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Fadl Jaafar

3 March 2019

Excellent food and very good employees


Bill Burke

20 October 2018

good chow. good people. all you need.


Traceyann Pare

6 September 2018

Love the pizza and chicken parm. Order from Harry's at least 2 times a week. Also salads are always fresh and enough for 2 people. Won't and don't order from anywhere else. More...


Lisa Varnerin

28 August 2018

As mention before new owner is very nice. The pizza is great.


Fadl Jaafar

28 August 2018

The pizza is amazing I loved it it's better then any pizza I would go there every time


Laura L Carbonneau

28 August 2018

We ordered a meat lovers calzone and it was delicious! !! Fast friendly service too!!


Merideth Earnest

28 August 2018

We prdered pizza for Atherton Hough's movie night. They came back twice because we kept running out. Great service and the pizza was fantastic!!


Valerie Jackson

28 August 2018

Love this place. Clean, kind and delicious food. I haven’t had a meal I didn’t like. Yum


Dawn M.

27 July 2018

Ordered 2 large pizzas well done ! They came out great! Nice and crispy the way we like it! Also ordered a large steak bomb sub ! It was the bomb! Mac and cheese would be tasty for the kids ! Not for adults! More...


Eryk D.

18 July 2018

Honestly the delivery driver deserves a raise. He was super apologetic for an order being over 40 minutes late. It kept me from leaving a bad review and actually made me want to order from there again. Anytime after that, they called to explain if food was going to be late. And speaking of the food, it is some of the best seafood in Quincy you will get. I would recommend you check this place out. More...


Jake L.

2 April 2018

I had a great experience here ova the weekend. Large cheese hit the spot. we also ordered some seafood which was surprisingly great. the staff is great and friendly unlike the place down the street (i won't state the name of that place) anyone in the neighborhood knows who im talking about. this is my new go to place. More...


Casey C.

13 November 2017

We had a great experience with Harry's this weekend. We have only had good experiences with this place under new ownership. We ordered food for a party from here: Meatballs/Cheese (tray), Chicken Tenders (tray), and six pizzas. They were delicious, and fresh, (and we weren't sure what to expect). The driver was on time, and polite, and helped us get the food into the house. We were also given sauces for the chicken tenders, bread and butter for the meatballs, etc., all of which were gobbled up. They also gave us four liters of soda and a case of energy drinks on the house. Kind of random but my boyfriend was quite happy. Will bring them to work with him. I was pleasantly surprised! I do not support businesses who are rude, etc. but was very happy with the service we got this weekend. Will definitely return and use them again. More...


Oliver D.

31 July 2017

Solid pizza and good prices, plus one of the workers gave me a free case of the energy drinks they have (I'd take a bullet for that dude)


Sharon V.

27 May 2016

If you want a great outside dining experience without the lines or traffic on Wollaston Beach. Harry's is a hidden jewel.  Located right on Sea Street this restaurant offers a variety of food for everyone's liking.  OMG!  Their hamburgers are HUGE! You can easily share a burger with another person and still be filled.  Also, their fries were extra crispy and not too salty. Their pizza does need some improvement though. It was kind of dry.  Another issue is they do not have a restroom for patrons. They do no have ice cream, but they have a variety of sweet treats.  Just another recommendation if they could add umbrellas to their tables outside. More...


Ross O.

1 April 2016

New owners! Way cleaner! Food is decent! Give it another shot they remodeled the whole inside and the staff seems a lot better!!!!!


H P.

29 January 2016

Nice garlic cheese bread my daughter and wife favorite taste back now.. Will back soon sure. Also nice pizzas.. Now yes accepted credit cards and looks renovated I am staying close to Harry's pizza just half mile.


Kevin L.

