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Los Angeles, Los Angeles

3 hires on Bark.com


Hypnotherapy4you.net offers 27 years of Clinical Hypnotherapy to ease and eliminate anxiety, panic, stress and even chronic pain. Improve your motivation, work, and sports performance. Quitting smoking, losing weight and so much more.

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Kevin Holubowski

9 August 2019

Long story short it works —I saw nick to help with life improvement. Beating a bad habit, and curbing anxiety. I have never had experience with hypnotherapy before so I had no Idea what to expect. Nick is a very interesting man. He had a questionnaire that was filled out with the paperwork. It’s quite interesting to see his insights into how you operate and how much he can tell by examining things like your posture and handwriting. He doesn’t just hypnotize you and send you on your way. He has a handful of techniques that he explains and walks you through that you can take and practice alone. He’s a great person to speak with and you can tell he wants to help you with your goals. The hypnosis works. I felt aware and relaxed. And noticed that it was easier to dispel anxious thoughts and take care of things I have been putting off. He doesn’t ask you to commit to multiple sessions or charge an arm and a leg like some do. I recommend trying it out if you are interested. It’s not a magic pill but it seems easier follow through with my goals. At very least you will leave feeling deeply relaxed. More...


Diana F.

9 January 2019

i had stopped smoking/vaping before, so i knew i was able to stop, but it was always a big struggle, paired with nervousness, impatience and all the bad stuff. i wanted to do it better this time, so i looked for a hypnotherapist online and luckily found nick. he is a very gentle and kind human, his voice is very pleasant and i was able to trust him right away and let go of any scruples. i not only learned how to overcome bad habits and this awful addiction, nick also taught me a lot about myself, but also about other people. seeing nick truly is life changing. :-)it only took us 4 sessions until i quit vaping for good. and it was not really hard at any point. he provided me some tools to overcome cravings, and right now i am in my second month smoke free and i am not missing anything. on the contrary i feel wayyyy better than before. thank you, nick!!! More...


April C.

4 August 2018

I went to see Nick for weight loss. Every since my first session I've been eating healthier, avoiding white flour and white sugar. And exercising 5-6 times a week. The weight is coming off and my body is toning up. Nick digs deep to learn how to speak to your sub conscious mind. He not only helped me with weight loss but helped me feel more motivated in all areas of my life.I had a great experience with Nick and I   recommend seeing him for anything that you feel is holding you back. More...


Stephanie R.

5 August 2017

Nick is AMAZING. Unassuming but super skilled and professional. I am so grateful to have met him and beyond thrilled with the work we did together. Thank you Nick!!!


Jesse G.

2 February 2017

Nick truly changed my life, but every time I tell him that, he assures me that it was actually myself that changed my life. And he's right; I did. But I never would have been able to do it without the teachings and hypnotherapy from Nick. Unlike a traditional therapist which might try and hang on to you for years, Nick's program is setup for six sessions over a period of around two months. Before Nick was able to influence my life, I was so low that I was struggling be a member of society, even though everything on the outside would suggest I had a great life. And I did, but I needed his hypnosis to truly prove that to my brain. I gave Nick a hard time my first session, and doubted him, but he was strong enough to keep me going and I chose to stay, after much resistance. And I recommend you do the same. You might not feel much different after the first session or two, but give this man six sessions and your unconscious mind will be trained to live the life you want. Since my first visit with him I have gotten over depression, and improved my happiness, productivity, career growth, money issues, leadership, relationship, and have flat out been a great friend/leader to everyone around me. Nick will teach you to plan your life and work the plan. I cannot say enough for this kind man. If you are in need of therapy (and even if you do not think you are), do yourself a favor and go see Nick. His hypnosis will help you become the person you've always dreamed of being! More...


Alex S.

