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Dan Smith

27 May 2018

Having partnered with High Five Media, doing so was undoubtedly our best decision to date, regarding the growth of our business. In my experience, they have proven their commitment to investing in our brand as if they were serving their own. Having encountered first-hand the results of doing business with various independent resources simultaneously, we have found great value in High Five Media, as the left and right-hand work seamlessly to our benefit! More...


Greg Blakely

27 May 2017

They do it all.


Alisha Sutherland

27 May 2016

Great with blogs and all social media aspects!


Craig Majors

27 May 2016

Quick, courteous and creative. Copywriting, video and voiceovers were 3 key elements Liquid Vapor Lounge used Hi5 talents for and I am pleased!


Tennille Cheek-Covey

27 May 2016

Jill and her team are great! She took the time to understand our marketing plan and helped us create the media to accomplish that.


Max Bevan

27 May 2016

Great place to work! Fantastic collaborative group of people with creative ideas. I enjoy the vibrant office and the different clients we get to interact with on a daily basis. Love it!


Katelyn Fabrie

27 May 2016

I love working at High Five Media! I've worked here for a little under a year and the environment is stellar, the clients are fun, and the work is exciting and engaging. On any given day we will have a Stars War Movie Day or a Breakfast Tuesday or one of the partners will bring cupcakes for everyone. High Five really encourages creative voices and tries to engage with the OKC and Edmond community. Great place to work! More...


Justin Covey

27 May 2016

Jill Mitchel and her team at High Five are great! Understood our marketing goals and helped us put together an effective package. Thanks...


AVH Construction

28 May 2015

The High Five Media team is great to work with. The personalized service we receive from their knowledgeable staff is very refreshing. We were absolutely floored by the unveiling of our new website it is just perfect! There professionalism and attention to detail has been remarkable.Special thanks to Clay and the entire high five family. More...

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