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Services include strategizing, planning and building a website as well as coaching on online marketing, SEO, form integration and the many benefits of WordPress — the most modern and easy-to-use CMS (content management system). I also host and maintain almost 200 WordPress websites.

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Emilio Clarke

24 May 2019

Kevin was friendly & helpful. Price was competitive for color invites. Final product was beautiful. I'm a happy customer.


Donna D.

29 April 2019

Look no further than Ari for web design! In addition to being amazingly creative, he is very responsive to requests for additions and edits on the website. Using Google Hangouts, you can also share your screen with him while he is offering instruction on getting behind the scenes in WordPress.He's an overall genius and equally as thoughtful and lovely to work with! More...


Amanda B.

29 March 2019

I work for a small nonprofit with just under 90 employees - most, say 90% are in the field - leaving all of the admin work a limited staff. None of us were hired to specifically work on our website but it fell to me under "marketing." After a few recommendations and honest conversations with HelloAri we went with them. Through the experience Kids Co.'s site has vastly improved, I've learned the basic (really loving Beaver Builder!), and the burden of web maintenance is gone. Definite 5-star crew. More...


Mike V.

26 March 2019

My old business partner and I have used Ari for many years.  He helped build our websites and seamlessly managed all the back end hosting and techy stuff that we have no clue about.  In addition to providing excellent service, he's always been very responsive and I would personally recommend him without reservation.  -mike More...


David Salomon

26 February 2019

After Using Ari for signage we have more recently had him design a WordPress website that is a key part of our new business strategy. Ari had all kinds of ideas and is in touch with trends like feedburner and RSS and all those web techonologies that I had never heard of before. He gently trained me to update my own site and wenet though a number of tools to find the one that fit my work style the best (thank you "Press This" bookmarklet)I wanted to also update that Ari did a recent project for us which came out great and really helped us move forward with redesigning our business. We wanted to split our logo into 4 different - but related - versions to reflect the new structure of our company. Ari was able to help us conceptualize the new logos and wrote some great tag line ideas. More...


Maria Powell

26 February 2019

If you are looking for a great web designer you have come to the right place. Ari really knows his stuff! He was able to put into easy to understand terms simple things that I could do to update my website with tremendous results. He turned my old outdated website into a stellar web presence which accurately depicts the growth of my business. As a bonus, he even checks my growing site for bugs and glitches along the way! Working with Ari has truly been one of the best things I have done for my business. The new web site he has created has had an amazing domino effect that has really contributed to the success of my company. I highly recommend working with Ari. It's a smart move to make. More...


jonny crosby

26 February 2019

The man works WordPress miracles. Have used Ari for many a site an am constantly impressed by his speed, quality and value. Couldn't recommend him highly enough. More...


Oliver Burgelman

26 February 2019

Ari is an exceptional web developer. He did an excellent job creating my real estate website. He took the time to listen and understand what it was I needed, and then undertook the task with a professionalism I have seldom seen. Ari is very easy to work with as well. Call him, you'll be glad you did. More...


jay C.

4 February 2019

Still with Ari. And I still would take a bullet for him. He continues to keep my sites relavent and well used.


Lily S.

26 May 2017

Ari helped me talk through a website rebuild project for a non-profit member-driven organization. He is really well informed about options available through WordPress and third party plug-ins. He is also knowledgable about SEO. He helped me think through some of the complicated variables and get a better understanding of the scope of the project. He was easy to talk to explained things in a really clear way. I am so grateful for his help. More...


Claire M.

12 January 2017

Ari has been hosting, updating, and maintaining my website since 2013. Not only did he build me a fantastic website, but he is also on top of his emails with a very quick response time to my questions, and is up to date on site maintenance.  I feel really secure having him host my site, knowing that he has backups if it breaks or is hacked. I've really never had to worry about whether my site is working properly, and as a business owner who relies on my site for income, that is a lot of weight off my shoulders. I am happy my site is in good hands! More...


Ashton u.

