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Healing Hands Massage Therapy and Bodywork, LLC.

Raleigh, North Carolina, Wake

Healing Hands Massage Therapy and Bodywork, LLC. logo

Healing Hands Massage Therapy and Bodywork, LLC.

Raleigh, North Carolina, Wake



17 years of experience as a Massage Therapist has taught me many things about how the body works, and why it doesn't work well. I primarily use NeuroMuscular Reprogramming, a detailed protocol based on specific muscle testing. This allows me to have a conversation with the client's body and ask which muscles are working and which are not.


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Holly Webster

28 October 2018

I have been working with Tim for a little over a year now. Chronic pain from a long ago car accident, chronic pain from Lyme disease and pain from 2 shoulder surgeries brought me to his practice. This particular massage modality has given me better posture, reduced my baseline pain level and has helped improve my balance. Tim is a gifted intuitive massage therapist who also has a very strong knowledge of anatomy and body mechanics. If you have been dismissed by physical therapy as "permanent and stationary" or are not getting enough relief from other treatments, I highly encourage you to book a session with Tim. His method is painless and can have powerful results. More...


Shelia Bayler

28 September 2018

Tim really works with you to get you feeling better. Definitely the best massage therapist I've ever worked with. I highly recommend him. You're really missing out if you don't give him a try. More...


Elle E.

7 September 2018

I've been to many different massage therapists over the years, usually for deep tissue &/or stone massage.  I have extreme neck & upper shoulder tension & knots, some lower back issues.   I went to Tim when I was in far more serious pain & he's the only one I've needed for past 3+ years.  This is not a basic massage, he's trained in neuromuscular reprogramming so the focus on getting the muscles to respond properly - far more holistic and therapeutic.  After an injury, he helped my muscles start responding again & recommended a fantastic chiropractor when I needed that.  He asks a lot of questions to fully understand each patient's specific issues and what's working or not.  I trust him to take great care of me, and I try to heed his recommendations as well.  This is the only MT I've ever recommended...and I recommend him when a friend REALLY needs professional help, not a basic rubdown. More...


Denise H.

9 June 2018

I've been coming to Tim for five years now. He's the only massage therapist who has ever come close to removing the knots from my neck and shoulders. He's kind and he cares about making others feel better. I'll never go anywhere else again. More...


Vasant Agrawal

26 May 2018

I am seeing Tim for about a year now and h3 is one of the Best massage therapist I have found. He is really good at finding problem areas and knots and has the right technique to address these problem areas. I will definitely recommend Tim to anyone looking for a therapist who takes care of his clients and is excellent at his job. More...


Jackie Batson

26 May 2018

As an avid equestrienne, I especially appreciate Tim's skill in NMR because it helps me correct compensations that lead to stiffness.


Joanne W.

5 June 2017

Tim @ Healing Hands Massage Therapy is an excellent massage therapist.  I'v been going to Tim for 5 yrs. for different injuries at different times.  He has extensive knowledge of the body and how everything works together.  The area I think he is best at is neuromuscular reprogramming. He has reprogrammed my foot, hip, lower back, shoulder to work the correct way not the way my body wanted it to work, which was causing the pain I was in. He is also good at giving you different techniques like stretches, exercises, or anything that will help alleviate the problem.  Tim is a great listener and always makes sure he knows what you want to accomplish or what is the goal.  He is very professional and takes great care to make sure you are comfortable. Tim's pricing is very reasonable and you will definitely get your monies worth. Give him a try.  I think you will be very pleased. More...


Deborah Kendrick Hart-Serafini

2 February 2017

Tim identified my problem when no other massage therapist could. Highly recommend!


Paul Landsberg

20 January 2017

My sunny and cheerful disposition was ever so slightly dimmed by a stiff neck / headache I have had for 3 weeks. Tim knows how to make that stuff go away. Wonderful!!


Danica T.

26 November 2016

You have NEVER experienced anything like the time you spend with "Magic Hands" Tim. His knowledge, expertise, and wit are unmatched and incomparable. Don't wait another second to go see him. #gonow More...


Lisa Berberian Fernandez

3 November 2016

I started seeing Tim a month ago on the recommendation of a friend. He is excellent. He knows how to find what needs to be worked on and how to work on it. I have noticed improved range of motion and posture in the 3 sessions I have had so far. It is difficult to find a good massage therapist and I definitely recommend Tim as a very good one. More...


Nancy M.

1 November 2016

A great friend gave me a gift certificate for a session with Tim, but I had to wait to use it due to an injury and subsequent surgery on my leg. The first time I arrived to see him, I was about 8 weeks post op and still limping constantly. Tim's approach was to reawaken the muscles that had gone dormant during my recovery, to recover symmetry of movement. After that one session, the limp was gone. Two more sessions, and I was able to walk and hike for hours, pain free and limp free. Highly, highly recommend, especially for injured athletes who want to get back to strength and endurance activity. More...


