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Hang 5 Fitness

Lincoln Park


Hang 5 Fitness

Lincoln Park


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Denise S.

28 May 2019

I came here for a weekday morning class while visiting from Toronto. We used to have a Surfset studio in Toronto but it closed, so I was excited to check out a class at this studio using classpass. The class I tried was "barre pilates", so it used the Rip Surfer X board during the class for parts, but not the entire class. The ballet barre and some mat work were also incorporated. It's quite a small studio and the class I attended actually ended up being just me, as 2 other students that had registered could not make it. I didn't mind at all! I had essentially a 1:1 training session with Andrea who was great! She clearly knows about biomechanics and anatomy. As someone who used to be in the fitness industry myself, I appreciate someone who can pay close attention to form and give good cues. For example, before the class started, she asked to observe my gait and from that could already identify some areas of tightness/weakness. The class itself was a good pace -- not too intense but a good slow burn. There was lots of core work as well as a focus on lower body. The studio shares a common space with a few other fitness studios. Everything was clean and the washroom has showers and some basic amenities and towels. There is a boutique area at the front and I actually scored some great leggings there. Prices are actually surprisingly affordable for activewear. Overall, glad I made the trek to Lincoln Park to check this place out. If you have never tried a class on the surf board on top of bosu balls, it's a unique challenge and worth trying! More...


Shea M.

26 May 2019

I started at this studio for the surf classes, but have evolved into an avid barre-goer! Andrea, the owner of the studio, is amazing and I'm so grateful for her positivity and the fun she brings to every class. I get my butt kicked in class and I always have fun. The surfboards are also incorporated into the barre classes which has helped my balance a lot. I love being a member here because I love that it's a small business, I know the owner cares a ton, and I get very fit while staying low impact and safe. I can't recommend Hang 5 highly enough. More...


Rachel L.

27 March 2019

I took the yoga med class with Lisa and it was one of the best yoga classes I've ever been to!! Lisa is amazing! She's very knowledgable and has such positive energy. I also loved the music playlist. The class is so refreshing and challenging yet easy to follow along with. I wish I could take this class every day because it's so restorative and uplifting. I can't wait to take more classes at this studio, highly recommend! More...


Holly Rust

8 February 2019

Love this gym! The classes are so fun and diverse, so you get a great workout. And, the instructors are top notch. Will def be back.


Anna K.

6 February 2019

I booked a glow yoga class here in October via ClassPass, and was obviously super psyched, because WHAT a cool concept! Sorry to be writing this so late, Hang 5, because I love ya.Hang 5 Fitness is located inside Studios Fuse on Halsted in Lincoln Park. I looked up more info on Studios Fuse as a whole after my class here, and learned that the concept of this space is called a "fitness mall," and that there's only one in Chicago. Rad! Upon arrival, I was greeted by Sean, who let me know he was fairly new. He gave me a tour, and was funny and super informative. For example, he told me that the idea behind Hang 5 Fitness was on an episode of "Shark Tank." Way to continue to pump me up, Sean!I headed back to the locker rooms, which are for customers visiting all of the different studios in the fitness mall, from the rowing studio, to the pilates studio. The locker rooms are super clean and modern, and feature extra amenities like showers, q-tips, and hair dryers. Towels and showers are also available for use at no additional cost.Then came class time, and I learned right away that I was taking my first-ever solo class, because I was the only one signed up. HOW COULD I BE THE ONLY ONE?! THIS IS A GLOWSTICK YOGA CLASS?! No complaints, though, because I've never taken a solo class. My instructor, Brytta, was inspiring. I was lucky to take a solo class with her, because she started off by asking if there was anything in particular I'd like to focus on, since it was just me. I told her that I just wanted to sweat, and she made sure that happened! Her class was challenging, yet relaxing at the same time. She made sure to include inspiring quotes and anecdotes, focused a lot on arm strengthening and core, and made adjustments for me for some of my poses.I'm extremely glad I finally got to try Hang 5 Fitness out, and thanks so much to the staff for being such rockstars!Since then, I've also taken two barre pilates classes with both Kathleen F and Marie D. Both classes offered an interesting experience, because I'd never stood on a surfboard before. One class had only three attendees, and another was a full seven-person class. I personally always love smaller classes because there's more room in there, but obviously a fuller class means that Hang 5 is doing something right.I can't wait to come back for yet another unique experience here at Hang 5 Fitness! Thanks y'all! More...


Jamie G.

20 January 2019

I really enjoy the surf classes, it is a great cross-training workout and a lot of fun. The staff are very knowledgeable and encouraging. The facilities are very clean and well maintained. Overall, H5F is a great experience. More...


Jessica J Rolla

27 December 2018

The specialized and unique types of fitness I have tried at Hang5Fitness are all great , from the Barre Pilates giving me a stronger core and balance, to the fun Popstar dance and Yoga Flow classes! I also like the modern space and front lounge area I have been able to hang out at to show the Peach apparel and accessories I rep too w/ the awesome staff & patrons ! More...


Cara B.

18 December 2018

I have been coming here since October, and I love it! I regularly attend the 7:30pm yoga flow, and each of the instructors bring a great energy to class. You will find a happy mix of flows to make you sweat, and gentle restorative practices. This studio is great for all levels, and has helped me build a stronger practice, that I am proud of! More...


Kendra M.