10 August 2016

HelloAri is very rare in their level of service as a web design company.  They do great quality work.  They give honest estimates.  They are straightforward on what is and is not in their wheelhouse.  My company worked with Ari on front-end wordpress design over the course of a year and not only did they give me a great site, but they also taught me how to do some parts of the work myself so I could handle the simpler, routine tasks on my own.  I highly recommend HelloAri. More...


Todd O.

13 May 2015

I have now been working with Ari Salomon for nearly two years, creating the website for a new online magazine called Craftsmanship (craftsmanship.net). Ari's attention to detail, his eye for design, and the depth of his knowledge and skill with WordPress are unparalleled.  As proof, consider what another web developer who has been helping market the magazine told me: "The stuff that Ari has been doing for you we would never let you ask for, and we couldn't do it even if you did." Anyone interested in Ari's services should also know this: He is uncommonly patient about discussing every technological possibility there is in what you're planning.  If you are impatient (or technologically challenged) and you just want the job done, this can be frustrating, as it was sometimes for me. So be forewarned. But I eventually learned that the benefits of his methodical approach far outweighed its demerits.  First, it ensures a job done extremely carefully, with all options duly considered. And second, it amounts to a very good deal financially.  Ari typically charges by the job, on a contract basis, not by the hour.  So any meetings you have (and you are likely to have many) are not racking up the clock.  All in all, given the outrageous prices that many website developers charge today, you can be sure you will get what you pay for with HelloARI design--and then some. More...


Tyler R.

9 April 2015

Ari is an absolute pro -- creative and insightful, technically accomplished, thorough and responsive. Highest recommendation.


Ira S.

26 March 2015

Great guys! Very professional, prompt and smart. Highly recommended for all services you might need for your website.


Liz C.

7 January 2015

I am a first-time author and needed to build a website for my book.  I needed to do it quickly, I needed to do it cheaply, and I needed it to be excellent.  I solicited four bids, and decided to go with Ari, although I was nervous that we could quickly exhaust my budget at his hourly rate, which is pretty standard - not as low as you can get from some less experienced freelancers who are looking to build their portfolios.  But I loved Ari's work.  And he told me that if I gave him a detailed plan of what I wanted and all the content up front, we could work very efficiently.  Was he ever right!  I delivered the plan and the content, and in our first two-hour meeting at his studio, we had already built the core of the site - and it was looking great.  It's very easy for me to use and update the site in WordPress, but it looks like a custom job, and I've gotten nothing but rave reviews on it. Both my agent and my publicist at Penguin Random House told me it's one of the best book websites they've ever seen. There are few things more pleasant than working with someone who is really, really well-suited to their job.  Ari is one of those people.  He has a gift for understanding what you want and delivering it to you, and at least in my case, this involved pretty much zero back and forth.  He just got it.  So if you need to build a site, my advice would be to start by looking at other sites, gathering your content, and planning out in as much detail as possible what you would like.  Then ask Ari to build it for you! More...


Sevin Philips

28 May 2014

Ari designed my website. He was available to chat and go above and beyond the call of duty. It is magic , what he can do with a webpress template... he made mine seem like a custom site never before seen. I since have had someone else duplicate the design it was so impressive. More...


Alexis B.

7 June 2013

As a nonprofit with a limited staff and tight budget, we were looking for an efficient way to manage our website - Wordpress was the answer, but we didn't have the tools, design aesthetic, or resources to get it underway.Ari was the perfect solution.  He worked WITH us, was extremely accommodating, has a keen attention to detail, made suggestions based on his expertise (and our lack thereof), answered any and all questions efficiently, and was easy to work with the whole way through.Our website is up and looks GREAT.  We're excited to be able to update content on our end, while knowing that Ari is there on the back end for any additional support.Thanks for the great partnership, Ari! More...


Sue W.

15 May 2013

Ari made our organization's website 3 years ago and continues to work with us on various improvements.  We couldn't be happier with him.  He's a good listener and very smart.  I'm always amazed how he comes up with ways to quickly execute the things we're imagining.  He provides good training so a lot of the day-to-day website stuff I'm able to handle on my own now.  I highly recommend working with him. More...


Davide P.

