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Kokoru Kokoro

10 October 2018

I have been taking Lyft for the past 20 odd weeks. This past week was the last Lyft I took to 75 Veterans Memorial Dr. (obligatorily, though I will visit again by choice). Google is funny… sometimes it asks if you would you like to comment on this place…almost always I don’t.This was my last week at Guided Life Structures (GLS). Google asked for a comment so here it is… I did not have a chance to review GLS before I came here so hopefully it helps someone.I came to GLS by way of IDRC (Intoxicated Driver Resource Center). This was a consequence of my DUI. At IDRC they perform an interview and recommend next steps to get ones license back. Most if not all of those next steps involve additional “intervention”. I was not really given a choice as to my “intervention”. A piece of paper with different agencies and I had to pick one then… no choice to look it over, call about the program, do some (any) research. I chose GLS for 2 reasons, 1) it was close to the IDRC, which was close to where I lived at the moment 2) their hours seemed good for my schedule.I was out of work at the time so good news is GLS had funding to waive the fees. Better news is that I got a job a couple of months afterwards but that is another story. My point is that GLS seems to work with you in regards to cost so that’s good.WHO: AnonymousWHAT: DUI > IDRC > GLSWHERE: Guided Life Structures, 75 Veterans Memorial Dr E #205, Somerville, NJ 08876WHEN: Past 16 weeks. You have a contract (no choice, based on evaluation) that states the terms. My contract was for 16 weeks, attend twice a week for two hours each visit, attend 16 Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) meetings, have a friend/family member attend 3 meetings geared towards their relationship with a (potential) addict (ie separate from the meetings I attend).I know… big time commitment, not fun, expensive getting Lyft rides…I get the point. Do not drink and drive… get a Lyft/Uber/Taxi.WHY: As I said, I didn’t get much of a choice in picking GLS. That said, after finishing my 16 week contract, there were benefits. (I won’t belabor the cost, sucks to be me, but my fault, so my consequences).I had a narrow world view. At GLS I met a variety of people: old, young, men, women, addicts, non-addicts. I learned a lot of about addiction. Drugs I did know about, drugs I didn’t know about, how to do those drugs, where to get those drugs (text me) (JK).More important for me during my 16 weeks were the folks sharing the journey. I got to know them better than I wanted to (my goal was to pass the time and move on). I met cowards (afraid to look inward), fools (drug-addled?), warriors (see next paragraph).WARRIORS: I met many courageous folks, those who have been on their drug of choice for quite a while. They stopped… some cold turkey, all of them have stopped for a significant amount of time. I do not define significant (nor shall you) be it 1 day, 1 week, 1 month, 1 year, or more. What amazes me is their youth, energy and courage to recognize a problem and start to address it. I mean this in many ways, in terms of GLS the ‘problem’ is some form of addiction. In terms of life outside of GLS, the ‘problem’ is the nuances of life. I struggle to get that energy and courage (youth is no longer in my grasp!). I applaud the Warriors I have met at GLS… keep on fighting! More...


Cristina Brodie

10 October 2018

Guided Life really changed my life and made me feel as if I was really family. Counselor Bill the head counselor is the reason I am clean to this day. the speculation that Guided Life isn’t a family atomosphere is so wrong and the view of that was most certainly constructed by people who haven’t bought in to what Guided life is hoping to achieve. without GLS I wouldn’t be where i am and honestly don’t feel 5 stars is enough to give to this amazing establishment. Elieen out did herself!! More...

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