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April Smith

4 May 2019

Very helpful


Sophia Thompson

4 June 2018

Beautiful campus!


denise irish

4 June 2018

Holy Family Academy is a great school I like how each student goes into the work place and is getting the knowledge they need to prepare them for a career


barbara hunter

4 June 2018

Jessica is the BEST


Karen Sims

4 June 2018

Is the best place for education


Jennifer Vanella

19 April 2018

I had an excellent experience. The Office goes out of its way to help people who are in trouble. I really didn’t get much help from the Electric company to help me prepare for this situation. Nobody wants to have to go and ask for assistance or a budget plan. However: wherever the electric company customer service failed me giving me inconsistent and different answers for my questions or nothing at all, Swissvale holy family institute made up for it in spades. My cap officer Colleen went above and beyond to educate me and make life easier in a very stressful situation. Remember: if you want to apply for cap) Customer Assistance program) go early on the walk in hours. It fills up FAST. And: if you have a supplier like SFE ) call them and cancel. It’s not hard and it’s quick. However they can’t do anything for your cap without it. As a teacher who really has had a challenging time lately, I’m grateful for such a competent empathetic, and professional program. More...


Phil McCaffrey

4 June 2017

Serves the community well


mary makoby

4 June 2016

I lived at holy family in 1968 till 1972 I really loved it there the nuns were very good to me I remember sister jane frances she was awesome Cheryl kuzia was my best friend there wish I never left I didn't like my foster home it was really bad there. I also remember sister rose I hope to see you all someday again miss you all there. More...


Maryann Hagan

4 June 2013

I spent a few years in Holy Family. I remember quite a few of the nuns. They were very good to me. When I got to old for Holy Family and was told I had to go back home to a bad situation, I believe that was the worst day of my childhood. I thank you, Sister Geraldine for all the abuse you took from me and helped to grow into the person I am today. Maryann Sanfratello Hagan More...


lynn baughman

4 June 2013

I lived at Holy Family back in the early 70s to 78. I grew up there. Had some good times & bad. I am thankful for it. Thank you Sr.Linda.