11 February 2013

I had to go through multiple different web designers (solo & companies) before I found Ari and his staff. They do *FLAWLESS* work. His schedule would've been right on time if it wasn't me holding things up periodically. If you want a professionally displayed website with insight as to what does and what doesn't work - along with how to best display it - Ari is your guy. Ari, Im extremely glad I came across you! Thanks!! More...


Cameron Y.

7 February 2013

Ari is one of those people who has turned out to be a total Yelp score.  He had amazing reviews so I tried him out.  All the good reviews turned out to be totally spot on. Honestly the web project that I had for him was very involved.  I feel like I gave him a pretty big project that needed lots of custom details.  I am totally blown away by the finished product.  I think Ari has so many positive reviews because it is very difficult to find someone as well rounded as he is.  It is not easy to find someone who is a great coder, but also a great designer, who also has strong business/customer service skills!  He is a rare find.  Thank you so much Ari for what you did for my company, and I look forward to a long business relationship with you. More...


Dav R.

11 November 2012

ari was responsible for executing our website. we solicited several bids on the job, and ari's bid stood out head and shoulders from the rest. reading through his bid it became abundantly clear that he had taken the time and energy to think thoroughly and clearly through the entire project in an effort to understand its scope and potential problems. none of the other vendors had combed through it in such detail nor had thought through and prepared for the myriad issues that could complicate the project. it was a no brainer to hire him. his attention to detail did not end there. he handled the entire job with the same level of care and detail as the original bid. his competence afforded us trust in the process and allowed us to focus on the important aspects of the project that we needed to, making everything proceed much more smoothly. things went without a hitch. i highly recommend ari. he is conscientious, fair, smart, creative, professional and just plain fun to work with. what more could you ask for?  thanks ari! dav More...


Matthew C.

16 October 2012

Ari's work is fantastic! Not only has he helped me out with web design and WordPress issues, but he's also a resource for me for cut vinyl wall graphics and signage. I never have to worry if my project is going to be finished on time, and his quality can always be trusted. I love having Ari as part of my team!Oh, and definitely check out his personal work. I saw some new pieces of his at the Oakland Art Gallery last month and they were the highlight of the show. More...


Philip Morehead

28 May 2012

Ari (with Peter McDowell) designed and maintains professional web pages for myself and my wife. His work from the beginning has been fully professional, his design imaginative and flexible, and the maintenance attentive and responsive to our needs. We recommend him highly.


beesknee s.

27 May 2012

Ari was extremely patient and helpful with my frantic last minute request for vinyl lettering. I always hesitate to write reviews about last minute things--one hates to encourage that...But Ari exceeded my deadline by days, and the work was perfect. Thank you so much! I will definitely be going back and reccommending HelloAri! More...


Maria P.

21 December 2011

If you are looking for a great web designer you have come to the right place. Ari really knows his stuff! He was able to put into easy to understand terms simple things that I could do to update my website with tremendous results. He turned my old outdated website into a stellar web presence which accurately depicts the growth of my business. As a bonus, he even checks my growing site for bugs and glitches along the way!  Working with Ari has trulybeen one of the best things I have done for my business. The new web site he has created has had an amazing domino effect that has really contributed to the success of my company. I  highly recommend working with Ari. It's a smart move to make. More...


Christina C.

7 July 2011

Ari is awesome!  I originally contacted him about 2.5 years ago because I needed a new website page for my business.  He listened to my needs and quickly designed a website not only tasteful, extremely functional, and suits perfectly to what I needed.  Since then, he has been maintaining my practice's website as well as my business' email account.  He always responded to my questions and concerns extremely and solved extremely promptly.  Whenever I contacted him for any IT/website-related questions, he would always try his best to help me out.  He is a talented professional with a lot of integrity.  Better yet, his fees are very reasonable.  I would definitely recommend his service to anyone! More...


Jennie R.

3 June 2011

Working with Ari has been an absolute pleasure and dream. He embodied all the qualities and skills I was looking for in a web developer/designer including wonderful personal qualities - he's highly responsive, helpful, easy to work with, articulate, skilled, and gave us everything we were seeking in a website and more. He was able to articulate visually exactly what we asked for. Our website just launched today for CommunityConcernForCats.… - and we could not be happier. Thanks Ari! More...


