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Dan Ginzburg helps today’s entrepreneurs and professionals use mindfulness to align themselves with their goals and help them maximize their effectiveness.



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Transforming people's lives for the better. I love witnessing that change in my clients. It is so rewarding to see that sometimes in just one session the person can walk away with a powerful breakthrough that will stimulate internal change not just for a week or a month but for years to come.

I wanted to impact the world, but I realized for that, I have to impact one person at a time.

Because I believe in delivering the type of quality of service that would enable my clients to be their own life coaches. I want to help my clients be able to generate happiness from within and become complexity free from any negativity that could be preventing them from cleansing their energy and becoming successful in any area of their life. However the biggest distinguishing factor, is that I truly genuinely care about my clients' well-being which is why I devote not just my attention, I devote myself to every person I work with.


Helping a person overcome and permanently put an end to negative emotions deriving from a traumatic past experience. This may be child abuse, loss of a loved one, abandonment, sexual assault or less severe experiences such as a break up.

Helping individuals avoid steers or deal with it in a healthy manner. Reducing stress helps people be more productive, happy and energized. Overwhelm often happens when we give too much of our attention to too many things. I teach people to design an approach plan and prioritize their goals.

Helping people find the romantic relationship they are looking for, get over a breakup, and learn self love because before we can be loved if we have to love ourselves.

It is hard to take your business or your vision in a certain direction if we do not have a clearly realized and identified self-purpose, the reason that we live for. Without it everything we do will lack meaning and effectiveness.