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giadas life

25 May 2019



Sayvien Ortiz

26 February 2019

Dianne did an amazing job. Het work ethic is very important to her. The line never ended. She went 3 hours straight knocking out these magnificent face paintings. Adult had full face and body art. Thanks again i will refer and book again. More...


Elrohir Hedwig Namikaze

10 September 2018

Truly amazing artists! I gave a challenge and they surpassed my expectations! I truly hope that I can get their art again. :D Thanks for coming to Comic Con! :D More...


Tasha Buckles

10 September 2018

Diane was the star of our party! Worked hard every single minute of our party. I'd recommend her to anyone! Thank you!


Maegan Watkins

10 September 2018

Dianne was such a wonderful addition to my daughters 8th birthday party! I will be raving about this amazing service and the wonderful woman behind it for a long time to come!
Thank you so much and good luck at the Sugar Skull Festival!


Miriam Ocano

10 September 2018

Best in AZ!!! Quality and professionalism aswell as beautiful art!


Julie Ingram

27 May 2018

Awesome face paints! Fast, nice and beautiful artistic faces. My girls both wanted bird faces and they turned out beautiful.


Dawnsie Palmer

27 May 2018

My kids had Spider-Man painted on their faces. She did an excellent job.


Shannon T.

16 February 2018

I am giving Diane 5/5 Stars even though I haven't seen her face painting (yet-I am definitely booking her as soon as I can) because of her awesome service. I had her booked for my daughter's birthday party, I canceled two days before because my daughter is very sick and we are moving the party to a date when Diane unfortunately isn't available. She offered to drive over immediately and paint my daughter's face to cheer her up on her actual birthday and help her feel better. I'm floored at the amazing service and sweet gesture. My daughter said she was too sleepy but Diane has made a faithful customer for sure! Thank you! More...


Scarlett Skigis

27 May 2017

Absolutely stellar! Both my daughter and I had our faces painted at the Queen Creek garlic festival and LOVED our faces!!


Marilyn Carpenter

27 May 2016

She is a extremely talented person! ♡ Best of the Best!


Danielle Williams

27 May 2016

AMAZING!!! I'm in constant "Awe" over her work! She's truly a work of art :)


Andrea Hunt

27 May 2016

Diane is so talented! She has such a wonderful personality and makes every encounter fabulous! Great with kids and adults, perfect for any party!


Dawn Hoyden

27 May 2016

Best face painting ever! Seriously. If you are looking for a face painting entertainment for your kids party, or for your adult party(!) Hello Face Paint is where to go!


Emily mericle

27 May 2016

Dianne is an amazing artist. She is very professional and extremely talented! I highly recommend her.


Heather D.

17 June 2015

I could not have been more pleased with our experience with Dianne. We hired her for face painting at our office BBQ and it was the hit of the party. She was attentive and professional from the get go. On time. Very friendly, courteous, and great with the kids... And crazy talented! All of our guests couldn't believe their eyes with the great art work! We were ecstatic with her work and the outcome. We would hire her again and would definitely recommend her to anyone looking for a great addition to their party!! More...


Ernesto L.

2 March 2015

Face painting has become a classic at my kid's parties. Everybody loves it and Dianne does such a great job!This last time we went to the school's county fair after the party and everybody was asking where did the kids get their faces painted.A warrantied success!


Kristen B.

19 May 2014

Amazing young lady with amazing talent!  She painted faces at our son's first birthday party.  She was super sweet and interacted well with all of the kids.  She added a lot of fun to our party!We would most certainly hire her again!!  Thank you so much, Dianne! =) More...



29 November 2013

I mean to tell you...Dianne was incredible! From the very first email she was more than kind and accommodating. Her artwork....it's to die for! We hired Dianne for my daughters birthday party and a few of us adults just had to jump in the mix because she was SO great! Her pricing is more than fair...I think we got the better end of the deal. We will be using her in the future. Even if we don't need a face painter...I will make room to have her at our parties! Thank you Dianne! You totally ROCK!! More...


Jane S.

16 August 2013

Dianne is AWESOMELY AMAZING!! If you are looking for a naturally, seriously talented artist LOOK NO FURTHER!! We were lucky enough to have obtained her services twice and every single time her art was awesome!  I highly recommend her!  Parties she did for us - Bachelorette Party and Themed Birthday Party.Things to know:She's very nice and does superb work.She brings a sturdy chair for people of all shapes and sizes.She can paint and draw pretty much anything - and I mean ANYTHING.Please remember to tip her because she's worth it! More...