Leanne W.

4 January 2011

Ari is brilliant.  He's created vinyl signage for me for many places and then he installs and it's always pixel perfect and installed perfectly even.  He knows a lot about a lot of things so sometimes I ask him for advice about something just because he might know the answer or know someone who knows the answer. More...


Peter F.

23 November 2010

Ari did a great job with the complete make-over and rebranding of my website!  He was well versed in the issues of modern web design and easy to work with even from all the way across the country.  His rates are reasonable and a good value for the services rendered. More...


Todd M.

29 October 2010

Ari is truly a professional.  Very skilled and knowledgeable, not just about "techy" stuff, but also the ins and outs of setting up a site or blog for functionality and results. Very customer oriented with fast turn-around times. He helped me with my WordPress blog and did a great job. I was paying him by the hour but because he really knows what he is doing, the hours were kept to a minimum therefore the fees were very reasonable. More...


Sharon S.

11 April 2010

I have hired Ari for my website, my business card, my business signage and for my clients.  He produces high-quality signs and aesthetically eye-catching designs.  He is also very smart and technically savvy, but always generous with his time and knowledge.  Thank you Ari! More...


Joshua C.

5 February 2010

I was very, very impressed with Ari's work and his level of professionalism. My request was to redesign and reformat a website, transfer content, and add a lot of new content. He worked quickly and efficiently to do this, but more importantly, he taught me in great detail how to make these changes myself. Not only is he very smart, fast, and knowledgeable, he always got back to me re: my requests, typically within an hour or 2. Unheard of! I also felt like he went beyond the call of duty to make sure that my site was something that I could be happy with in the long-term. Use him.drjoshuacoleman.com More...


Robert M.

7 January 2010

i am very pleased with the outcome of Ari's work. our business has been so much easier with his intelligent designs and upgrades to our website. superb work!!


jenny m.

8 December 2009

Ari has been a great help to me over the years. I continue to hire his services based on consistent high-quality work and broad expertise. He adapts quickly and works well with various internal teams, from marketing to design and engineering. I always feel relieved when I have Ari on a project! More...


A Google User

21 September 2009

In a word, Ari ROCKS! Wait, that's two words. Really and truly this man is the consummate professional and just a great guy to work with. So responsive, so forward-thinking, helpful and thorough. Plenty more positive adjectives to go but you get the idea. Here at the TCHO chocolate factory we were not disappointed with his work - you won't be either. More...


C. Y.

9 August 2009

I needed printed and cut vinyl for exhibition signage. Ari came highly recommended to my by colleagues at YBCA; they said he was fast, cheap and sweet. They were right!


Geoffrey G.

26 May 2009

I started my search for a local web designer on Yelp -- I didn't want some out-of-town conglomerate.  Oddly, I noticed they all had 5-star reviews.  Then I noticed Ari had *fifteen* five-star reviews.  Still I figured okay let's not be hasty, and I picked three or four others to visit anyway. There was no need.  Some were only into doing the design themselves (I had my own idea).  One was great but cost close to 9 times more than Ari.  Then there was this woman Veronica who didn't tell me she was billing $75 for the initial meeting till after we had it!Ari, you've probably read in the preceding reviews, is great with web novices.  But he's also great coordinating with others specialized in web arcana, as I needed in working out one of my pages with a custom java applet (actual-size.com/ingredie…).  Hire Ari Salomon.  He's good.  He's honest.  He's fast.  And he doesn't even bill for all his hours. More...


emi t.

13 April 2009

Ari is fabulous! We have used him extensively on redoing/updating our website AND also his skills as a sign maker. He has done some great vinyl signage for our company.Ari was professional and super easy to work with. He was patient and understanding even though we kept making changes- a lot of them.Use this guy! More...


Roger W.

