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Illinois Attorney

Killgubbin, Illinois


Illinois Attorney

Killgubbin, Illinois


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Max Oppenheimer

30 November 2018

Doug and Katherine are the definition of legal professionals. Their experience and knowledge of the law especially in Chicago separates them from the rest. They treat you with respect and go above and beyond to get the best results for their clients. Katherine personally helped me with a tenant case and she was a rock star. Weekly updates and correspondence were a great touch and just shows how much they care to get to know their clients and their unique situations. I would recommend to anyone. Thank you both for your professionalism!!! More...


Guenther J Moreno

24 July 2018

I use Doug Smith for my divorce and he was very helpful. He made it quick and simple, there were no hidden surprises and everything was explained to the point. He was willing to answer any questions. I would recommend him to anyone who is looking for a lawyer for a divorce. More...


Krista Ward

8 November 2017

I was hesitant to hire Illinois Attorneys because Doug Johnson is a friend and also part of our local community. His professionalism and confidentiality was appreciated and his staff / team amazing. They always followed up in advance instead of me having to do so, they explained everything in layman's terms and had the patience and fortitude of saints. Ultimately they won a judgment for me against those that owed me money and also made referrals for friends and business colleagues of mine. HIGHLY RECOMMEND. More...


Nick Clifton

3 November 2017

Worked with Doug Johnson at Illinois Attorney on an employment non-compete issue. Doug provided excellent guidance and assistance on the issue. Due to the nature of my non-compete, he also assisted me finding an attorney out of state. Throughout the process Doug continued to provide his legal opinion to all parties involved. I wouldn't hesitate to utilize Illinois Attorney again, and can recommend their services to colleagues and friends. More...


Chris Short

2 November 2017

Top notch attorney that does great work. Appreciate their dedication.


David Biede

15 October 2014

Looks great!


Carlos Los G Massey

23 May 2014

Maam, as you look on my page you will see I am aware of the plight of attorneys who take certain cases...I was the Chicago area manager for AFRA, on the legal committee for yhe NAACP and I have been studying law over 13 years. I would like to show you my documrntation and have you represent my lawful interests that I am entitled to...jus recently I was unlawfully dentained for driving while suspended and judge flarrerty stated he would not honor any of my pro-se motions even as one was a Petition for Judicial notice of law informing the court I was being tortured and denied reconstructive surgery. I was forced to plea on 23 January because of unbearable pain and threats by the states attorneys office to seek severe false charges on me. Upon gettin out I went to three doctors and discovered there has been severe damages to my foot due to the delay and I am still on crutches with broken frags in my foot. Denial of my medical attention and USC Violations of civil rights represent a case whoch was arbitrated for $1,350,000 once surgery is performed. I have documentation to show you from THE PRESIDENT BARRACK OBAMA and the issues before him represent one of my other cases where I would be willing to settle out of court for $11,000,000.00 but Dave Beavais and the case from Seal Beach California where 4.9 million was awarded but the Ex-senator and Dick Durbin failed tp provide honest services...though its another issue I can show federal deprivations and Cook County in conspiracy to deny pro-se litigate compensation settlement and documents from fbi, oigusdoj, and us cpngressmen that to avoid exposure settlement would be in their best interests as opposed to title 18 USC 242, 241 Violation. Yea sounds dangerous...according to ypu reviews ypu habe sought justice and I am a Marine whom has been denied civil rights for a long-time and me and my family deserves a break. An appointment to reveiw the documents could bring forth massive settlement and long fight for justice. Please take a look... More...