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Adams Point, California


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Manel K.

10 May 2019

I had a great experience with the team from Green Carpet Clean and Housekeeping. The team arrived on time and worked efficiently. They did a terrific job of cleaning 6 area rugs and a sofa. In particular they completely transformed the rug in my child's room which was covered in stains from slime and other strange kid stuff. I wish I'd taken a before and after picture to add to this post but I was ready to throw out the rug and now it looks like new! More...


Maia T.

15 April 2019

I don't usually get excited about things like upholstery cleaning, but the experience we just received with Chris (Patron Saint of Eradicating Evil Cat Pee) was absolutely extraordinary. Not only is he personally delightful and utterly professional, (and a Cubs fan!) but the job quality he provided was phenomenal....the Cat Stench has been miraculously defeated and, if we close our eyes, we can fantasize that we are suddenly somehow living in a fragrant orange grove.Our planet's environment means a great deal to us, so that was the reason for choosing Green Carpet Cleaners in the first place. It's even more wonderful knowing that our couches are clean AND non-toxic. Go, Good Earthlings! Given that the two creators of the Evil Cat Stench are still alive, we will most definitely be giving GCC our business in the future. And we will be sure to ask for the lovely and spectacular Chris!!! More...


Stephanie Solomon Krasner

9 October 2018

Absolutely FANTASTIC! From start to finish; securing appointment over the phone, meeting the cleaning crew, working to clean up a neglected college apartment- to the end result! Deep cleaned, Looked great, and smelled great! So happy we found this company! We will definitely use them again and highly recommend their services. We are very happy customers! S.K. August, 2018 Berkeley, CA. More...


Sarah S.

26 August 2018

Mona and Jenny were fabulous! Not only were they super thorough with their cleaning, but they were also a pleasure to be around. We needed a move-in clean, and Mona and Jenny covered everything- windows, baseboards, random books and crannies :). We look forward to using Green Carpet Clean (and Mona and Jenny) again. More...


Kim S.

23 August 2018

The team at Green Carpet Cleaning was amazing!!!  I had a small 1BR apartment and a large woven wool rug to get cleaned, and they came prepared, positive attitude, and once they got going I left them to finish...they did a FABULOUS job, and it all dried very fast due to the type of process they use. I really wanted a chemical-free cleaning, and this is a great choice- reasonable price too. The owner is a super good guy, and his workers were awesome! More...


Doris Pearson

12 August 2018

Worldwide is the One family at a time.


Leslie Wheeler

12 August 2018

Going~Green is absolutely single best way to reclaim & to renew carpets & area rugs;
ie. sanitize & sanctify your living, work~spaces.

We do recommend that you try Green Carpet Cleaning.
Your results will be pleasing & pristine.


Brianna B.

10 July 2018

Great carpet cleaning for my home in Oakland a few weeks ago. Our living room carpet had lots of dark stains, and the Green Carpet Clean team made it look like new! Would recommend.


Cory S.

25 June 2018

I was able to get appointment fast both times I used them, they did a really good job - Sunray was the most recent cleaner, super nice - and it was a good price. My only beef is that this time the carpet smelled strongly of vinegar afterward, a smell I hate in the 1st place, and 2 days later I can still smell it. More...


Chloe Z.

25 June 2018

3.5 stars rounding up Jackies and team did a great job cleaning. They missed some details, but I decided to stay on site. So I was able to point out. When I did, they cleaned the places without complaining. The big downside is- the scheduling service and the actual team had a HUGE DISCONNECT. So I had to wait 30 MIN PAST THE SCHEDULED WINDOW. Hello! there' s a reason it is a one hour WINDOW. Somehow they messed up the booking and I was left waiting and tweeting my weekend away.... Definitely need to update the scheduling service. Judging from other Yelp reviews, ****Scheduling is a major issue****!! Now that I think about, I never got a confirmation email or text. I had to call them myself the day of. Otherwise, my 1.5 hour wait could have turned into a whole day of waiting!! :(But again, they are such nice people. I left with a good experience overal More...