5 December 2016

Going to Nick for help was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I now have the tools to live a better and fuller life. I had experienced something very traumatic when I was younger and this event had been affecting my love life. A close friend of mine had a similar experience and told me that Nick really helped her. She was absolutely right and to say that this is life-changing is not an exaggeration. It really works as long as you are willing to work as well! Update: I would also like to add that I have had anxiety and depression for most of my life. I have relied on several types of drugs to fall asleep every night because of it. Now I know how to control my thoughts and feelings in a way that I never thought possible. I can actually sleep now without the influence of anything. If you have anxiety or depression I highly recommend hypnotherapy. Nick basically teaches you how to reprogram your brain. I sleep better, I wake up easier, I'm more productive, and the noise in my head can be shut down through exercises that he has taught me. More...


Krystal R.

27 June 2016

Great experience! First time trying hypnotherapy and I was really impressed. Nick is very passionate about what he does. I feel like anyone could benefit from his sessions. More...


Cornelius V.

20 June 2016

After l lot of consideration I contacted Nick .I'm 71 years old and was dealing with anxiety and depression for most of my live.After 3 sessions I discovert the main reason  for my state of mind.It has changed me as if feel like a whole person for the first time.Nick has shown me the tools to overcome and control my issues .Nick your the greatest ,and I definitely  recommend you. More...


Kristen T.

15 October 2015

My experience with Nick was amazing! He makes you feel very comfortable, has a sense of humor and is very talented. I got a lot out of my sessions with him that I'll take with me for a lifetime. His hypnosis sessions helped me tremendously! I would consider him not only as a hypnotherapist but as a life coach as well. More...


Chad S.

25 September 2015

I was referred to Nicholas by a friend who had used him to successfully stop smoking. I have never used hypnotherapy before so it was a completely new experience for me.I am 72 and I began smoking when I was 12, so this is a habit of long standing and proven durability. Yet I found it easy and relatively effortless to stop smoking with Nicholas's help.I would recommend Nicholas to anyone, not just for smoking but for any habit or behavior that one might wish to have an impact on. More...


Dustin H.

18 September 2015

Nick was the best thing that ever happened to my life!  I had a real challenging social smoking problem that left me feeling guilty and disgusted with myself after a night of drinking or social gatherings.  Nick helped me to empower myself, remapping my subconscious and redefining a new image of myself as a non-smoker.  Nick made me very comfortable when discussing my condition and taught me some basic insight of how was about to assist me with the goal at hand, he provided me with important tools to overcome a difficult crutch.  I set minor goals such as parties I had on the horizon, job gatherings, meeting friends for casual drinks and the ultimate test and goal for me was a large art festival that I always fail when trying not to smoke, I am excited to say I have past all these goals and now realize I am no longer a smoker !  Thank you , thank you , thank you, Nick! I will refer Nick to anyone seeking a hypnotherapist on any regard More...


Alicia 1.

13 September 2015

I came to Nick to help me battle my addiction with alcohol. I tried to quit before on my own a few times and I couldn't. I had created this habit over 4 years earlier and I just couldn't quit. I was miserable, desperate and broken. Nick was honest with me. He explained that he could not make me do anything that I didn't want to do. Therefore, if I really didn't want to quit, I wouldn't. He helped me create new habits to redirect my focus. Today, I have over 90 days of sobriety. The longest I have had in over 4 years. I have a new job and a new life! I am grateful to him.  Thank you Nick! More...


Susan W.

1 September 2015

I came across Nick online and on Yelp and sought him out based on his fantastic reviews.   I was not disappointed.   Nick worked with me on issues relating to performance anxiety and stage fright, as well my weight.   With his guidance, at the age of 80, I'm on track to  have a successful and exciting solo performance on my cello in December, and to eliminate the anxiety and nervousness that I might have otherwise experienced.  My weight is also coming along quite well.   I would have never thought of considering hypnotherapy to address these issues before seeing Nick's reviews, but now I can safely say that I am thrilled that I found him.  He is a caring and gentle soul and I recommend him without any reservations.                                         David Waller More...


