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9 October 2019

Haas Woodworking offers the highest quality mouldings, turnings and service. They have the capability of making cutterheads for a completely custom profile. Their suppliers provide superior materials, and the products they turn out are second to none. I would highly recommend Haas Woodworking More...

23 November 2018

Matt and his team are an absolute pleasure to work with. Very professional very straightforward awesome product!

11 November 2014

Execelente Trabajo Felicidades

13 October 2014

Very high quality custom wood shop at fair prices..

18 January 2011

Haas is a great resource if you are remodeling an older home.  Home Depot and Lowes don't carry all the old time moldings, but Haas can make anything -- custom moldings, casings, baseboards, etc. (basically any woodwork) to MATCH the existing pieces in your home.Their prices are reasonable (read: not exactly cheap), but the finish details count for everything in my projects.  And I wouldn't want to insult the true old school craftsmen that built my old house in 1927 by settling for something that doesn't match the existing wood moldings. More...