Humane Society of Broward County

Humane Society of Broward County

Humane Society of Broward County locationChula Vista (historical), Florida

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Humane Society of Broward County Reviews


Review of Humane Society of Broward County by Mary Moreno
5 Mary Moreno

I went about two week ago to adopt a cat everybody was efficient and they knew what they were doing they walked me through the whole process and made it so easy also they gave me food & toys for my cat and what I like the most is that they give you the cat sprayed and the did her a blood work to check she didn’t have any disease. I hope I can adopt again soon another cat this time a kitten

Review of Humane Society of Broward County by Kevin Johnson
1 Kevin Johnson

They are NOT humane as the staff is very unprofessional. Go to the Broward Animal Shelter as more common sense prevails there!! The staff is extremely rude and they want to act like dictators. I feel sad for the dogs as they are definitely an inhumane society!

Review of Humane Society of Broward County by Hannah Bernstein
5 Hannah Bernstein

Love this place and the people who work there! They put their hearts and souls into each and every animal! I really want to volunteer here but I dont know how to get started

Review of Humane Society of Broward County by Terri Morrissey-sloan
5 Terri Morrissey-sloan

I have adopted 2 cats and a dog from Human Society of Broward County. Each time the staff was wonderful and accommodating. The build is clean. Highly recommend this organization.

Review of Humane Society of Broward County by Melissa Dunham
5 Melissa Dunham

I adopted my precious border collie a few years ago, and am forever grateful to the Humane Society Of Broward County. The facility is beautiful and the animals are well taken care of. Highly recommended!!

Review of Humane Society of Broward County by Terry Miller
5 Terry Miller

We adopted our beautiful Lucy from here almost two years ago and we are in love with her. Thank you for providing an amazing shelter for the doggies and kitties.

Review of Humane Society of Broward County by Krystle Thrasher
5 Krystle Thrasher

Both of our girls were adopted from the Broward County Humane Society and it was a great experience!! We have a 9 year old German Shepherd and a 7 year old Belgian Malinios. We will never shop because we always adopt!!!

Review of Humane Society of Broward County by Tatiana Capote
5 Tatiana Capote

If you remember a few days ago, The Humane Society took in 35 chihuahuas. They were found in terrible condition, full of fleas, nails so long they couldn’t walk. The humane society cleaned them up and with love and care was able to adopt 34 out in less than 2 days. I call it a miracle, but a week later I adopted #35. They were nothing but helpful and kind during the process. Walking the halls of the shelter I can’t imagine buying a dog and not adopting. I encourage everyone to adopt. As for my new pup, he is happy with his new life and I thank God every day he is mine. Thank you Humane Society. You are amazing.

Review of Humane Society of Broward County by April Rizzo
5 April Rizzo

I adopted my pit from the Broward County Humane Society 2 weeks ago. He is the most docile, well behaved and trained 3 year old dog I have ever met!! We absolutely love him and we’re blessed with an amazing pet!! The people at the shelter were amazing, knowledgeable and very caring. I would definitely recommend them!

Review of Humane Society of Broward County by Tammi Patricia
5 Tammi Patricia

It’s been almost 3 years since we went to get 1 puppy and came home with a puppy (Peanut) and a 2 year old deaf doggie (Wilber). The staff was so amazing and talked us through the adoption process! Both are loving life and we love our babies!!

Review of Humane Society of Broward County by Sara Michelle Smith
1 Sara Michelle Smith

They were very rude to our family. Last week my sister wanted to adopt a small dog. The dog had many medical problems. She decided not to take a chance. When we went back today, the 2 volunteers told us we were never to adopt from the facility again. 1. The dog in question had 3 surgeries in a week. 2. They were not honest about the age of the dog or the owners who gave the pet up. 3. Financially this would cost thousands in medical costs. 4. They get a cut on the medical insurance they force you to take out, which covers nothing! The word is out now. You need to terminate these volunteers regarding the decisions on who can adopt animals. This charity needs to be reviewed by the State. It's a decision to adopt a pet. it doesn't matter if you change your mind 10 times regarding an animal. Just be honest, which in this case you were not. People give you donations for your charity. You need to cater to us, not the other way around.

Review of Humane Society of Broward County by Yamileth Sandoval
5 Yamileth Sandoval

We adopted our kitty today. We were treated very well. They answered all our questions. We are happy. We are making our precious kitty welcome and she is right at home. She is being spoiled. We are definitely going back in hopes we find a dog that would fit right in with our kitty Luna. We changed her name from what it was initially. ( I couldn’t say it)

Review of Humane Society of Broward County by Leah Jay
1 Leah Jay

Recently adopted my dog from you guys. He was an owner abandon who was filthy when i came to see him. I was assured he’d be bathed before surgery (dogs need to be spayed/neutered before being released to their new owners) and he was not.