Tony B.

17 June 2015

I found Nick online and his video convinced me of the chance of a more personal experience. I went to see him primarily for anxiety and some panic attacks. I felt immediate relief from the first visit for a few days, then more from the second and even deeper relief and personal insight after the third time. It's broken down what is causing this to a point that I have tools for relief when I get an attack, or the dark but nervous feeling. I am thinking much clearer and able to be effective at my work again. I had another session yesterday and I'm traveling internationally for work today and I have a pretty secure feeling that I am going to be just fine. I avoided the drug route of antidepressants and I'm very happy about the growth that is coming from this treatment.I highly recommend Nick Pollack and Hypnotherapy 4 You. More...


Natalie S.

29 April 2015

I desperately reached out to Nick after countless attempts of battling my addictive behavior on my own and having no success. It has always been very difficult for me to practice moderation in anything I do. I unfortunately fell into a terrible habit of drinking so frequently and excessively that it disrupted my life in so many negative ways. Drinking so heavily made my life feel like a constant hangover. I became depressed because I felt so awful all the time due to drinking, unmotivated because I was so depressed, and my diet and sleep patterns were so inconsistent that I wasn't getting the proper nutrients and sleep that my body desperately needed to recover. My depression became so severe that I would often stay in bed having no motivation to even attempt in fulfilling any of my responsibilities. It was a vicious cycle. Nothing is worse than watching your life pass you by and feeling hopeless...Until I met Nick...  Let me start off by saying, I was very nervous the morning of my first appointment. I felt vulnerable having to admit to myself that I had a problem, let alone someone I have not met yet. After Nick and I started talking, all my feelings of vulnerability, insecurities, and fear of judgement went out the window. He is such a caring, understanding, and warm- hearted man. I would often catch myself losing track of time discussing what is going on with my life and venting about whatever frustrations I might of been facing at that time. It was such an incredible feeling having someone I can open up to so honestly. I would always look forward to the conversations we had, it was so healing for me. Most importantly, Nick never made me feel self conscious of my addiction with alcohol. It was the first time I ever talked about it so open and freely, and most of all, come to terms with it and do something about it. Hypnosis to me was somewhat a familiar feeling; I use to meditate often and the meditative trance was very similar to the hypnotic state I was in during our sessions. I can't describe enough how amazing it is to feel like you have slept for a full eight hours after hypnosis. I always looked forward to feeling relaxed, rejuvenated, and at peace with myself after our sessions... because I am on my path to becoming the person that I always wanted to be. I cannot thank Nick enough. I often wonder where my life would of taken me if I had not started hypnotherapy...what a scary and unsettling thought. Nick gave me the tools and confidence to make a positive change in my life and most importantly, we kicked my alcoholism. It is so nice to have control over my life again. I am finally happy, ambitious, and constantly setting new goals and accomplishing them. Even though I have completed hypnotherapy, I am planning on continuing my sessions with Nick, but this time for our healing and therapeutic discussions. More...


Nicole A.

2 March 2015

Nick is a fantastic hypnotherapist, a true gentleman and a kind and caring human being.I first started going to Nick for help with my anxiety and depression. He not only has helped me tremendously with both of those things, he has also helped me with improving my overall lifestyle and looking at the world with a much more positive and relaxed perspective. I am a pretty reserved person and was nervous about hypnotherapy, but after our very first session, I totally trusted the process and now walk in relaxed, confident and ready for our sessions.Whether you're looking to make a specific change or just feel better overall, Nick is a tremendous individual with an amazing gift :). More...


Chris B.

1 March 2015

I reached out to Nick while vacationing in LA to quit smoking.  He was able to promptly accommodate me and helped a great deal in identifying triggers, suggesting lifestyle modifications, and hypnotizing me to become a nonsmoker.More than anything Nick is very personable and approachable with a true desire to help his clients that is infectious.  His observations, in my case, were spot on and I felt like he really understood me, which helped me immensely in our sessions.If you want to quit smoking or work on some other issue, or even if you're just curious about what hypnosis can do for you, I highly recommend Nick and Hypnotherapy4You. More...


