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GrowthSource Coaching | Business & Executive Coaching- Orange County, CA

Lake Forest, California, Orange County

GrowthSource Coaching | Business & Executive Coaching- Orange County, CA logo

GrowthSource Coaching | Business & Executive Coaching- Orange County, CA

Lake Forest, California, Orange County



We are an Orange County, CA based business and executive coaching company that provides high quality, personalized business development services to committed business professionals who wants to perform at the top of their game. We focus on helping you clarify your vision and goals, tune up your skills, and hold you accountable for actions that drive growth, stability, and the confidence to stay the course.


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Glenn Hamburger

21 September 2019

With Steve's 30 years of experience in business and management, he has the ability to connect with Executives and business owners to help them identify blind spots they aren't aware of. By doing this, he creates a game plan and strategy to take their companies to the next level. Steve is a great communicator and understands what it takes for leaders in an organization to overcome obstacles that are holding them back. More...


Leanne Lambert

23 August 2019

Steve is a very experienced and personable business coach. I have worked with Steve for several years. During that time the advice he has given me has been tremendously helpful for my business growth. And on top of it, he is a very positive person and always puts things in a way that makes me happy to take his direction! More...


Leslie Groene

26 April 2019

Steve is a great leadership coach and strategist!. He will help anyone be more effective and productive with their companies and teams. i would recommend him to folks that want to be better leaders and more respected within their businesses. More...


Fernando castorena

27 December 2018

Steve taught an excellent course that was very professional and easy to understand. He presents a lot of material in a useful way and regardless of how many years you have been in management I do believe you will gain useful insight from his courses. I would definitely recommend him and and what he brings to the table. More...


Kristin Gabriel

27 December 2018

Steve helped me develop strategies to overcome challenges with managing an unmotivated employee. I learned skills on how to make someone proactive by showing the value in the work and how to make someone think ahead by asking questions. I also learned what should be discussed in a debriefing, such as technical ability and personal involvement. Thank you, Steve, for guiding me on the path to becoming a great manager and leader. More...


Brandon White

28 October 2018

My experiences with the Growthsource coaching program were awesome. There was a lot of really good information during our sessions and I learned a lot of useful skills, tools, and methods for business leadership and management. I'd recommend it to anyone.


Ngozi Ugwuegbu

28 October 2018

Phenomenal service! Definitely worth your time. If you are looking for a coach who can provide top-notch coaching services to your employees in management, Steve is your guy!


Bhaskar Iduri

28 October 2018

I have personally experienced changes in my managing style. My personal favorites and found highly valuable are Performance Management/Mentoring, High Value activity and Strategic communications.


Cathy Solomon

30 June 2018

I attended Steve’s “Boost Your Management Clout” seminar because I have heard from his clients how helpful he has been to them, and I wanted to learn more about his coaching process and the information he shares. Steve reminds the audience of the keys to effectively work with people to make good things happen. I especially appreciate that he conveys principles of being authentic and acting with integrity when dealing with people. I also found the guidance he provides and the importance of giving honest and constructive feedback when having tough conversations to be particularly helpful. Steve conducts his seminars in an interactive manner that fosters engagement with the audience. I highly recommend Steve’s work to business owners and managers who are interested in their transformation into confident, decisive world class success stories. More...


Lloyd Mabuto

26 May 2018

Loved the insightful knowledge I got from Steve on a consultation call. It was 15 minutes jam packed with powerful gems I've never heard even in paid conferences or course. This brought so much value to my business. I truly appreciated it! More...


Martin O'Neill

24 October 2017

Steve provides an excellent service and a ton of very valuable insight. I am excited to utilize his services fuel my own business in doing so moving forward. Thanks, Steve!


Rick .

26 May 2017

We're a small business on the verge of expanding and taking our business to the next level. Steve came in and listened attentively to what our business was all about and what our needs were. Over the next few months he delivered to us suggestions and tools that will help us achieve our goals. He is very knowledgeable and understanding to a small business's challenges and gave us some very well thought out recommendations. I would recommend Steve and Growth Source to any small business who's hit the wall on growth and needs or wants to break on through to the other side. More...


Rich U

26 May 2017

Steve Smith is great! I've been a business owner for years and I finally decided I needed help and Steve came recommended from a couple network friends of min. We met for breakfast and I felt very comfortable with Steve and his manner was a good fit for my Type A personality. He is calm and knowledgeable and has helped me tremendously. I feel more focused and productive than I have in years, really. I'm glad Steve is a resource in my life now. More...


Dr B.

24 December 2011

Over the many years as a patient of mine Steve has noticed and suggested several improvements in my business model which proved valuable. And getting straight answers to my questions helped a lot. Thank you Steve. Anyone who seeks Steve's knowledge and follows the advice would greatly benefit from it. More...


Sukhraj B.

7 November 2010

To say Steve Smith is just a business coach wouldn't do him justice. Steve is not just a business coach. He exemplifies what it means to coach you in your business. I first met Steve in my BNI group and over time learned a lot about what he did and how he could help my business. I took his advice for granted and it wasn't until he sat down with me did I really begin to understand how Steve could help me. I was on a path headed to nowhere until he literally steered me back on course and actually told me I should start my own business. I didn't even know I had a business idea in front of me but Steve saw it plain as daylight and I began coaching with him.  He was GPS for my business and I couldn't thank him enough for taking the time to see what I couldn't see. What makes Steve stand out from the countless other business coaches you'll find is that he truly cares about the success of your business. He will spend countless hours finding new ideas, marketing plans, and strategies that will take your business to the next level. That's more than what I can say for others in his profession. If you truly want your business to succeed and take it to the next level, then look no further than Steve Smith. More...


Josh N.

1 December 2009

Steve's ability to provide actionable feedback has been invaluable to my business.  Truly a wonderful coach!

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The challenge of diagnosing and guiding business professionals to a higher level of performance, confidence and satisfaction at work.

Once I realized I could start and run a successful business and focus my talents on things that other people valued, I was ready to go. Along the way, I had many individuals help and inspire me to become my very best at what I do.

Not everyone wants a coach. For those that do, if your goal is to become a top notch player in your field or industry, my method of coaching produces people who are more decisive, confident, and committed to getting what they want.



What our advanced business coaching program includes Initial 60 minute discussion to clarify what you want and expect. Extensive business growth strategy diagnostic survey to identify issues and opportunity gaps. A 60 minute strategy session to review the survey and establish a strategy road map that aligns your efforts with your goals. 3 hours of coaching each month: 45 minute weekly sessions. Learning modules, forms, templates and other resources. Open access for emergency situations or brief questions. Emails between sessions for clarifications or dealing with issues. 6 month minimum commitment to start. Program runs as long as deemed beneficial by the client.

Executive Coaching for Mid and Entry Level Managers This coaching program helps individuals at the department, team or group level develop leadership and managerial skills that not only allow them to excel in their current role but prepare them for increased levels of responsibility. Initial interview to determine primary focus, known challenges and goals for improvement. Leadership and management self survey assessment. Completion of development road map. Schedule weekly sessions to discuss progress and review next steps. (45 minute duration)​ Leadership & managerial resources to help improve insight, productivity, delegation and results. Advisory support for addressing hih level strategic ideas or critical situations.