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Hi. I'm a Commercial photographer based in Portland, OR. I'm specialized in Real Estate photography, Product photography, Construction and many other commercial types of photos. Also doing portrait photos and actions shots. I'm willing to deliver high quality edited photos within 24-48 business hours, after photo shooting.


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Solomea Ateasyan

7 March 2019

Great product photographer!



14 April 2018

Hrash is an amazing photographer. His work was professional and it was easy explaining what I needed to be done. He is fast in delivering and the quality of his work is outstanding. I will use him again for my future projects. More...

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The first and main secret in my opinion is to do what you really like. In that case you can feel every angel and shade of anything or anyone your are taking pictures of.

What exact he/she wants to be photographed? How many pictures as final result? When the job should be done and where?

Creativity and freedom. In photography, even when you are shooting just single item on white background or a simple tree in an open field, there are a lot of chances to be more and more creative, to find more angles and light and shadows. And the other important aspect is freedom. You don't have a boss, you don't have a 10 minute break time, you manage your time and schedule full yourself. That's the most important part if you want to continue more and more amazing works.

Big interest of other people to the photos, which I was doing as a hobby. They want to see more and more better and interesting photos, so I decided to join the hobby and job in one place.

Because photography first of all is my hobby, and then it's a profession, which means besides money I like what I'm doing and that's why I'm doing it in better and more responsible way. And also of course because of my professionalism.


Different types of products for amazon/ebay/etsy etc.

Outdoor photos of families or just kids

Outdoor solo photography for portfolio, social media etc. Can include also 2 or more outfit changes

Houses, apartments - indoor and outdoor ( not areal, not drone)

Basics of photography, understanding camera settings, creating compositions, understanding and manipulating with light and shadow