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iDesignMagic: Website and Logo Design

Custom handcrafted websites designed, programmed, installed, and maintained. Services include text writing and editing, Photoshop, audio and video editing, responsive styling for different screen sizes, interactive website features, logos, and one-of-a-kind designs.


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Yumi Hwang

23 August 2017

Mark was wonderful to work with on this project. He designed, created, maintained my brand new website in a prompt, professional manner. I highly recommend him.


Fonda Hamilton

18 July 2017

I am a professional mediator and business owner. Mark created such an amazing website that was perfectly suited for the services I provide to my clients. He has created such a unique design, programmed special features, installed and maintained my website so well at such an amazingly affordable cost. Mark has helped me integrate the information on my website to function well on any type of device as well – computer, iPad, cell phones, etc.

Mark is so quick to respond to any request or concern I have had. His commitment to customer service is beyond compare. He works tirelessly to make sure his web designs meet his client’s goals, needs, and desires. You will be so pleased that you chose iDesignMagic to design your technological “face” to the world.


It was a pleasure working with you, Fonda. I enjoyed designing your site and I learned something about mediation in the process. So thanks to you as well.



11 July 2017

iDesignMagic designed my logo, my totally unique business cards, and my one of a kind website. Anything I thought of during the design process was magically turned into reality---and tailor made to my wishes. They are experts at making sure websites are compatible with all the different technologies out there today! My business is booming as a result of the work iDesignMagic did for me! More...

Thanks, Don, for your kind words. It was a pleasure working with you. I'm glad you're doing well. You deserve it,


Fonda H.

22 April 2015

Mark is great to work with and customized my website exactly as I wanted it to be. He is extremely creative and innovative. I highly recommend him as a web designer. More...

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It should be:
1. Effective. If it's selling a product or service, it should result in orders or calls.
2. Interesting. Visitors should stay on the site, go from page to page, actually want to read the text.
3. Imaginative. Text and photos aside, most websites look like other websites. But it's great when you come across something different with a design that draws you in.
4. Interactive. There should be movement, animation. Clicking on something should make something happen.
5. Focused. The site should align with its audience. What's fun for a gamer may not be for an operagoer.
6. Visual. Unless you're writing a Wikipedia article, the web is a visual medium. A great site needs great graphics and photography.

I send a 7-page quesionnaire for information about the site's purpose and audience and my client's wishes and aesthetics.
■ What's the reason for the site? To sell something or offer a service? Or just to say "Here I am"?
■ Colors: intense or pastel? Do you have favorites or ones I should avoid?
■ What web pages do you think you'll need? (I don't need definitive answers here, since the layout can change during the design process. But I want to know what the client has in mind).
■ Overall mood of the site: cheerful, serious, professional, casual, inviting, proud, romantic, balanced, funny (but these are just suggestions).
■ Anything else you’d like me to include or exclude, be aware of, present in a certain way?

The actual design work. Laying out the page. Making it look good.
And the programming that goes with it, so key information can be supplied to the webpages automatically.

I love design. I love computers. I love the internet. But the potential of websites is not being met. Eveyone uses shortcuts--like templates--because it's easier. So the result is, more and more stuff on the web looks kinda the same. Routine. Commonplace. Definitely not exciting.

What I offer that others don't:
■ Unique imaginative designs: websites and logos that get noticed because they don't look generic.
■ Editorial services: Does writing make you crazy? iDesignMagic provides expert editorial assistance at no extra charge. You don't have to be a writer to have a well-written site.
■ Explanations: Do you find all this baffling? Do tech guys speak some crazy foreign language? We explain the web in plain English and make sure you know what you need to know.
■ SEO: Your website coded for search-engine optimization.


Expert copywriting and editorial assistance is provided as part of the package. I'll offer editorial suggestions and give my reasons, but it's up to you whether you take them or not. I'll be happy to use your text verbatim if that's what you want.

Photo editing of website pictures. Backgrounds can be removed, colors brightened or adjusted, contrast improved, photos sharpened, cropped, and sized, some elements removed.

Create audio and video clips from raw footage. Transitions, fade-ins and fade-outs added. Video titles inserted, still photos with Ken Burns effect, etc. Most of this is included without charge, but the exent of editing varies with the scope of the project.

Create a logo for your business and website. Can be used on letterheads and business cards as well as T-shirts and other promotions. This is priced separately from website projects.