Marcus W.

29 September 2014

I have been suffering with low back pain for the past two months from a fall. I tried various methods including my doctor, chiropractor, medications both OTC and prescription with no improvement. Someone mentioned hypnotherapy as a possible alternative. I found Nick and Hypnotherapy 4 You. It was great advice and Nick is wonderful. Nick is an excellent therapist; intelligent, understanding and very calm and gentle.He will ask you questions to help him understand how best to treat you. The questions are not embarrassing or personal and no, you can't be made to do anything you wouldn't do normally. I can tell you Nick and hypnotherapy work. In one session he was able to relieve the pain and I got the best night's sleep I've had since the pain began. It will take more sessions for long term relief but there are no drugs, no side effects and no long term medication effects to worry about. I am quite sure he will be able to relieve the pain altogether in a very natural way. And now that got me to thinking about other areas he may be able to help me with.Hypnotherapy is a very benign and comfortable way to deal with physical and emotional issues and Nick is excellent. Very glad I found him and tried Hypnotherapy4 You. More...


Sarah W.

11 August 2014

Nick is really wonderful! He is absolutely professional, trustworthy and really cares for his clients. He takes the time to get to know you and does everything he can to help you. I never feel like he is rushing through my appointments. He takes his time to answer all my questions and I always leave feeling like I have learned so much from him. I had never been to a hypnotherapist before so I wasn't sure what to expect but after about 5 minutes of talking with Nick, I knew I would like him. I went to see him mainly for help with stress, but he has ended up helping me in many other aspects of my life.  If you're even considering seeing him, I definitely recommend giving him a call. You won't be disappointed! More...


Jeannette S.

5 June 2014

Nick is not only an amazing hypnotherapist, but an amazing human being. I started seeing Nick for personal issues and with this help, I have pinpointed the cause of many of my problems. He has taught me so much about myself and about why I tend to gravitate toward certain behaviors. He is absolutely brilliant. I feel comfortable and easy around Nick and I will continue seeing him to finish our wonderful work together. This work is not always easy, but if you're willing to do your "homework", the results will be beautiful. Thank you Nick for your great talents. More...


Eve C.

12 March 2014

I started seeing Nick almost two months ago and since then I've seen a real difference in my life. Like many reviewers on here, I was very skeptical of hypnotherapy, but Nick instantly made me feel at ease and offered practical solutions on how I could improve my well being on a daily basis. He really makes an effort on tracking your success and truly tries to understand what you're going through. I also appreciate how he holds you accountable when you don't put the work in. He's very, very easy to talk to and has an incredibly soothing demeanor. He's worth the time and investment, and I've left every session feeling better about myself and my future. More...


Lauren C.

24 February 2014

I can honestly say Nick changed my life!  Haa haa, and not in any way I expected.  In my finance career I work many hours a week.  Semi-stressful and other than money, not always so rewarding, although I enjoy it very much and wouldn't do anything else.  I also take breakups and friends moving away (something that happens very often in LA) very hard.  Over the years I've tried so many things to find balance in my life: talk therapy, yoga, meditation, community social groups, and eeeek I can't believe it now, but Rx mood enhancers.  (Don't get me wrong I think Rx drugs can be right for some people, but I know now for sure I don't need anything of the sort.)  It's incredible how Nick made me think about the very basics of my life.  How I eat, how I communicate, how I listen, how I relate to people, my routine.  Nick's process made me aware that I have all the power over my life, how I feel, and how I relate to things and people.  I wouldn't trade my experience with Nick for anything, and I haven't looked back!Highly recommended. More...


Horselover S.