22 March 2009

We reviewed 5 different designers, looking for someone who would be a good fit to build our nonprofit a website with:---Elegant and professional design, including a revisit of our nonprofit's logo---Robust architecture, preferably open source and growing---three different levels of password privilege for members and committees having confidential posted discussions---Responsive support when we had questions---Excellent compatibility with Explorer (boo hiss), Firefox and Safari---Several neat bells and whistles4 of them winnowed themselves out during the interview process; Ari, however, managed to impress the technical and the completely non-technical people on the selection committee.And Ari did it all---on schedule, on budget (in the thousands) and with high praise from a group of notoriously difficult to impress characters at the website roll out.    He exceeded our expectations.Extremely professional, pleasure to work with, would work with him again in a minute. More...


Abigail R.

5 January 2009

Ari made it all so easy! I gave him some general guidelines and he knew exactly what was needed for the job. I needed 4 outdoor signs on aluminum panels and lettering for the front window and door of my new office. He measured and took photos, then quickly emailed me back with mock-ups of the signs showing my artwork in accurate scale on the photos. Each application had its own particularity and he got it right every time. The layout was artistic and clean - just what I wanted. The signs fit perfectly and he applied the lettering on my windows with precision. Needless to say, I got lots of emails and phone calls from friends/clients saying they say the new signage and loved it! Ari is a wizard. More...


chris m.

20 June 2008

In a word, Ari ROCKS!  It's starting to sound cliche on this page, but really and truly this man is the consummate professional and just a great guy to work with.  So responsive, so forward-thinking, helpful and thorough.  Plenty more positive adjectives to go but you get the idea.  You will not be disappointed. More...


abes ..

15 April 2008

I'm shopping around for a web designer, for my companies very first website. I gave Ari a call, without any prior knowledge of how to go about setting up a website, and he just spent the last 30 minutes giving me a run down of how i could go about setting one up and explaining what was involved - alllllll the while not pressuring me to use his services or getting annoyed with my stupid questions!helloari gets 5 stars for great customer service and consulting...but ill update after he puts the actual site together for me. More...


Tori P.

16 July 2007

I discovered Ari here, on Yelp and was very happy with the work he did for me. He is truly a modern graphic and sign craftsman. A one stop shop for image work, printing and signs (etc.).It was great to have someone knowledgeable talk me through my options in regards to materials and colors for my large overhead sign, sandwich board signs and window vinyl. Although, I went to Ari with a design in place, it is apparent from the work he's done (See website) and his artistic manner that his personal design and layout work equal in quality to his outstanding printing and Vinyl work. More...


Lisa R.

1 April 2007

Highly recommended designer and excellent signage and vinyl. Met him at my last job and still use him at my new one.Thanks Ari!


Paul L.

13 February 2007

Ari has a unique combination of creative and technical abilities and seems to be capable of anything.He's extremely balanced and a pleasure to work with.He thinks deeply about the right approach to problems and is a great listener.I'd highly recommend him for any project you need done! More...


David N.

4 February 2007

HelloARI design.  I've worked with Ari on business identity, signage, website design.  He is extremely accessible, professionally managed my expectations (budget and time), delivered on schedule, and, most importantly, guided us through the creative process of converting our values and desires into manageable choices.  He was too affordable, and too conscientious, but I want to work with him again. More...

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1: Visual Website Design (Strategic thinking about branding)
2: Technical Website Design (Production of code)
3: Website Maintenance Tools (Make it good and keep it good)

Agency experience at freelance pricing.

Pricing is based on my hourly rate of $150/hr and $125/hr for my production team. I require a minimum of 4 hours ($600) if I am hosting your WordPress site(s) and 10 hours ($1500) for clients who host elsewhere.



We build strong brands consistently across all media. Starting with branding and logo design, we offer conceptualizing, planning, and building all resources needed for the layout, colors, text styles, structure, graphics, images, and use of interactive features that deliver pages to your site visitors.

I use the WordPress CMS. It is open source with a large and active community. WordPress is designed with configurability in mind and will easily accommodate the features you need as well as possible future features you may want to add to the site. One important feature of WordPress is that the content and design are separated. So you can start entering your content and design can be layered on top of it and changed anytime. This also allows for more flexibility in scheduling. We can work with your designs and build complex custom themes and plugins or, for simpler projects, rely more on pre-made elements and just the right amount of customizations to make your site look unique.