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Ginger KIng

5 November 2015

Helen lead me into very old and very emotional territory with a gentle, compassionate, capable hand. It was a journey long avoided but somehow I trusted Helen to take me there. I was not to be disappointed. My healing has been incredible and life changing. Please do yourself a favor and take yourself to Helen to at least explore that within you that is holding you back from being the happy, healthy person you want to be. Thank you, Helen, for putting me on that track. More...


Kevin McDermott

5 November 2015

There are great people, people who are great, and then there are the people who bring out the greatness in others. Helen Basinger is all three. If you are looking for a life transforming experience, or just a pleasant afternoon, please contact Helen Basinger's Freedom Healing. As someone who has experienced her unique treatment personally, it is time well spent, and not to be missed. That nagging problem, that never seem to go away? Helen can help. Extra special assistance to smokers who have never been able to quit the habit. Helen can help. Highly recommended, five stars. More...


Linda Swift Gatherings to Enligthment

3 June 2015

Helen Basinger is a very insightful, intuitive and compassionate practitioner. I was very impressed with the questions she asked. The suggestions she made and the way she guided me through EFT. Linda Swift More...


Kenan Nashat

22 May 2015

Helen's approach is a genuinely caring one as it is pragmatic and practical. She is able to really understand you as a person and guide you in a very personal journey of discovery.

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