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Las Vegas, Nevada, Clark

1 hire on Bark
‘19 Certificate of Excellence, 2019
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Hope Actualized

Las Vegas, Nevada, Clark

1 hire on Bark
‘19 Certificate of Excellence, 2019


In addition to being a certified life coach since 2009, I am also certified in The Canfield Success Principles. I am a heart-centered, action-oriented
Success Coach. I see you. I believe in you. You are not broken. Your life’s story does not define you.


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Rachel Sato-Banks

23 October 2019

I'm not exaggerating when I say that Peggy truly changed my life. I was struggling. Numbing myself with alcohol and other unhealthy habits. I've been booze free for over a year now. And I couldn't have done it without her. She really has a gift for giving. Supportive in all the right ways and a just a really great human being really! Will miss her a lot! More...


Elias Ursitti

13 August 2019

Coaching with Peggy had a truly transformational impact on my life and relationships. When we began coaching, I felt very stuck in a key relationship in my life. During the course of our coaching engagement, I learned how to interact much more effectively in my key relationship. Making the behavioral changes I needed took consistent time and effort. I don't believe I would have succeeded in making these critical changes without Peggy's coaching. Peggy validated and supported me in developing the inner confidence that I needed to change my behavior. Peggy's coaching style offers a unique and powerful combination of wisdom, support, and accountability. I am very grateful that I had the chance to work with Peggy; I am in a much better place in my life as a result! More...


Dave B.

22 October 2018

I loved working with Peggy! I had reached a point in my life where I had made a lot of easy improvements, but I was struggling to get to the next level in terms of my finances, fitness, relationships, etc. Peggy provided a lovely mix of accountability and support. After working with her, I feel much closer to being the kind of person I would want to be. I would highly recommend working with Peggy and fully committing yourself to a better life. More...


Mandy Glisson

15 August 2018

I usually don't give reviews or recommendations but thanks to Peggy I have been able to see how much I truly do enjoy connecting with others and I couldn't be happier to rave about her.


Amber Thornton

12 August 2018

I would recommend Peggy in a heartbeat! She was able to pinpoint my biggest block in our initial consultation, which had been right
in front of my face for decades.

I’d just been unable to see it.

You know what else she can do for you?

She can help you overcome your hurdles using simple and effective exercises. She breaks your goals down into steps so you can see how obtainable they are.

And she genuinely cares about you.

I believe it’s that last key ingredient that makes all the difference- at least in my experience. Sometimes all you need is for someone to stand in your corner, hand you the tools, and cheer you on.


Mallory C.

2 November 2017

Peggy is AMAZING! She really helped me get over some reason disappointments & figure out how to move forward.


Dian B.

21 August 2017

Peggy Johnson is a powerful coach with a beautiful heart. She listens to what I am dealing with, and in the process, gives me the space to truly understand what is going on. She is solution based, and with her guidance/support enable me to ground myself and begin to find my own answers. I would highly recommend anyone to reach out to Peggy, and see what's possible. More...

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I love the personal connections I make with amazing people and I get a lot of personal satisfaction from helping them and seeing their lives change in positive ways. These connections are priceless. I love seeing people develop and I genuinely care. Coaching helps me spread love and kindness in a world that badly needs it. I get the honor of seeing people realize what has been holding them back, recognize what they are capable of, and from a place of confidence and clarity - create lives they own and love.

I have been an entrepreneur as long as I can remember: I was selling garden seeds and holiday greeting cards door to door long before middle school. I have also always seen the best in others and loved connecting with people. However, in 2007, The Success Principles changed my life. I realized on a deeply personal level that I am 100% responsible for my own life and that I get to choose how I respond to EVERYTHING that happens in my life. I realized that we all hold our own answers. I realized I can choose to come from love and abundance or fear and scarcity. I choose love.

Imagine waking each day knowing who you really are & what you were created to do. Imagine knowing your strengths & gifts & trusting yourself fully. How would that impact your life?
Imagine BEAUTIFUL UNBROKEN YOU. (That is how I see you.) You can resolve painful issues from your past & move forward, confident in who you were created to be. I have done it & so can you.
I understand deep disappointment & betrayal. I’ve had the rug pulled out from under me. I’ve experienced what it is like to fall on my face. I’ve also experienced what it is like to get back up. I have felt lost, stuck, & uncertain. I used to think my past was holding me back. I thought abuse & disfunction had damaged me, leaving me with limited possibilities & potential. Then, I realized I was the one holding myself back.
Through compassionate coaching, I will hold a safe space & provide the tools you need to obtain a clear inner-vision for your life. I will offer insight & accountability as you create action for lasting results.
I know what it is like to finally live from a place of wholeness. I want to share that experience with you.
I see you. I believe in you. You are not broken. Your life’s story does not define you. You were created with purpose & potential. The things that happened in your life have brought you to where you are now & can become your greatest source of strength. You can create change in areas of relationships, finance, business, spirituality, self-acceptance, global impact, & more.
With a combination of education, work experience in victim advocacy, crisis intervention, trauma therapy, & hospice, my 20 year business expertise, & my personal life experiences - I can help you reach your goals & your potential while exploring & fulfilling your unique purpose. You can go from from striving to thriving. Rise up. No more playing small. No more invisibility. Its your life: Make the decision to own it. Live it. Love it. Let's make good stuff happen!