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IFS Reviews

IFS Reviews

Review of IFS by Debbie Pitt
5 Debbie Pitt

I have been a member of IFS since January 2016 and have experienced dramatic positive results in my health. When I began training with Robert, I was experiencing debilitating pain in my fingers and wrists. Now a few months later I can make fists with my hands and bend my wrists with very little discomfort. The individual training sessions and the small class sessions I attend have improved my overall health in ways I never thought possible. All the coaches are extremely knowledgeable, friendly, kind and patient. My fellow IFS members are equally nice and friendly. We are all similarly motivated by our common goal of realizing optimal health and fitness for our individual needs. IFS provides that and more!

Review of IFS by Shona Mack
5 Shona Mack

Great programs, outstanding and highly motivational staff! My children and I thoroughly enjoyed the training programs, parisi (speed and agility training) for them and boot camp for me. I highly recommend IFS and especially "my" awesome trainer Matt Jacobs.

Review of IFS by Megan DaCosta
5 Megan DaCosta

5 stars isn't even a high enough rating to rate IFS. I started 5 weeks ago with no knowledge of working out. I'm sure I can speak for many when I say that the gym has always intimidated me. I have always felt out of place and always wanted to join, but I allowed fear to overcome me. Since consistently going to IFS I have never felt better about not only my body but myself.
I have never experienced coaches that have spent so much time correcting form and investing so much time in each individual.
I have never been so warmly welcomed by not only the staff but the clients also. If your looking to start a new journey or looking for your final destination, IFS should absolutely be your choice.

Review of IFS by Eric Harvey
5 Eric Harvey

IFS is amazing! Since joining four months ago I can truly say that I have never left a session feeling dissatisfied. I am new to "gym" world having no previous experience with weight training/exercise which is why I chose IFS and their small group/personal training classes. Coaches Rob, Scott, Matt and the rest of the staff are awesome. They work side by side with you to ensure you are doing things the right way not only for your safety but to obtain optimal results. I have never felt so good as I have in the past four months. IFS has definitely been a game changer for me.

Review of IFS by Nicole Mangili
5 Nicole Mangili

Highly recommend IFS. Coach Matt is special. We have known him for 2 years. He has been personally training our daughter who pays club soccer, plays basketball, and runs track. Coach Matt constantly instills her to work past her potential - her speed, power, acceleration, and agility have ALL changed dramatically. He cares about teaching her outside IFS including watching her nutrition and giving her homework. Lastly, he has a special way of teaching her & making her feel comfortable when learning or relearning exercises.

Review of IFS by Kristen Whitehead DeLeo
5 Kristen Whitehead DeLeo

Newbie here! I started training a few weeks ago with Jean & advanced to the group sessions. Just completed my second week. I've rediscovered muscles I had forgotten about! Rob has made me feel welcome & they have taken my prior injuries into consideration when adjusting certain exercises so that I don't have a flare up. So glad I stopped in one day to check them out. The location is convenient for me & scheduling classes online to work within my hectic schedule has been helpful.

Review of IFS by Mike Puglise
5 Mike Puglise

I have been working with Matt as my trainer for over a year. I hadn’t been an active gym member in several years. After discussing it with my doctor I decided to get back into it. I have a health issue that I described to Matt and he educated himself with my issue and devises my workouts with that in mind. Matt, Rob and all of the staff at IFS are consummate professionals , super knowledgeable with all aspects of fitness. Be it the anatomy, nutrition, hydration, you name it! I strongly recommend IFS to all !

Review of IFS by Pam Woodard
5 Pam Woodard

Matt is an excellent trainer. He works with my 16 yo son who is a multi-sport athlete. My son, Kevin truly enjoys his training sessions and looks forward to seeing how it improves his performance. Matt is a great motivator and he works with Kevin to meet and exceed expectations. He is very understanding and works around our busy schedule. I'm so pleased that we decided to enroll our son in this program and I love seeing him achieve his goals.

Review of IFS by Tommy Sackmann
5 Tommy Sackmann

A gym filled with not only great trainers but amazing people. IFS holds Smart, innovative and effective workouts at each session for all ages. If you want to build up your physical and mental strength, IFS is the place to be.

