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Ill Valley Insulation is a FULL TIME FULL SERVICE Insulation contractor We do older home evaluations. and New construction as well. We also do blower door testing, attic insulation, crawlspace & sidewall insulation, and air sealing. We do blown in, spray foam, batts, caulking, and more!


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20 December 2019

Rated highly for: Quality, Value, Responsiveness, PunctualityIllinois valley insulation did a great job at an affordable price! I wanted to get my home insulated but on a budget and Scott did a great job working with me and getting me the most for my money! Would definitely recommend to anyone looking to get their home insulated! More...

6 December 2019

Rated highly for: Quality, Value, Responsiveness, PunctualityGreat people to work with. Got the insulation done in a timely fashion. Did not have much or no insulation in the house. The house feels warmer now coming into winter! I'll recommend you guys to others for insulation needs. Thanks, Scott and crew of Illinois Valley Insulation! More...

6 November 2019

Fast, efficient service on duct cleaning. Fair pricr.

31 March 2019

Iv insulation can do it all! Attics, walls, crawlspaces, air sealing, thermal imaging, insulation removal, chimney sweeping, duct cleaning spray foaming as well as blown in cellulose and fiberglass! 28 yrs in business And A+ BBB. Rating! More...

30 May 2018

Illinois valley insulation was exceptional! I was having many issues with heat loss and air leakage. The team from Illinois Valley Insulation came through my house with a thermal imaging camera and pin pointed every problem area and proceeded to seal those areas from leaking. Our home is now warmer and we are actually saving money every month on our heating bills. The guys were very professional and knowledgeable. You never even know they had worked in our house, they were so clean. I highly recommend to have Illinois Valley Insulation come through your house, they can definitely cut your energy costs for sure. More...

30 May 2018

Scott is an honest business man who can be trusted to do good work at the best price.


Taking a home and making it BETTER than when we first arrived and making peoples homes more comfortable and energy efficient and safer.

( see above) Capitalism is the AMERICAN WAY! To give people what they truly need at a fair price and hear later.. "Wow we could tell the house is so much better now"! OR The problem we had is GONE NOW!

We offer a different approach. YOU WILL deal with the owner....NOT A SALESMAN. And (unless I'm not on another job).. I am present on EACH AND EVERY JOB. AND ALL MY EMPLOYEES SPEAK ENGLISH AND ARE AMERICAN CITIZENS! WE are detailed in our work down to the last bit of comfort and saving we can find. And at a better price than our competition.