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Providing elite, quality Brazilian Jiu Jitsu instruction to the Flathead Valley.

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Rojoification R

24 August 2019

Excellent instruction!! I have been attending classes with prof. Hughes for several months now- The classes are challenging and fun. The instruction is top notch and is broken down into easy to understand segments for slower people such as myself. The atmosphere is awesome!! Everyone here has been so helpful and friendly- they make you feel like you are part of their jiu jitsu family. There are no egos here- only friends that want to help you reach your goals- I cant recommend this place enough! More...


Jamie Riedinger

13 June 2019

awesome gym, welcomed me with open arms. solid environment and the head coach even rolls with visitors. my kind of place, hughley reccomend.



30 May 2019

Mark Hughes is a wonderful instructor in the fine art of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. The gym is clean, its cozy, and everyone is very welcoming. I appreciate having class every night as well, that's very nice. Overall, excellent training quality, a very comfortable gym to train in, and a wonderful experience every time I show up to class. If you're thinking about joining BJJ, you should definitley stop by More...


Jeff C.

29 March 2019

I've trained under Mark before at Team Quest and have trained at Hughes Grappling Academy. We both have the same black belt professor. Mark is an excellent Brazilian Jiu jitsu professor for several reasons. Mark will take the time to understand the needs and learning curve of each individual student and will make your journey not only beneficial but FUN! Mark has a great sense of humor but is serious when he needs to be, you will get out of Marks coaching what you put into it. Hughes Grappling Academy offers something only found in a select few schools. A Jiu Jitsu professor who can help kids learn an effective martial art, how to address bulling, help an old guy like me improve his game or a younger practitioner succeed at the competition level. I would say that what I know about Mark and his lineage, experience and expertise he offers the highest level of coaching within a 500-mile radius. More...


Carlitos Way

2 November 2018



Sam Brown

2 November 2018

Mark is awesome, great grappler, great coach, Kalispell is super lucky to have him!


Patrick Joyce

2 November 2018

He's a stud, always has been!


Todd Johnson

2 November 2018

I have known, trained been friends with and learned from Mark Hughes for over 8 years, he is by far one of the best coaches and teachers I have ever had. Mark breaks complicated things down into easy to understand steps - you cant go wrong with Mark!! Go Train More...


Ro Winn

2 November 2018

I go to the cardio classes and it kicks my butt every time. I love it.


Sheldon SaliPai Shepherd

2 November 2018

Haven't been there YET..But i have trained with Mark..great Stuff!


Garrett Beville

2 November 2018

Mark is an Awesome trainer and great with beginners


Casey McDonald

2 November 2018

Huge thanks to mark at Hughes grappling academy for taking me and jesse in and helping us prepare for our up coming bout. Great place great environment and amazing people.


Thomas Parkhill

29 October 2018

Great atmosphere, attentive and skilled instruction and a solid group of people to train with.


Austin Johnston

29 September 2018

Honest straight forward month to month fee with no contract, tiered plan or hidden fees. Sound jiu jitsu with personalized approach based on your attributes and skill set. Lots of drilling and plenty of mat time. More...


Ryan Gordon

26 September 2018

Great group of people, went in for my first class in over 7-8 years, everyone was super friendly. Can’t wait to go back again.


Brooke Hughes

27 May 2018

Brazilian jiu-jitsu, submission wrestling and fitness classes for kids and adults.


Devon Thomson

27 May 2018

Professor Mark brings many years of experience to his school and is an excellent teacher. He teaches sound jiu-jitsu, expects a lot from his students, and will roll with anyone! Great atmosphere and value.

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We have kids bjj classes 4 nights a week and adult bjj classes 5 nights a week. We have cardio bag fitness classes and provide person training group or individual sessions.

There is no secret. Every person is different with different needs. Consistency and diet are the two key components to achieving fitness goals.

We love sharing our love of bjj with everyone and helping each individual with the tools they need to succeed in reaching their goals

We tried other places in the area for several years and saw need that we could fulfill.

We are a family! We provide a family friendly environment where you can be yourself and fit in. And we provide the best jiu jitsu instruction in the valley!