21 January 2014

I went to see Nick Pollak for a variety of issues, including stress and anxiety. I had never tried hypnotherapy before, but I had gone the frustrating conventional route of chasing symptoms with little success. I was ready to try something different, and I had an open mind.And I had results my very first appointment.Mr. Pollak is very kind and easy to talk to. The session helped me to relax and face my concerns in a safe, supportive environment. I was so anxious driving to the appointment, but utterly relaxed and peaceful on the drive home. For me, at least, it's a process rather than a quick fix, but I was so grateful to see significant improvement and real hope for the future after the very first session. I even got off my weight loss plateau and lost 7 pounds in 3 weeks!Hypnotherapy puts YOU in control of challenges you may face.I have felt better and better with each appointment. In the time between appointments I have dealt with challenges as they arose with considerably more ease. I really cannot recommend Mr. Pollak enough. More...


Lisa D.

30 September 2013

Nicholas has a true gift. His hypnotherapy sessions were invaluable, and he has the ability to teach you how to change old thought patterns in order to have a healthy, happy life. I highly recommend seeing Nicholas and being open to all of the positive changes that will come your way. More...


Cynthia D.

8 August 2013

I've been in the process of improving my life, letting go of baggage, trying to be my best self, and living up to my true potential. When a friend referred me to Nick, I thought, why not! One issue I had been struggling with for a few years,was InSoMniA and seriously after the first session I was falling asleep by 10pm. I literally couldn't stay awake and was  waking up refreshed every morning, it was pretty amazing! The techniques he taught me for relaxation and how to be, think, speak more positively have given me new hopes for the future. I can't wait to see where this journey will take me! I absolutely recommend Nick to anyone who is REALLY serious about making changes to create a more fulfilling life by design! More...


Christina L.

6 August 2013

For years I have been turning to therapists to help me overcome past trauma without success. Recently, I decided to try a new avenue when I ran into Nick Pollak who introduced me to hypnotherapy and I decided to give it a try. Right from the first session, I was able to connect instantly with the hypnotherapy even better than I expected. He explained the process clearly and made me feel very comfortable and safe. In the continuing sessions, I have had a break through in my experience because I am starting to finally allow myself to let go of feelings that I felt I had no control over thanks to Nick's guidance and knowledge in what he does.With every session he continues to successfully knock down walls that I could not get past before and I am very grateful. I highly recommend you try hypnotherapy with Nick. More...


Sonia C.

13 June 2013

I was looking to regain control of your life in some areas of weakness such as weight loss, self-image & confidence.   Hypnotherapy with Nick Pollak has opened a new avenue for me to be feel this confidence & has given me the knowledge I need to know that I am in control.  Years ago, I was introduced to hypnosis but never took it serious because I did not understand it.   I recently looked for options to help me with weight loss & other personal issues and read so many positive responses to hypnotherapy, I decided to give it a try again.  I am very happy with the sessions I have completed so far because I've learned how much control I have and have refocused my way of thinking to have a positive impact in my life & goals.  I am recently losing weight at a steady pace and feel very positive about it because I know I want it and have chosen to actively do it. I recommend coming to Nick for this very professional & very insightful therapy.  He is truly dedicated & knowledgeable about his practice but very importantly he makes you comfortable as he is genuinely caring. More...


Yvonne J.

21 March 2013

Nicholas Pollak is the right person with the right gift (as a Certified Master Hypnotherapist), and, the best point of all, he entered my life at the right time!After knee replacement surgery I thought I needed someone to help me change my thinking about my rehab process. The truth is, I really wanted to bend my knee again without all of that pain!  As I searched the Internet for a hypnotist I found Mr. Pollak. He was certified and had a personal story of how hypnotherapy helped him! I made an appointment, not knowing a thing about hypnotism at that time. All I knew was that I needed help! When I met him I saw immediately that he was caring, skilled in his gift, understanding, and patient. I've learned a lot during our sessions. He taught me that I really needed to work on being a whole & complete person, free from the hidden problems I had developed. I could not relax, could not sleep continuously through the night, I could not stop my mind from racing, thinking about the next set of things to do!That was my story when I started our sessions. Today, I am making real (and permanent) changes in my life. With his help, along with my doctors, physical therapists, family and friends... I am bending that new knee with less pain!!!Thank you, Nick, for helping me on my journey to relax all parts of my body; focus less on pain and more on other things; and enjoy my calm and peaceful mind!Nicholas Pollak is my therapist and friend and I recommend him to be your therapist too! Yvonne J. More...