Mendy L.

20 January 2013

We used Dianne for Jonathan's Walk4Friendship.... truly talented ... everyone was so impressed by her work!thank you


Devon S.

12 November 2012

Frickin Awesome!!! This lady is so awesome with kids! Her art is fantastic, and she paints one heck of a Batman and Spiderman.


Maria B.

1 June 2012

I met Dianne at the PBS Backstage Pass Yelp Elite Party.  She was nice, fun, and so creative.  I haven't had my face painted since I was a little girl.  Oh, how I missed the feel of a paint brush on my face.  Tickles, but soothing at the same time.  And then came the glitter/pixie dust.  WOW!Love her!!  See pics! More...


Leslie R.

1 June 2012

Dianne was face painting us 21+ year old kids at Yelp's Elite event at the PBS Studios. She was amazing - super nice, fun and creative. She painted my face up like a sugar skull and added extra glitter - to make it extra sugary, she said. I felt like I was a kid again, even though I don't even remember ever having my face painted as a child. I thought the paint would be greasy and easily rub off, but this stuff dried! Still, it washed off very easily. Even though we're located at opposite ends of the valley, she does travel for a few extra dollars for gas. Makes me wish I had reasons to throw parties just so she can paint our faces! Thanks, Dianne. You're frickin' awesome! :) More...


Marlon D.

31 May 2012

Met Dianne at the Yelp Elite event at PBS studios. She had a table set up to paint people's faces at the event. I was really pleased with her work (she painted Cookie Monster on my face - see the photos). She really took her time to paint people's faces and she was very nice. I will definitely recommend her to my friends who throw kids birthday parties. Keep up the great work Dianne! More...


Terra O.

21 May 2012

Dianne is a "Frickin Awesome" face painter! She was a big hit at my granddaughter's 2nd birthday party! She brought music and painted all the kids faces(and some adults) in an hour! She drove all the way to Goodyear from Chandler. I will definatly use her services again and so will the other parents who saw her work. She is a true artist. Her work is not the typical generic face painting. She did better work than the face painter at Sea World! She is fast. All the kids flocked aroud her to watch her work.  I could not disagree more with the reviewer who called her unprofessional. More...


Maria T.

26 March 2012

Dianne did an amazing job at my Son's B-day Party! Really professional and nice with the kids. she came from Tempe to Avondale and kids and parents were impressed with the designs she did. Buzz light year and woody, butter flies and flowers, spider mans, hello kitties, you name it.... One tip for the organizers of the party: do not keep kids in line! I created a list and add the kids names in the order they arrived and Dianne was just calling the next in line, kids had all that extra time to keep playing and enjoying the party! (some of the kids wanted to stay and watch the transformations... Dianne hizo un maravilloso trabajo en el cumple de mi hijo, muy profesional y tratable con los ninos, fue desde Temple hasta Avondale y todos quedamos muy impresionados de la calidad de su trabajo. Una sugerencia para los papas del cumpleaniero, crea una lista con los nombres de los ninios en el orden en que llegaron, de esa manera les evitas quedarse formados en linea esperando su turno y asi pueden seguir disfrutando de la fiesta hasta que Dianne los llame. De verdad, se las recomiendo! More...


cassandra s.

20 March 2012

In a child's fantasy world, all faces are adorned with butterflies and dragons. And possibly glitter. And probably covered in chocolate. But that's beside the point.. Dianne was amazing. She transformed a house full of children in to proud little masterpieces. Her speed was very beneficial in the sense that little kids are very hard to get to sit still for long periods of time. But the kids had no issues, and she was great at conforming to each child's quirks (ie. sticking their fingers in their eyes while she's trying to paint their faces). I would recommend her to anyone, we had such a great time! More...


Elizabeth H.

13 March 2012

Dianne is an absolute gem. She is fast, and GOOD. She painted faces NON_STOP at an eight hour event and was still as cheery as the moment she arrived. Everyone was exclaiming how brilliant her designs were. Thank you Dianne for a job very well-done! More...


Elizabeth T.

14 January 2012

We were so happy that Dianne could bring her Frickin' Awesome Face Painting to our daughter's4th birthday party!  Her business name says it all.  She is a fantastic artist, and such a wonderful person to work with.  Thanks Dianne, we'll be spreading the word about you and definitely calling again! More...


Cassandra M.

