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Debbie King

29 August 2019

Heritage Shutters do an excellent job with the construction and installation of shutters. This is my second home with Heritage Shutters. The shutters in my previous home were 14 years old and looked as good as when they were installed. The quality is exceptional. They are very careful during the installation and they make sure everything is perfect before they leave. Their customer service is excellent. I highly recommend using Heritage Shutters. More...


Bill Adams

25 April 2019

Great experience with Heritage Shutters. Price was good and the workmanship was great. They were on time for appointments and we had a very good installation experience. We will definitely work with them again and highly recommend them. More...


Michelle Suzuki

26 January 2019

This is the only shutter you should consider if you are a discerning buyer! I have had Hunter Douglas Shutters and the less expensive version of those equivalent a Norman shutter. Not even remotely close in look, sturdieness and durability. These are unreal! They look like furniture and they are so solid. Don’t even look at anything else. If you like quality, buy these custom Heritage wood shutters. You will love them. The price was only 14% more than The lowest bid on Norman blinds. More...


Clara Lawson

24 November 2018

Never had shutters done but the co was started by my uncleJim and my aunt Lee. Loved them both. As time went on Jims son bought the company and from the responses I see on here they are dong a fine job with the company. Keep up the good work Tim and family. I have not been able to get in touch with uncle Jim for some time now so I assume he has passed on. More...


Dale Craft

31 October 2018

Why Heritage Shutters?

Heritage Shutters surpasses all other shutter companies with our premium products, exceptional service and knowledgeable staff.
•Our shutters are manufactured by utilizing a combination of state of the art manufacturing with hand crafted finishing touches.
•Our sales people are fully trained to give you honest, impartial advice and do not employ hard sell tactics. The sales person that visits your home is the same person that will process your order. This leaves no margin for errors. We only have to visit your home once to measure your windows.
•Our installers are qualified carpenters and are employed by Heritage Shutters, not subcontracted.
•Our products are backed by a life time Guarantee and undergo vigorous testing to ensure you are guaranteed durability and longevity.
•Our prices are competitive as we research the market regularly to ensure we will not be beaten on a like for like basis.


Guy Erickson

31 October 2018

5.0 star rating 2/17/2018

As I wake up this morning and walk into my living room I am greeted with an amazing view of my new window shutters. My dealings with this company were exceptional with everything happening exactly as promised. When it came to the install there was a minor error in the frame and they had it remade and installed within 24 hours. The shutters themselves are beautiful and very well made. It is very clear why this company has been in business for 40 years. I would highly recommend this Heritage Shutters to anyone. More...


Charles M Guido

31 October 2018

Heritage did a great job, quality of the shutters, workmanship of the installers was excellent.
They were polite, efficient and certainly customer focused.
We are very pleased with the job the installers did, and how they conducted themselves.
There are great representatives for Heritage.


Patty Bischoff

18 October 2018

Super Customer Service and excellent product.


Ed Thompson

18 August 2018

A GREAT COMPANY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Jeanette De Coma-Gaines

24 July 2018

Heritage Shutters ... a 5 Star rating I Have Had My Beautiful Shutters. For Over 20 Years Now and They are as Beautiful today as When They were First installed . Living in Arizona there Great During Those Hot Days to keep the Heat out and Winter keeping The Cold Out. More...


Guy Erickson

17 February 2018

5.0 star rating 2/17/2018

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