Due to the danger of operating on a dog who isn’t clean, i really can’t wrap my head around why he wasn’t bathed. We also can’t bathe him for 14 days since he had surgery. Who knows when the last time he had a bath was and he’s very uncomfortable and itchy.

Lastly, i was told to go to a vet within ten days. Naturally i went the day after. The humane society of Broward County recommended the vet. Once i got there, the vet told me that my dog had an anxiety disorder and needed to be on 150 mg of trazadone. She then printed the directions for another medication my dog doesn’t take on to the trazadone bottle. The vet then tried talking me into redoing the shots that the humane society had said they’ve already done because she didn’t believe they really did it (or she wanted to charge me extra $$$).

I gave my dog 50mg of trazadone instead of 150mg. Seemed way too high. On only 50mg my dog was wasted. He’s only 37 lbs. He was miserable and was walking weird. Thanks doc, 150mg would have killed him. Thanks a lot humane society �

Review of Humane Society of Broward County by Jennifer Lestin
5 Jennifer Lestin

I adopted Doug (Corgi mix) who was transferred from another location in GA. It was the best decision I made! The staff answered all of my questions and made the process easy. It's been almost three months and I have a perfectly healthy dog that's a part of my family. Thank you, Sarah, and the staff at HS Broward.

Review of Humane Society of Broward County by Cindy Monahan
1 Cindy Monahan

I've had major issues with the Humane Society. As I won't blast them on a website, I will make sure the State and Federal agencies are aware of their so called 505 Charity! It's up to us to adopt not your volunteers to tell us otherwise. In the last case of my former pet, I was told he was 1 1/2 years and not 5 which the vet showed me. Have the documentation. He had major medical issues along with behavior problems. This was not shown at adoption. Costs us thousands of dollars. In a nutshell they were not honest in the beginning. It was my decision not to take a sick dog last week. Not their decision to prevent me from adopting again.

Review of Humane Society of Broward County by Amber Danielle McLean
2 Amber Danielle McLean

I tried to get info on volunteering months back from the people who were working there on site. Drove 40 mins to get there to be given a number to call to ask about it. Called several times and no answer. They did however have an automated voice message asking me to leave a message. I never receive a phone call in return. Very unprofessional in my opinion. The kennel overall seemed very clean and inviting and well ran but I felt very bad for the dogs.

Review of Humane Society of Broward County by Fred Reich
5 Fred Reich

We adopted a new dog for our family yesterday. The staff was unbelievably friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable. The gentleman who facilitated the meet and greet with our existing dog did a great job explaining the process for them to meet, and gave us a confort level that the new dog would do fine in our home. I’d never buy a dog again; there are so many adoptable dogs that need a forever home there.

Review of Humane Society of Broward County by Melinda Hornsby
5 Melinda Hornsby

I adopted my puppy last summer from here. They were great. I went and met him, came back the next day with my two other dogs, they did a great job of introducing everyone. It’s was an ordeal as I live 1 1/2 hours away but totally worth it. The only down side was that he came from out of state and they had little information on him. They thought he was between 1-2. When I took him to my vet, we figured he was only about 6-8 months. I was hoping to avoid puppyhood. Lol. Everyone there was so nice and helpful and made my experience a good one!

Review of Humane Society of Broward County by Christina Muniz-Mcleod
5 Christina Muniz-Mcleod

The Humane Society is amazing! We adopted a 3 legged husky mix last year named Sadie. She suddenly got sick this past week. We were going to put our Sadie down because our vet told us she had a fatal condition and was going to charge us 5k for her surgery- not including the 3k we already spent trying to figure out what was wrong with her. We have twins on the way and couldn't afford that kind of bill with out assistance or at least a payment plan. We went to the Humane society got a second opinion and they worked with us financially and did the surgery for sadie. I couldn't be more grateful for their help and kindness. Their staff is wonderful and took great care of our baby.

Review of Humane Society of Broward County by Ani Li
1 Ani Li

We went to adopt a dog. My six years old boy wanted a friend. We already have a dog and cat but our dog its too rude for our son. We decided to add another one so he could play with. We went through the application process as we were sitting in the room waiting to meet the dog. The staff member came back and told us we could not adopt him until we show proof of vaccination for our dog and cats. I don’t walk around with proof of vaccinations of my pets, whose by the way are all adopted. That dog could’ve come home that day to a lovely family but no. We went to the shelter a gave a chance to another one. He is happily playing in the garden with my son as I type. Humane society of Broward you failed on your job to do as much as possible to find a home for the animals.

Humane Society of Broward County

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