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SPM Support

28 August 2019

The tech was on time, got to work right away and resolved all issues in a short time. Another successful effort from HSI.


Paul Glink

28 August 2019

HSI Security did a fantastic job for our Condo Community in Cincinnati


Matt Lang

15 August 2019

HSI has been great. Quick response and great products. An absolute upgrade from our previous surveillance system. Their staff is fantastic.


Alex Guglielmi

30 June 2019

Friendly staff. Quick response time for when a camera isn't working.


C Potter

28 March 2019

HSI was extremely knowledgeable, quick, and clean. Workers were friendly and willing to answer any of our questions. Would recommend this company in the future.


Larry King

27 May 2018

Was an Officer for HSI. 2012 to 2015. Great place to work. Had a great Boss.


Trish Fleig

27 May 2017

HSI Security is professional and a pleasure to work with. I had a special need in the office for a deaf employee who could not hear if the alarm was sounding. HSI Security came up with a great visual solution for her. If you are looking for a security company, look no further, call HSI Security. More...

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