 students getting chemicals everywhere.  The Image darkroom is perfect for this!  Steve has good enlargers, fresh chemicals, and pretty much anything that a well-equipped darkroom would need.  I really like his philosophy of wanting clients to leave with prints that they're happy with.  To that end, he'll make sure that you know how to use the darkroom to its fullest and is glad to give advice or pointers when you need it.The only ways I can think to make the darkroom better would be to upgrade to a digital timer on the enlarger since the clock-style timer is hard to see, and to fix the wonky clock once and for all :) More...


Tim Bergstrom

29 July 2015

Great People! Extremely Creative People and Talented!!!


Sufana A.

31 May 2015

Aweosme experience! Took my time and it was overall very pleasurable to work both by myself and with the help of Steve! He was super helpful and taught me how to use certain aspects of the enlarger and came up every once in a while to make sure everything was okay and that my prints were as great as can be. Would recommend Image Studios and Lab. Thanks, Steve! More...


Tom N.

28 April 2015

Not only is this a great space for all photographers and filmmakers to keep in mind, but for people like me looking for some very detailed family portraits. I found Steve through a friend who told me to check them out online and call Steve with questions to get more info before i was able to make the trip to his studio.Steve was very pleasant over the phone and is very knowledgeable, creative and helpful when it comes to his line of expertise. His patience and assistance made our trip a very nice experience. He also offered great advice on some of my questions about his Darkroom and the process. We also got a small tour of some cool memorabilia (he was also a film director of some great classics) and got to see some props he uses that were so cool.If you are in need of a studio for your next project, make sure to visit IMAGE in person to see the space, equipment, darkroom, studio and the fantastic service.you can also go online at imagestudios.com to get more info or call and ask for Steve.Thank you Steve! More...



17 April 2015

I have had the privilege to work with the professionals at Image and could not say enough good things about the amazing staff. Very professional, talented, hard working, and team oriented! Everyone I worked with made sure the work was done on time and with so much attention to detail. They are a great company to work for and they produce the highest quality work. More...


Simon I.

7 April 2015

I found this place online and decided to pay them a visit and find out what kind of services they can offer me, I run a marketing and advertizing agency and often am in need of photographic content for my clients. I noticed there is no price list on their website, but when I met with the owner (Steve Carver) he was extremely friendly and wanted to help me and my company with our project as a hands on consultant, the rates are negotiable and not fixed, which is a big plus for my company. Steve was instrumental in helping my staff complete our photography project at the highest level of professionalism and efficiency. I truly appreciate the work that was done by the friendly staff at Image Studios, they helped us build our set to our specifications, and even helped an amateur like me understand the need for proper lighting, colors, and makeup on set. Truly a great experience. More...



6 April 2015

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Image Studio’s for a few years now. They are an exceptional company & they deliver quality each and every time! In addition, it’s a pleasure working with the on-site crew who is always professional!
Sandra Beck, Realtor – Sonoran Properties Associates
Scottsdale, AZ



5 April 2015

Image Studios has photographed our home inside and out on a variety of
occasions. They were professional in every way. Finished the job in a timely manor and the photo's were excellent!


Mark K.

4 April 2015

I have been active in the Los Angeles photography, graphics, and design fields for decades and have only written one other review in that time for a company that delivers exceptional service to creatives. But this morning I have chosen to write about another exceptional company located in Los Angeles. IMAGE Studio, Lab & Darkroom is beautifully equipped, but more than that and a comprehensive range of services, the level of commitment demonstrated there to meet theneeds of the client is far above the norm - so much so that the spirit of the client/studio is collaborative in terms of getting the creative job done rather than merely a business arrangement. In our case our experience there has been in building a long term relationship around darkroom services but I feel assured in recommending the studio and lab components of IMAGE as well as Steve Carver who is addressing our requirements in the darkroom with such a sure hand oversees those departments as well.  In terms of prices, the response by Mr. Carver is so responsive to our creative and financial requirements that he feels like a member of the team. At this point in the game, that type of relationship is like gold to me - one of the most valuable - perhaps the most valuable assets one can have when dealing with all the complexities involved in getting a creative project across the finish line with the original creative intent still intact.  In a nutshell, consider IMAGE. That's my two cents. And if you take the time to connect with Steve Carver at the studio, I think you'll  find that my advice is worth more than the original estimate. More...


Vanessa Cebulski

14 January 2015

Had a fun photo shoot with them this afternoon and they were great! Very professional and had everything ready to go before I got there. Thanks again!



1 September 2009

Image has been around for a long time and they will always deliver with great quality and professionalism. The studio is one of the nicest I've ever seen and they are a fun group to work with. If you're looking for greatwork and great people, give them a call. More...

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