4 October 2018

I've been here through ClassPass and every experience has been great! Even though the studio is constantly changing (like randomly getting rid of my favorite cycling-boxing-yoga class and changing the classes on the schedule every week), I've found every class to be challenging and fun. Plus, all the instructors are seriously great. Everyone is upbeat, hands on, and genuinely cares that you are getting the most out of your class. I was terrified of my first surfboard class but now I love the extra challenge it ads to a workout. Front desk people are nice as well, and the locker rooms are soo nice. Oh, and this is the only place in Chicago that hasn't tried to sell me packages that are hundreds of dollars per month when they know I come through ClassPass. Love a good workout without a sales pitch! Will definitely keep coming back. More...


Elizabeth W.

30 July 2018

Took my first class, Surf Barre, with Kathleen and it was AMAZING!!!! Definitely questioned the workout before taking it, but beyond glad I did. It was so much fun, great challenge with great modifications for beginners. Kathleen played fun music and was such a wonderful instructor making the whole class feel comfortable and encouraged. Highly highly recommend to everyone !!! More...


Katie Welland

11 July 2018

I took the Pop Star Fitness Dance class with Dan tonight and it was really fun! I’m not a huge fan of cardio, so this was a great way to get my heart rate up without having to go on a run or use a machine. Dan was energetic and played great music. I’d definitely recommend this class to anyone looking for a new workout! More...


Jessica K.

26 June 2018

Our experience with H5F was beyond AMAZING. My bachelorette party started there, with a private class with Sherie. We were scheduled to start our 6-person class at noon, but my sisters' train ran late - half of our party didn't arrive until almost 12:45p and Sherie waited so patiently for us! I couldn't believe how accommodating she was of our situation. Even after they arrived so late, she still did the full class for no extra charge. She was friendly and helpful. The class itself was great! It was challenging to balance on the boards, but definitely doable. The exercises themselves were a blend of yoga and pilates, with lots of core work! I WAS SO SORE the next day, but it was really cool to workout in such a different way! A private class on a Saturday morning cost $22 per person, regardless of the number of people (minimum is 6), which is super reasonable considering many studios charge $20-$25 to drop in for a public class AND don't utilize such a cool piece of equipment- the surfboard was featured on the show Shark Tank! The locker rooms have 3 shower stalls and provide towels, blowdryers, Q-tips, mouthwash, etc. They were clean and spacious (plus BYOB, so we popped some champagne after class!).I WILL BE BACK! I would recommend this studio to anyone, but especially for a private group outing. More...


Heather J.

19 June 2018

The employees and owner are all super friendly and knowledgeable. The space is brand new and feels very chic and high-end (lobby, studios and shower room). The classes have really good variety and only have a few students so you feel like you're getting personal training. There's a juice bar on location with amazing acai bowls. Better than the ones I've had in California. It just opened this year so I experienced some issues in the first months like scheduling mix-ups and a problem with the air conditioning. In the last couple months, however, the execution has been flawless. If you're planning on joining a studio, I highly recommend this one and I recommend combining a "Hang 5" membership with the "Yoga Space" across the hall (same owner). It doesn't only have yoga -- also a lot of high intensity workouts. The small class size and variety of options alone makes this a much better value than other (also pricey) studios in the area. More...


Amy Stockli

8 March 2018

Great workout and so fun to do something different. Love the studio space and all the workout options.


Audrey C.

22 February 2018

Intense work out but they are so patient and motivating. It's not your regular workout so worth it


Zees F.

19 February 2018

Fuse is not a studio it's a body and mind temple.You will train with the most achievable trainers yet they are all humble.And how cool is to be in a surf board indors.The place is amazing the toiletries are divine and the smiles - remember we all walk into fuse studio with an intention for the day - go to hang5 fitness and enjoy the sun More...


Maria Jose Quizhpi

18 January 2018

This place is definitely the type of environment that can make working out really fun and effective. The surf board fitness program is a perfect example! My DZ sisters and I all went for a sisterhood and plan on having many more at this place. Hang5Fitness does not disappoint. More...


Konstantina D.

28 November 2017

Great workout, works every part of your body! Great way to change up your workout routine! Definitely recommend!


Leah S.

19 September 2017

Awesome way to switch up from a boring workout routine and use stability muscles youre not used to using. I ended up getting a private lesson which was awesome. I definitely recommend checking this out. More...


Grace F.

26 June 2017

Came here for the surf bikini bootcamp class and it was awesome! It was my first time and I'm so glad I chose to do this unique experience because it definitely worked out every part of my body. I had Andrea as my instructor and she was so fun and interactive throughout the whole class. She also played great music that helped motivate and made the class more fun! I definitely recommend these classes, especially if you're looking for something new to try out! If I could give this studio a 10 I would! More...


Jamie M.

25 June 2017

Great, quick, workout right in Lincoln Park. Wanted to try something different and this was the place! One of the best beginner workout classes I have taken in Chicago. Andrea is a great, interactive instructor that really supports you. Boards are so fun to work with! If you are looking to improve your core and your balance, I took surf blend and it really got me sweating. I also got surprised with free Body Armor sports drink, and a Kind bar! Felt great after the workout. More...


Leslie H.

9 June 2017

Organized a group class for an alumni group (Go Blue!) and we had a blast. Great workout, fun teacher, relaxed environment. Highly recommend.


Ashley H.

16 February 2017

Went this week for the first time! I discovered this on Classpass while looking for a different type of work out - I normally take the typical spin, pilates, HITT classes. It was definitely different but in a good way. I have never surfed before and it took a while to get used to the board but overall it was a great workout and I will def. be back. Also, I do remember seeing the boards on Shark Tank when it first aired. So that was fun =) More...