Liz B.

29 November 2012

I'm so thankful to have found Nick.  He truly cares about his clients and is passionate about what he does.  He is knowledgable and his main objective is to guide and help you...not just tell you what you want to hear and send you off.   I always look forward to going and will continue to go back. More...


Caroline S.

19 September 2012

I found Nick kind of at random, doing a google search. His website lit up for me, and I gave him a call and I was able to schedule an appointment for the same week, and at a very reasonable price. I did six sessions with him, and believe me they are worth their weight in gold for the lifelong, life changing results you get from them. Nick is wonderful. He is a very warm and compassionate person, with a very calming presence. He tunes right in to you, and what you need from the sessions without you needing to go into all the gory details. He also runs his practice out of his nice and cozy home, not out of a stuffy office.I went in for the sessions because of stress and anxiety. After the first session, it made a 180* change of pace for me as did each one after that. I encourage anyone to go in and give it a try. You will be amazed. More...


Robert M.

24 March 2012

LIFECHANGING! Nick has helped me way beyond my expectations. I had never done anything like this and thought I would give it a try. No matter what you are looking to improve in your life - positive thinking, attitude, reduce anxiety etc. Nick really listens to you and hones in on that area. He's not weird like other people in this business and he has been around, so consider it therapy/hypnotherapy except with actionable help and not just talking! I'm a repeat customer due to the amazing progress I have made. More...


LaKisha E.

10 February 2012

I've been suffering from a wicked sweet tooth (nice way of saying sugar addiction), for awhile and it had really gotten out of control.  I literally had to have dessert after every meal.  After a few sessions with Nick my cravings have dramatically decreased.  I no longer need something sweet after eating something savory. Thanks Nick! More...


philip v.

4 February 2012

Thought I would give hypnotherapy a shot since I had heard great results from friends.  Contacted Nick and he is incredible.  Very caring, connected and passionate about hypnotherapy and the benfits from it.  Was very impressed and am going back again! More...


Jason C.

11 January 2012

I have had great results with my sessions so far. I feel safe and comfortable with him and look forward to many more. I have referred him to some of my friends and family too. God bless you Nick for helping me with your compassionate healing skills. More...


L L.

8 October 2011

After suffering an accident and then PTSD I turned to hypnotherapy. I went to two other therapists, one very famous I might add....... It didn't work for me or they didn't. I was pretty dismayed as I was opposed to pills to help cure my panic and anxiety I had tried conventional therapy, healing, supplements.......nothing was helping.I met Nick in the post office and decided to give it another try. The first appointment was pretty hard, I realized I didn't really want to let go or let somebody else take charge of my panic. But Nick is a force to be dealt with and he knows exactly what to do. He does not just perform hypnotherapy but he talks to you in depth about your issues which is an integral part of making hypnotherapy work for you. Nick is professional, caring and the best at what he does. You will never feel shortchanged or disappointed. I have been to see Nick many times and will continue to do so. He has helped me 'so much'.  I am very grateful. More...

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Seeing the changes the client wants as the therapy progresses. Hypnotherapy offers rapid change and I love seeing the surprise on my client's faces when they see they are getting the changes they wanted.
Our mission statement is to help each client change the behaviors they get to the behaviors they want.

Simply the desire to help people through an amazing process that has been available for literally thousands of years.

Experience is the key. Each person hypnotizes differently and experience helps to make the transition from wakefulness to hypnosis a very comfortable experience.