Shitting W.

4 January 2018

Highly recommend. Very professional, friendly, and thoughtful service. I was really impressed with how thorough the job was. I'm really thankful that a company like this exists to fill this need in the Bay Area and was recommended this company by neighbors on Nextdoor, they did not let me down with this recommendation. Thank you Green Carpet Clean! More...


Sharon F.

29 September 2017

My first and subsequent contacts were very friendly and professional. I was quoted a reasonable price and that's what it was--no add one later. Two very nice women came and were very careful and helped move a few things before starting. They had portable equipment and so were able to maneuver well. They worked quickly, checking in with me as they went. This was my best experience ever with carpet cleaning!  I'd give them six stars if I could. More...


Dawn S.

24 September 2017

Had a great experience - reliable, friendly service from appointment booking to the employee who arrived and did the cleaning. Unfortunately they couldn't get the old coffee stains out of our rug, but the rest of it looks great and so does our sofa and upholstered chairs! Also left a nice natural scent (eucalyptus?) with no chemical smells. Would highly recommend to others and plan to use their service again. More...


Michele A.

23 September 2017

I'm happy that my carpet and rugs look great and sparkly clean and Mona and Zelda were very nice and friendly.  They arrived on time and went right to work.  However, I do have one complaint.  Two days later there are still serious indentations from several pieces of furniture left on top of the damp carpet.  The worst looking is from my computer chair on which they placed many very heavy books which I had left on the floor and certainly needed to be picked up.  They should have moved the chair into the hall where there is no carpet to avoid this problem. For the 2 tables they should have placed styrofoam (or something earth friendly) under the table legs as now I'm looking at long decompression lines on the carpet alongside my coffee table.  Btw, while they suggested I wait 1&1/2 hours before replacing table on rug, I actually waited 5 hours.  I go on about this in spite of the clean carpets because the work should be perfect as the cost isn't cheap.  I hope and believe the company, of such very nice people, will learn from this review and I will call them again. More...


Joe S.

16 September 2017

I never write Yelp reviews, but Green Carpet Clean is exceptional.The service was prompt, the appointment staff was friendly and courteous, and the cleaning staff was thorough. I was away for the summer and my houseguests made a mess of the place, including the carpets and furniture. I needed three carpets and a sofa thoroughly cleaned. They look like new.Because they use green carpet, their products leave a great clove smell.Best customer service: 1) After they left, I realized I also needed an armchair cleaned. They came out the next morning even though the cost of one armchair is technically below their minimum for a visit. 2) That evening the cleaner called to see how the sofa turned out. She wanted to make sure she did an excellent job.I will be using Green Carpet Clean both for this work and for housecleaning in the future. I highly recommend them. More...


Deidre A.

24 July 2017

Gave me a one hour window, showed up on time, they were friendly and did an excellent job for a great price: $100 for living room, $75 for master and $50 for smaller bedrooms. I'm very pleased, and definitely recommend!! More...


Erica B.

12 July 2017

I was stressed about getting the place that I had rented cleaned right after moving out. I need not have been because the job was done with wonderful results! I can't thank you enough for the time and energy that was spent! I definitely recommend Green Carpet Clean! Thank you again and again!! More...


Han P.

14 February 2017

I just came home today and saw that all the stains from our sofa was taken off. Our sofa looks like new! And, the smell of vomit from my toddler has disappeared. Additionally, I had forgotten about our original appointment and they were extremely understanding and flexible to making another appointment for the next day. Thank you for the great customer service and quality care! More...


Tina A.

28 October 2016

Excellent job!  After actually looking at my carpet which had not been cleaned in an long time, it was time to get a professional to clean it.  Yelp is my ''go to" for services.  I found out that Green Carpet Clean is in my neighborhood and is also a green business which was perfect.  I called received a quote from a very nice guy on the phone and within 2 days Green Carpet Clean were in my apartment.   Jackie and Jason did the cleaning and were very professional.  I would definitely use them again. More...