Review of IFS by Judith Colavita McNabb
5 Judith Colavita McNabb

I have been a member of the IFS family for the last 8 years! Rob has taught me how to exercise properly to avoid injury. I have learned about nutrition and how to eat to maintain a healthy lifestyle. IFS offers support and motivation to achieve your goals. There are a variety of classes for all levels of training. The friendly atmosphere encourages success for all members. Thank you IFS! I look forward to many more years of living a healthy life.

Review of IFS by Lynn Sullivan
5 Lynn Sullivan

Not just a gym or a place to train. IFS is quite simply, different. It’s a community where you are welcomed the first time you come in the door. Inspired to do your best and work to your fullest potential. Challenged to try things you never thought you could do. Thoughts of self doubt fall away as soon as the class starts- the kind of place where a gym teacher in her twenties can work out alongside a middle aged woman who’s so excited about swinging a kettlebell for the first time. Weight loss, fat loss, increased metabolism, and most importantly, an improved mindset- these are the things we work on here at IFS. Robert and his entire team of professional coaches and trainers are all excellent. Try IFS- you won’t be sorry!

Review of IFS by Judy Bertola
5 Judy Bertola

I have been a member of IFS since April 2017. Robert DeVito and his staff of highly qualified coaches tailor each work out to suit individual skill and fitness levels, either through personal training sessions or group excersize. Each session starts with dynamic warm ups to prevent injuries,each work out is carefully crafted to target all muscle groups and challenge the client to become the best version of themselves. My personal sessions with Coach Scott have been great to improve my swing form and he has taught me how to do cleans!!
I have been to many gyms over the years and IFS is by far the best of the best, this place offers everything you need to be successful in mind, body, and spirit. Robert and all the coaches are professional and truly care about the success of the clients by offering coaching classes on nutrition, giving clients the tools they need for lifelong success. The atmosphere is really positive,fun, friendly and family oriented. If you are looking for awesome place, check out IFS :-)

Review of IFS by Jody Briere Viviani
5 Jody Briere Viviani

I’ve been training with Kristin and it really changed me mentally and physically. Physically I’m getting movement back but the mental change has been wonderful. IFS is not just a gym. Between massage, coaching and training it has made a positive impact on my life!

Review of IFS by Veton Vejseli
5 Veton Vejseli

I feel like 5 stars isn't enough to truly describe the experience I've had so far. I've been dealing with herniated discs (4 lower back, 2 upper back) and sciatic pain from my nerve being wrapped around one of the discs for the past 4+ years. Most days, my entire lower left side has a dull, aching pain that doesn't go away. I've mostly been "dealing with it" on my own -- meaning I would do the recommended stretches inconsistently while at the same time favoring my back and causing my entire body to shift out of alignment in the process. I started doing private sessions with Rob about a month and a half ago, and my progress has been unbelievable to say the least. I no longer wake up with debilitating back pain, my posture has basically fixed itself, my flexibility is 100x better than it was (for reference, I literally had trouble putting my socks on some mornings -- I had to lay on the bed and contort my body in a way that I could reach my foot to put my socks on. seriously.). Anybody thinking about getting in shape or recovering from some type of injury, I would wholeheartedly recommending giving these guys a call. You'll only slightly regret it DURING the exercises...but you'll feel great after! Coming to IFS might have been the best decision I've made in years.

Review of IFS by Lindsey Noelle
5 Lindsey Noelle

I have to say that I am so happy that I found IFS and FINALLY had the guts to come in and try the whole working out thing. As hard as some of the exercises are, I never feel overwhelmed. Rob claimed everyone in the gym is supportive and I was apprehensive because everyone says they have the best clients, but I really think that the environment and clients at IFS are the most nurturing and incredible people you can find. All of the trainers and clients provide care and guidance both relating to the gym and life. I haven't been a member for very long, but I am already seeing progress with myself externally and also internally with my confidence. This was just a really long way to say IFS is not only an exceptional gym to be a member of, but more importantly it is an amazing family to be part of.

Review of IFS by Olga Damjanovska Gilhooley
5 Olga Damjanovska Gilhooley

Having joined IFS in April 2018 I would consider myself a "newbie". Increasing my overall strength and fitness level in order to live a Healthy life has been a goal for quite some time. Finding the right fit has been a challenge up to now. I am sure that my experience in finding the right facility sounds similar to most. I didn't want to be just another number, trying to figure out what to do, getting input here and there by someone who may or may not know what they are doing, spending time and money only to get bored with no results being left with the idea "I guess I am not a gym person".