Shannon C.

31 October 2016

I am a seasoned runner ( ran in college now to trails, marathons etc) and Tim is the BEST and most affordable massage/ PT I have ever had.  This is not massage envy it is actually work to improve your body and I highly recommend. More...


Leia Scoppettuolo

6 September 2016

I highly recommend Tim for any massage work you may need. I have gone to him several times, each time I had probably waited too long for help and was in immense pain. I had been going to a different place previously and they were 8 sessions in, and I still couldn't look left without intense pain. Tim was not only able to relieve my pain significantly, I had full range of motion restored in only 2 sessions! He also provided instruction on body posture and habits to help me maintain the progress. The work feels great, but it is very functionally focused- everything he does is for a reason and he is happy to explain the how and why. My first time there I was a little apprehensive about going to a home location, but the room was quiet, clean and private. He has dogs but they are friendly and will simply sniff your leg or hand before leaving you alone. Not to mention he is very reasonably priced and does his best to work with you if you are in hard times. I will continue to sing his praises, I have tried so many places in the Triangle area, from chains like Massage Envy to acupuncturists, and they don't compare to the results Tim will get you! More...


Michele Hayes Edmundson

5 August 2016

Exceptional commitment to understanding & working to correct muscle related issues. Knowledgeable, patient & definitely goes beyond expectations to take care of concerns. Highly recommend in every possible way. More...


Leslie Samet

31 May 2016

Tim is one of the best I've ever had work on me. Not only does he do excellent massage/body work but he also educates me in anatomy and body mechanics so I can help heal myself [as much as I can]. He is excellent at taking my description of aches and pains and developing a technique to resolve them. He has also worked on my husband who has run MANY marathons so does sports-related work as well. Oh, and his price is VERY reasonable. TRY HIM!!! More...


Irene J

26 May 2016

After a couple of disappointing massage sessions with other therapists (Groupon deals), I decided to search the web, and I found Tim. Thank you, Google, what a find! Tim is wonderful! He is very professional and personable, and most importantly, he takes a holistic approach to massage therapy. I made my first appointment just to get some kinks worked out of my back and neck, but my session turned out to be so much more. Tim asked questions and we discussed issues in a very relaxed manner. He explained why my neck and back were hurting, and gave me some good suggestions for correcting my posture, and ways to reduce the stress on my muscles and joints. I truly felt like he cared. I highly recommend Tim to anyone who may have pains from stress, poor posture or sports related injuries, you will not be disappointed. More...


Denise Jordan

26 May 2016

This is the only massage I've had in Raleigh that I enjoyed. Tim is strong and knowledgeable in his trade, I've been a repeat customer of his for years. I have fibromyalgia and have been going to Tim to ease the symptoms, something he also knows very much about. He'll talk with me and explain what I need to do to ease the tension in my neck and back so I don't need to see him as often! Poor guy has been trying to help me correct my posture for years, I'm afraid it's a lost cause but not for lack of effort on his part. More...


L D.

22 April 2016

I visited Tim because of a recurring shoulder/neck issue. He spent time helping me understand why this roars it's ugly head every so often and suggested things to do to prevent that. He worked out the kinks and I left in a much better state. Thanks, Tim, I am very grateful. Hope to be back soon. More...


Kayla Dziwulski

6 February 2016

Tim is WONDERFUL. I am by no means a massage snob but since relocating to Raleigh I have struggled to find a therapist who doesn't just give massages, but is a true healer. Someone who is intuitive, aware, and caring. I've finally found that with Tim. It's clear he is incredibly knowledgeable about anatomy and physiology, and has a unique way of utilizing that information to provide relief with his bodywork. By the end of each session I'm left feeling balanced and restored. More...


M S.

22 January 2016

Been looking for a good masseur for my hubby who complains of back pain. Bought a session with Tim for my hubby's bday and he reported he has felt 10 times better since the massage. Tim even spent an extra 10 minutes reviewing stretches my husband could do between sessions to alleviate potential tight muscles. Tim is worth all 5 stars and we'll be taking advantage of his repeat customer deal all year! More...


Joanne Whitenack

7 November 2015

I've been going to Tim for years. He has a great intuition on how to help people feel a whole lot better. He is a good and caring person. He has helped me a great deal.


Naina A.

1 August 2015

I have had massages from various massage therapist around the country. Tim is by far one of the best massage Therapist I have come across. He his knowledge, skills and expertise is amazing! He knows exactly how to provide a perfect blend of effective yet relaxing massage. Thanks Tim! More...


