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Dinah S. Jackson

15 August 2019

Just wanted to say that I have the BEST trainer in the world!!! Thank you so so much for all your support and belief in me!


Keila Ramirez

2 July 2019

Coach Angel is AMAZING!! He is extremely knowledgeable. His classes are never boring or repetitive. They are engaging and fun. He really pays attention to ensure proper form to prevent any injuries. He educates you on what exercises are best for you based on your goal and fitness level. Coach Angel is not only there for you during your sessions, you can count on him to follow up with you after your session. If you want to see results Coach Angel is the one for you. More...


Jangridlu Ortiz

27 April 2019

I struggled for many years to find the right fit. I went from exercising at home to well-known gyms without success. Then, I found Angel and never looked back. Come October it will be three years since I joined his group training program at HDT. I love it because it feels like home. We are a group of fun, down to earth individuals trying to be our best selves. Angel affords us the space, guidance, and support to achieve our goals at our own pace. If you are looking for gradual, long lasting changes, pay us a visit. You will not regret it ;). More...


R Marmol

28 March 2019

Angel is skilled, thoughtful, sensible and a pleasure to work with. He knows just how and when to encourage and when to push (though never too much). Classes are setup with HIIT circuits and cool downs that produce results. AT HDT you are surrounded with a great group of people who work hard, are supportive and are a lot of fun. I was looking for a comfortable environment with a knowledgeable trainer in the Bronx and that's exactly what I found at HDT. Give it a try and see for yourself. More...


M and M

28 March 2019

I was skeptical about joining yet another gym, especially with my physical issues. But this is no regular gym or trainer. Angel takes the time to get to know you and your weaknesses, and he gives you a personalized plan to help you reach your health goals and grow stronger with time. On top of that, you're working out in an environment that is familial, supportive and fun! More...


Mary Molina

26 February 2019

Joining HDT was one of the best decision I've made. Angel is very knowledgeable in health and fitness. He assists everyone in reaching their goals and is very supportive. I have gained confidence in myself, strength and endurance. The HDT family is friendly and supportive; I love working out with our team; I look forward to our workouts every week! You will not be disappointed! More...


Laura Molina

28 December 2018

HDT is great place to work out. Angel our coach is skilled with an array of health and fitness knowledge. Angel will guide, teach and assist you in reaching your goals. He is always there to offer support to one and all. I have gained strength, endurance and confidence working out with this team. I enjoy working out with my HDT family; they are friendly, fun and very supportive. You won’t be disappointed. More...


Miracle Santiago

28 November 2018

HDT is just hands down the best! I was part of the HDT family for a short while before relocating for school. Angel is by far one of the best trainers there is and for the type of program he runs the price is great. The truth is, you wont find anything better out there. Angel is very knowledgeable and very very supportive. He really works with you and really wants his clients to achieve his goals.The crew at HDT are really a set of diverse and great people that will further motivate and empower you along the way. Although, I relocated I do have breaks in between where I intend to return to NYC and when I do, I will be working with Angel and HDT in fitting in some sessions. What do you have to lose? Give it a try, it will be the best money spent and a great investment on your health. I highly recommend this program. More...


lourdes melendez

29 October 2018

There are so many reasons why I train with Angel:- He’s Professional- Honest and Realiable in working with his trainees - Motivating - Knowledgeable on how to get his trainees reach their goals- He exceeds the expectation of his training, such as training outdoors when weather permits and helps with nutrition intake for a healthier lifestyle.- He has a welcoming and friendly character.I’ve train with Angel for the past three years and I’ve accomplish so much. I feel energetic, stronger, I am very happy with my reflection in the mirror, and most importantly I am healthier. I’ve trained with many trainers in the past and never met or accomplished any of my goals. With Angels dedication and support I am able to continue striving for the best in me. More...


Ruth Burgos

29 September 2018

Angel is awesome! Great energy and enthusiasm. The atmosphere is inclusive defiantly has made a difference in my life the best way to train for me !


Kristin Clases

30 August 2018

Best place to go work out and see results. You get to know him one on one and he not only explains but guides you through the process as well. Whether it’s just toning or even weight loss. More...


John Dryer

27 May 2018

Amazing personal trainer in the Bronx. Angel understands that each client is different and needs different solutions. He has helped me regain movement and flexibility, and I’m much stronger now. His advice on proper nutrition has helped me lose a lot of unwanted fat. If you’re worried about going to a gym because you are afraid then I suggest you contact High Definition Training, they’ll make you feel comfortable, like family. More...


Emily Diaz

24 May 2018

Great place!!!! Amazing group training!!!! I have been a part of HDT for about 4 months. It has been life changing!!!! Angel perez is very patient and coaches you through each exercise. I like that he focuses on the form and motivates progress. I feel stronger and have lost inches and sustainable weight-loss through guidance. He gives us weekly nutritional tips with healthy eating challenges that emphasize on life style changes. The members are extremely friendly, warm, funny and welcoming! More...


Janet Garland

11 September 2017

Angel is an amazing trainer! His workouts are always different and challenging... you will not be disappointed. Give him a call and see for yourself!


alexa watts

3 December 2016

This place is wonderful. Angel is an amazing fitness instructor. I saw real results with him. He pushes you in a healthy way and always answers any question you have. Working with the other women in a group setting was fun and motivational. The one thing I love most about working-out with Angel is that every workout was different. He really is knowledgeable about the body and help you optimize yourself so you can get the best workout. I am a true believer in his method of fitness and he has become a real friend though this fitness journey. I lost 17lbs in the first 2 months and didn't even follow his nutritional diet that he provides all clients. I cant wait to see my continued result as i follow the techniques and nutritional tips he has taught me. More...



22 August 2016

Angel is a rare gem in the fitness industry. He offers the best of both worlds as a personal trainer with a physical therapy background. He provides guidance and support through every movement and ensures quality over quantity. Training at HDT has been an indispensable investment in my lifelong to excellent health and wellness. More...

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