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Heritage Restoration & Design is a family owned corporation whose knowledge has spanned 6 generations. Our company's work can be seen in a variety of buildings across the United States. We specialize in interior design, churches, historical buildings, homes, and health care centers.



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Firstly ascertain what dreams or current plans the client has. If they have none, we help to cultivate them. From there Heritage will produce both a plan and pricing. Then we execute the plan. We have our own staff to do just about everything.

We are students of history, our people are skilled in designs from Roman and High Gothic to Modernism and Post Modernism. Even if you are after an art style that we don't normally work in, no problem, we are quick studies. Think of us as the design Swiss Army knife.

We use methods that have been employed since the development of film: Do as much preparatory work as you can, bring the appropriate gear, compose the scene well, and snap your photos in a variety of positions and camera configurations. Do what you can to capture the natural beauty of the subject or object. Beyond that, it is all a matter of skill.

The above question is pretty vague, but often times so are particulars of projects. So first things we need to discuss are: Do you have a current vision of the project? Do you have a budget? Do you need help fundraising? Are you open to new ideas?

From that starting point we can grow your project to the next level.

Seeing, capturing, designing and manufacturing unique artifacts. I get to do some travel, I get to meet interesting people and learn about their experiences in life while perusing my carrier.

It is a honor to continue on the legacy started by my ancestors in Europe. What inspires me is how I can continue to bring all of the old world traditions and skills in to modern situations.

We are a diverse company with skills and expertise in a variety of areas. From a strictly business view point, we have a large wealth of intellectual capital that we utilize to create our products and services. On the manufacturing side of our business, we can scale our services to work on a single furniture item or to mass produce large quantities of new products. Put our creativity to work for you!


Heritage designs and produces statues out of wood, marble and resin in a variety of sizes.

We restore plaster, fiberglass, resin, porcelain, wood, marble and stone statuary.

Design and perform a variety of restoration services for interior spaces including: flooring, ceilings, painting, plastering, millwork, decorative moldings, mosaics, glass works, and furnishings.

Our staff build custom wooden furniture, decorations, millwork, emblems, and embellishments.

Heritage repairs, refinishes, and restores all manners of woodworking, including exterior wood elements. By popular request, we now also restore pianos.

Refinishing, plating, polishing, cleaning and protective clear coatings for gold, silver, brass, copper, bronze, steel, and nickel. Lead containment and renovation services a specialty.

We design, manufacture, install and restore stained, leaded, and colored glass works.

We offer professional museum quality conservation and restoration services for: oil paintings, watercolors, acrylics, porcelain, silverware, lithographs, and frescos.

Heritage can digitally restore and reprint damaged or antique documents and photographs.

We at Heritage have the ability to recreate missing or damaged wood works, paintings, metalware, statues, reliefs, furniture, frames, mosaics, plaster or resin castings, as well as door and window hardware.

Heritage has decades of experience in the restoration and construction of church interiors, altars, pews, rails, lecterns, pulpits, flooring, credence tables, fonts, windows and statues.

We have recently completed a complete restoration of the stained glass windows, pews, walls, ceiling, trim, doors, flooring, and baptistry for the interior of Tremont Baptist Church.