6 July 2015

Stopped by Harry's for a buffalo chicken calzone. I was pretty impressed with the outcome. It wasn't your typical hard shelled calzone...reminded me of a Greek phyllo stuffed with mild buffalo chicken. A large cost ~$16 but it was good enough for 2 people. Harry's has 4 tables on the inside if you want to dine in, but I'm sure this is more of a pickup and delivery spot. They also have a variety of scooped ice-cream which is perfect for the summer. I did notice a lot of people getting shakes though....that might be the play next time. The staff there was friendly too. Think I'll be coming back for more =) More...


Amanda M.

13 July 2014

Take out spot. They have a few tables but you wouldn't want to eat here... Inside is pretty gross But who cares the salads are amazing! Best grilled chicken or steak tip Greek salad I've ever had. They have the best Greek dressing too. Anyone who complains about the "cash only" rule is missing out! They finally have an ATM out front too so it makes everything easier. I ordered a kiddie soft serve from here once and it was HUGE. Reasonable prices, friendly people. I come here once a week and they haven't let me down. Thanks guys! More...


Nandanie S.

16 September 2013

We might have found our local Quincy spot for pizza. Hubs and I were walking home when I decided that I wanted pizza. Walked in here and ordered a small veggie pizza to go...got our order and honestly (this might sound weird), the weight of the box told me that it was gonna be a good pizza. This pizza was delicious. It was LOADED with veggies, cheese was tasty, and the crust was crunchy and doughy at the same time. It was NOT greasy at all. We've ordered take-out before but got salads and appetizers...their salads are fresh, tasty, and HUGE. Try their house salad. We haven't tried their ice cream yet, but will soon! More...


Robin M.

23 January 2013

My family loves Harry's!! The customer service rocks! They have the best salads/food! The prices are very good as well as the portions. They are always running good deals there. Once you try there grilled chicken/greek salad you won't go anywhere else! More...


Peter P.

7 January 2013

I ordered delivery from here recently, and it was a good experience. The food arrived sooner than expected, and the quality of it all exceeded expectations.I got the clam belly roll, an order of fried fish, and a large order of french fries. The portions were almost absurd, with the french fries bursting from the large styrofoam take-out box and the clam belly roll being an open faced bun buried underneath a tasty mess of fried whole clams. The fish could've been a little better though. It was fresh, tender, and flaky, but the batter on the outside was pretty soggy. Couldn't tell if it was from the steaming heat inside the container or the moisture of the fish though.If I'm in the mood for some fried seafood, I'd probably order from here again. More...


Sharon C.

27 November 2012

Its fast food and delivers. Pizza's are good, they always have deals, free soda, free ice cream... whatever. It's good. Greasy food, greasy place... greasy people? What do you expect really -- for fast food? I have yet to be amazed by these places, but I will give it 4 stars because I got a free pint of ice cream with my pizzas. One time I went late in the evening after work to get a greek salad, and they had run out. The lady behind the counter offered to make me one, which she did, I guess she didn't have to but ... that was cool. Oh, and they're renovating now. More...


Dana S.

28 September 2012

This is our go-to pizza/sandwich place near our apartment.  AWESOME Greek salads with all the fixin's- egg, broccoli, radish, carrots, tomatoes, pepperoncinis, and really good feta!  We love the chicken gyros, too.  Pizza (and everything else) is Greek style and not too greasy....great flaky crust.  Lots of menu choices.  The only thing I'm not sold on is that I feel like they regularly increase their prices... The guys behind the counter are all very courteous and well-mannered.  I've never waited longer than 10 minutes for my food! More...


Peter P.

27 October 2011

Surprised about some of the negative reviews. Went here for the first time today. Had an Italian sub with the works extra hots mmm. It was amazing! Worth the bit extra drive from my work. They were friendly and most of all clean. I just got them to spend the full amount of the Groupon I had. More...


Diana N.