Here is what I was looking for and FOUND at IFS:
* A professional to take the time to ask me my fitness goals
* A professional to take the time to ask me of any physical limitations to consider
* A professional to reassure me that regardless of my fitness level (or lack thereof) modifications can be made to meet me at my level
* A professional equally concerned about safety and takes measure to ensure that I don't hurt myself in the process
*A professional to watch my form and correct me (nicely) if necessary
*A professional that will have a plan mapped out as to what to do, how much to do and when
*A professional to create a workout plan to maximize my return on investment of time and money while minimizing risk
*A professional to create a plan that is varied and focuses on the entire body
*A professional that can make this experience fun...one where I can say "I like going to the gym"
*Clean environment
*Friendly/non-judgmental environment
*Surrounded by like-minded people respectful of each other's fitness level (even if that level is step 1)
*Current in knowledge, tools, techniques

My expectation is that 1 year from now I can write a review that states all of the above including "Consistantly....."

Review of IFS by Rocio DeFreest
5 Rocio DeFreest

I have been working with Kelsey as my trainer and have attended the group classes. The thing about IFS is that it is not like any gym. They are actually invested in your well being.For example, Kelsey makes sure to educate me on my personal issues and how each exercise helps. They have been very flexible with me with meeting my schedule. For IFS trainers it is about helping others be the best they can be and learn to love themselves. Not to mention that it is a super fun environment. I cannot say enough good things about IFS.

Review of IFS by Eileen Roth Minogue
5 Eileen Roth Minogue

I've been coming to IFS for 2 years and cannot say enough positives about how well Rob and all of the superb, fun, enthusiastic trainers are there to help with your fitness/nutrition goals. They are very attentive to each individual even in the group setting you feel as though you have your own personal trainer. You will never be bored with your workouts here.. they are always ever changing and challenging all in the best way possible. I always found "gyms" to be very intimidating and felt I was not using the machines properly or getting a good workout.. that is not the case here, at IFS they are committed to you, your mental and physical wellbeing first and foremost. Trust me when I tell you this is truly a no judgment zone and the clients are the friendliest you'll come across. This is by far the best experience I have ever had and the most committed I've been. I highly recommend coming to IFS you won't be disappointed - Results happen here!

Review of IFS by Kathleen Leshik
5 Kathleen Leshik

I've been a member of IFS for the past 3 years and it has been life changing. I joined the IFS family because after having cared for an elderly, frail parent, I wanted to be proactive in making my body strong. I am amazed at how I have changed, not only physically, but mentally as well. What makes IFS so different is that they focus on a person's overall well-being. Robert and the entire coaching staff are excellent. The classes are small so that the coaches can give each person the individual attention they need. I have a chronic foot injury and what I love is that the staff is able to modify any exercise for me so that I can always participate. Each class is different and challenging and some days you just want to say why did I come, but in the end you always feel great. I think my favorite thing about IFS is that it is such a welcoming place and you never feel intimidated. Everyone is focused on what they are doing and no one ever judges anyone else. We are one big happy family and I could not imagine working out anywhere else.

Review of IFS by Anthony Michael
5 Anthony Michael

My dad has been talking about this place for months, trying to get me to come with him, and I should’ve taken him up on his offer the first time he asked. To preface, I’ve been to many gyms, ranging from big commercial to small boutique gyms. With that being said, IFS has by far been the best one in my honest opinion. The gym is very neat and clean. Everything is organized and has a home. The classes are small and personalized. The workouts will really push you to work and reach new fitness levels/goals. The coaches are knowledgeable and professional in classes that range from beginner to advance. They have different types of classes that are geared towards different types of people/fitness goals, ranging from stretching and mobility work, to strength and endurance classes. The coaches at IFS not only focus on goals for the class as a whole, but also with individual goals as well. It is affordable, offering different types of memberships and session packages that are competitive with other gyms - it’s the best bang for your buck! The community here at IFS is great. Everyone is very friendly and make you feel at home. So far, from being there for 6 months, I’ve accomplished the following:

1. Rehabbed a pulled hamstring.
2. Stronger, leaner and much more flexible. My endurance has also increased tremendously.
3. I’m able to do hand stands on the floor and “skin the cat” on the Olympic rings - which helped me overcome my fear of being upside down.
4. Working out with my dad and witnessing him achieve his fitness goals as well.

In summation, this gym is by far the best in all categories. Look no further!


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