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Hypnosis will help you use the power of your own mind to achieve success in many areas of your life.
Lea Davis is a Certified Hypnotist who works with you personally to reach your goals.
* Stress and anxiety relief
* Motivation for success



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Seeing the smile on the faces of my clients when they emerge from hypnosis feeling wonderful.

Whenever I was stressed in my last career, I visited a hypnotist for stress relief and sent my assistant too. When my son was young, a hypnotist cured him of fingernail biting. I was the sole caregiver of my husband while he was dying and found a hypnotist to help me through with stress. It was that hypnotist who encouraged me to become a hypnotist! I went for training, became certified, and now I love my career helping make people better, one person at a time.

Personalized attention to each client's concerns is important to me. I care about.