26 October 2011

Ahhhh I loved this place when I used to go to middle school right behind Harry's with the little shortcut from the back woods :) Oh childhood memories!It's only been what? 5 Years since I went to middle school but I can remember the good times of spending time in the winter and summer. Now I come here once in a while even though I live near by.My friends and I always ordered a slice of pizza and a can of soda and to top that off was the Italian Ice/slushes (The bomb Slush)! It was BOMB! I had the steak and cheese a few times and it was pretty decent, ooey gooey cheese and juicy steak shredded up in a toasty sub!The fries here were always crunchy (except for that one time where the place was super packed and they were rushing with frying their french fries).The seafood platter was what my mom always ordered; she loved the coleslaw that came with it too. The seafood to me was on and off sometimes. It could taste fresh and great and sometimes it will taste...old.The pizza had an amazing mix of cheese and seasoning! The crust was always super crunchy and a bit thin but I like it that way. The staff were always friendly and welcoming! The owner Harry was there a lot, now a days I don't see him often but I remember he was a cool guy and so were his staff.They always gave us an extra treat of some sort and it was nice! More...


Maria M.

16 April 2011

I heart Harry's! The food is delicious (my fave- the grilled chicken salad!) and the staff is always super friendly :)


Jenna H.

9 September 2010

Harry's is my go to spot on Hough's Neck. They have the best greek pizza I have tried in the boston area. They also have great soft serve ice cream which is a great ending to any summer night. The staff is friendly and they all appear to always be working hard. Harry's does have delivery and it always comes in an acceptable ammount of time. Other likes here include the calzones, burgers, and seafood. All around great place! More...


Juicy J.

18 June 2010

ALL AROUND BEST!! The gyro's are the best I've ever had..plus the have desserts & ice cream! The family that owns & runs are all wonderful people & soo nice! Would definately recommend!!


Blue B.

31 May 2010

The best greek style pizza ever.  OMG.  I'm sort of glad I don't live close enough for delivery, I'd never cook again.The greek salads are very fresh.  The staff are prompt and super friendly.  Pizzas cook quickly.Great place! More...


Sophia C.

6 December 2009

I order from this place on a regular basis. Their marinated chicken salad (I always get feta on the side) is so good that I have cravings for it. I got my co-workers hooked! You can go and eat there if you want but why go eat there when they will deliver for free?I order dinner from there if I have to eat alone - if I don't feel like cooking or if my husband has to work late. It's worh EVERY penny and more!SO DELICIOUS that if you work in Quincy like I do, I'd say make it  place to order from at least once a week! More...


Meg M.

19 September 2009

I normally wait until I've been to a place a few times to review it, but since this place is in Q town and I rarely go there I am gonna go ahead and do it now. Tim and I were on our way to look at a house off of Sea Street and we were starving so we turned into Harrys to grab whatever we could on a whim. We immediately same a sign advertising a sandwich called the "Charlie Wrap". Grilled and marinated chicken breast with rice, cheese and bacon on a wheat wrap. Um yes please. We'll take two. We put in our order, waited about 10 minutes and then hopped back in the car with our sandwiches to go as we were late to our appointment with our agent. After viewing the property we broke in to the wraps on the drive to the next spot. HOLY CRAP. Pretty much the best tasting wrap on earth. Just the right amount of cheese, tender juicy chicken and of course rice and bacon. The thing was enormous too. We split one and were full. We will eat the other one later tonight I'm sure. So its a little tiny place in the middle of no where but... its worth a shot if you're in the area. I know if we are back around there we will stop in again for sure. More...


Z D.

23 February 2009

Super accommodating staff. They gave the three young children I was sitting free ice cream (WITH SPRINKLES)... Thus, making me the best baby sitter EV-AH. I've only had clam bellies and clam strips here... They were ridiculously good. I recommend this place for after you indulge in the things that give hang-overs. OR when you're baby sitting AND hung-over.... just kidding.... More...



27 January 2008

The Best Food EVER!!!: This business has real good food. I was not expecting it to be as good as it was. No matter what you order off the menu from the seafood to the chicken,to the homemade greek dressing it is extremely good. It is well seasoned and cooked just right. More...

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