Heather Frost

30 July 2015

Tim is eager to help heal. I found Healing Hands Massage Therapy and Bodywork, Inc as I was searching for massage therapists who worked with TMJ issues in the Triangle area. Tim took the time to listen to my health history and made suggestions for exercises I can do at home. He treats the body as a whole and wants to figure out the root cause of symptoms, in order to use massage and bodywork to help the body fully heal. I recommend anyone who has chronic muscle complaints to contact Tim and see how he can help you heal! More...


A.C. Hill

27 May 2015

I'm an avid marathoner and found Tim just before starting my training for the 2014 NYC marathon - I haven't stopped treatments since. Tim is extremely knowledgeable, and takes time listening to me each session. He has extensive experience with muscular "reprogramming" and has helped me overcome many issues with my running gait. Regular therapy and massage is one of the keys to longevity on the roads and I feel like I've found one of the best to keep me running healthy and strong. Tim is the man! More...


Miranda A.

2 May 2014

Let me preface this by saying I've had some fantastic relaxation massages in the past few years, but this massage at Healing Hands Massage Therapy was better than all of them combined.I've been practicing yoga, cycling, and strength training regularly for the past few years, and one thing that I've always noticed is that I have shoulder weakness that is embarrassingly debilitating. Holding my arms over my head or holding them out while in chair pose gets exhausting quickly. Searching for a holistic way of taking care of my body, I've tried chiropractic care with limited results, and was looking for something that could help improve my strength and endurance which clearly was not happening despite my time at the gym.Tim was recommended to me by a coworker who sang his praises. Desperate to feel better, I made an appointment via the email form from his website. He responded within hours and I was all set for an appointment 4 days later. Tim works from his home and has 3 adorable rescue dogs (which is a plus for a dog lover like me). His space was clean and relaxing. I told him about the issues I have been having. I didn't specify wanting a certain type of massage so Tim just did whatever he could do to help my body. He started with some neuromuscular reprogramming which was really interesting, and moved on with some cupping as well as deep tissue work on my shoulders. It was tremendously helpful and he explained everything that he was doing and why. I plan on returning soon as after 1 session, I'm already noticing less tension in my shoulders and I'm able to hold yoga poses that are shoulder intensive for much longer. More...


A. T.

13 June 2013

My experience w/ seeing Tim has been so positive. Tim is a very skilled, intuitive, & professional massage therapist. He utilizes numerous modalities including NMR (NeuroMuscular Reprogramming) which is definitely one of my favorites.I was involved in a couple of accidents leaving me w/ neck & back issues. Tim's work has been life changing for me.I like the fact that he is very knowledgeable & keeps up w/ the latest information having to do with his profession. Tim is simply an outstanding body worker.I am from Raleigh & travel there to see my family as much as possible. When I do, I always call Tim! More...


Greg Sheremeta

27 May 2013

I've seen about 8 different massage therapists in the past, and Tim is the best by far. He's very strong and does deep tissue work, but he's careful not to go too deep. He's excellent with moving me around so he can get access to different muscles. I sit at a computer all day and suffer back pain related to that. Anytime a coworker asks about massage therapy, I recommend Tim. Along with being an excellent therapist, he's personable, kind, ethical, and a delight to be around. I highly recommend him. More...


Stephanie E.

28 December 2012

Tim is a gifted healer who has a solid knowledge of massage, as well as a soul for healing (combining the science and art of massage).  I have always felt comfortable with Tim and trusted his work. More...


Michael E.

10 October 2010

I've been getting massages from Tim Hackett of Healing Hands Massage Therapy for about a year and a half.  He runs this business out of his home, and attends to patients on his off days.  His primary occupation is being a massage therapist for Duke's Diet and Wellness Center.  For those of you that don't know me, I'm muscular and quite broad.  Tim handles my knots, and my lack of flexibility well.  Other therapists I've had have had difficult times just getting into the depths of my larger muscle groups.   He's easy to talk to, knows a wide range of subjects and is always willing and able to discuss exactly what the issues are and what he thinks the focus should be prior to the next visit.  (Yes I get homework from my massage therapist).He's attentive and easy to get a hold of.    He does offer evening sessions, and is quite flexible in getting someone in, if the need is there.  As long as you give him some options, he'll more than likely be able to fit you in if you need some work.He does work on triathletes, cyclists, runners, ultra-runners, weight lifters and mountain bikers.  So he knows what each individual sport's focus points and injury prone areas are and is able to work those individual areas.  In addition, he does offer relaxation massage for those individuals that have had a rough week and just need a way to unwind and have everything loosened up. More...

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Watching people limp into my office and dance out!

I have always wanted to work for myself and love both the freedom and responsibility that comes with it.



Therapeutic Massage focused on increasing Range of Motion and improving performance.

A specialized technique that uses specific muscle testing to determine which muscles work and which ones do not. We then turn the inhibited muscle on and restore balance and function.