21 November 2011

Dianne was amazing!  She painted over 2 dozen people at my daughters birthday party in 2 hours. Not only is she quick, but her artistic abilities are OUTSTANDING! She definitely won us over and all of our guests.  Thanks, Dianne. More...


Sadie Jo S.

21 August 2011

A girlfriend and I hired Dianne for our "hot mommas" birthday party. Dianne did an AMAZING job. She painted all of the children's faces, then all the moms. Most of us had images from websites we wanted her to recreate (think Cirque du Soliel) and they turned out better than the original! We got  a lot of attention when we went dancing. Very talented. Awesome personality. We'll be calling Dianne again. More...


Heather L.

5 June 2011

AMAZING!! Dianne did a wonderful job at a birthday party I attended, I can not wait to book her for my son's birthday in September. She is beyond talented with the brush, and very patient and good with kids. More...


Nicole P.

30 March 2011

I hired Dianne to do facepainting for a bachelorrete party I threw in Phoenix.  She was AMAZING!  I am from Chicago and had to make the arrangements via e-mail.  No problem.  She met me at a Phoenix restaurant and was set up by the time the guests arrived.  It took her no time at all to get everyone's face painted and every design she did was beautiful.  She is seriously artistic and professional.  She even filled some goofy requests (a peacock and an elephant).  Having Dianne there turned an ordinary brunch into a festive party!  The bride-to-be LOVED IT. More...


Chris K.

2 November 2010

Dianne is awesome, she has painted some awesome pictures for me at a few events.  Highly recommended.


Shelby M.

14 May 2010

Dianne was really fantastic for my daughter's sixth birthday party.  It was a butterfly theme and she gave the children gorgeous full face butterfly and garden designs.  The children looked amazing and were so excited.  She is very talented and I'm very pleased with her service.  I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking for a face painter! More...


Shanna K.

27 April 2010

Dianne is amazing. AH MAY ZING.  You have no idea the absolute amazingness and awesomeness that come out of her brush. From a black/red biker chick rose on my bicep to a crab fighting a shark on a small child to an out of this world T-rex on my friend's cheek, she does some of the best freehand facepainting I have ever seen.Not only that, but she has an excellent presence, and is sweet, kind, and good with both adults and children. Plus, she had glitter!I was incredibly impressed with her, and wished that I was having my wedding in AZ. If so, I'd definitely hire her to add a little sparkle (pun totally intended) to our special day. More...


Deb L.

26 April 2010

Wow ! how does she do it? She takes about 5 minutes , a load of colors and you end up with a personalized , stylized gorgeous picture. It looked like she waved a magic wand and magically made it happen! My daughter was thrilled and went home and promptly took a picture so she could remember how beautiful it looked. More...


Meghan C.

25 April 2010

Dianne really is Frickin' Awesome!We met her today at the Yelp event at Kiwanis park. She did face painting on myself, my boyfriend, and two of my female friends. Everyone was fantastic. She can and will paint literally anything you ask for butterflies, gnomes, dinosaurs, motorcycles, whatever.She is also a total sweetie and was pleasant to deal with. I will be hiring her for my 30th Birthday party. More...


Annie C.

9 March 2010

Diane is a very sweet lady with lots of talent.  My boyfriend and I got dragons painted on our faces at the Yelp Desert in Bloom party. She definitely exceeded our expectations. Very intricate, beautiful, and FAST! Great for adults and kids :) More...


Heather D.

4 March 2010

Awesome!  It is sooo much fun for me to take part in activities that make me feel like a kid again!  Honestly if acting child-like could be considered a hobby, I'd say it's my favorite hobby!  That being said, this artist made me feel like a beautiful little girl all over again!  She was so sweet and so swift with her painting!  Wow!  I told her to just paint whatever felt right.  :)  She painted my pretty swirly, starry design in like 5 minutes tops!  And she did it all with a smile!  :)  I hope she will be at the Ostrich Fest in Chandler, and I hope I can get my face painted by her again!  Awesome! More...


Sarah H.

3 March 2010

Ok, so this lady is seriously talented.Seriously.Like artist talented.  These aren't your typical, run of the mill face paintings.I'll attach a few pics of the work she did on my hand and my boyfriend's face (he wanted a painting to look like he fell into a cactus)I like. More...


Yesenia R.

11 August 2009

This is kind of late! But as my prev reviews says....Diane will keep doing the face painting at any bday parties I have for my son! She is amazing! I love her work, he personality while painting & not painting! She livens up the party & makes even adults want to get their faces painted! Frickin Awesome!!!!! More...

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