Emily W.

2 October 2016

Thank you Green Carpet Cleaning and Housekeeping! The cleaning team who attended to our RH upholstered sectional were great... super efficient, friendly and polite, and they did it all on a Sunday afternoon. The day after I called I got an appointment... on a weekend! Green's cleaning products left our entire front room smelling fresh and minty, and I feel confident allowing my children and puppy to sit on it knowing their products are made without any harsh chemicals. We'll definitely be using Green for our future upholstery and carpet cleaning needs! More...


Gloria S.

14 September 2016

Great service! I was scrambling to find a carpet cleaning company days before moving out and they were very nice and accommodating (especially since I still had more packing and cleaning to do while they were there!) Used their services to clean the carpet in my rental apartment and loved the smell of the peppermint cleaner used. I would definitely use them again! More...


Eddie W.

17 August 2016

Cyldelle and Jackie came to my house just two hours after I called for an appointment. They cleaned two area rugs and one bedroom rug in one hour and did a fantastic job.  First, they vacumed the rugs and then washed them.  I'm very pleased with the work of Green Carpet Clean.  Fast, efficient and friendly people.  The rugs took a little longer than two hours to dry and now look marvelous.  I plan to use them in the future because they are GOOD! More...


Hans S.

14 August 2016

I think these poor reviews must be old, because these people are nothing short of top notch. I contacted them for a move-out cleaning, which they were able to schedule on relatively short notice for just a few days later. Polite and professional on the phone. They gave me a very reasonable quote based on our conversation, which was fairly amended when they saw the scope of the actual work. The crew did arrive later than arranged, which I felt was fine considering that I was paying real human beings to clean up after me. The crew of three did the job in 4 hours, with an additional two hours the following days. I felt like the place was cleaned down to the bones! It smelled great too, no stinky chemicals, even steam-cleaning problem spaces like the walls around the stove and the carpet on the stairs. My extra-picky landlady disagreed, however, and gave me a short list of insufficiently clean spots. Here's where Green Clean earned their stars....I shared the list with them, and they sent ANOTHER crew of 2 out a couple of days later for another hour to tackle the remaining items that landlady was displeased about. Further, there was no additional charge for the followup. The whole crew was friendly and in good spirits the whole time. Zelda, DeAndre, and Misha are a good team and I was very pleased that they came to my house. More...


Brian P.

10 February 2016

I only have fantastic things to say about Green Carpet Clean. Organic, Green, Thorough- amazing. The team that came to our house helped us prepare our home for our adoption of a rescue cat. We wanted to get the home as clean as possible so our new boy would not be upset by our last cat (who left us for the Rainbow Bridge). Green Carpet Clean even helped us out by coming on a Sunday! They were just the best and I would recommend them to anyone who cares enough to use green organic cleaning in there home- versus the highly toxic chemical cleaning that most other cleaning companies use. Yes, yes, yes- there is no second thought- call them for any cleaning needs. More...


Stephanie C.

15 January 2016

Had our carpets cleaned by Nate...and NATE IS GREAT!!!!  So fast, polite and really efficient!  Will definitely be a return customer!!!!!


Debra C.

3 January 2016

When I broke a bottle of red wine on my mostly beige carpet, I thought I was destined to go carpet shopping soon. But I tried Green Carpet Clean. It was easy to get an appointment. They called that morning and let me know that they might be running late, yet they ultimately showed up on time. They wasted no time and did a beautiful job getting out the stains. Very professional and lovely. Thank you! More...


Simon P.

7 August 2015

Jonathan and Jim just left our home and we are extremely pleased with the results.   The carpets were in need of a cleaning but not in bad shape and after the cleaning--we really saw an major difference.  Spots removed, stairs look great, traffic areas back to new.  Jonathan and Jim are also top flight guys. Very professional, timely and went the extra mile to ensure that my wife and I were pleased with the job.  Another thing that differentiates this company is that they didn't try to upsell us the moment they walked in the door.  They quoted a fair price and stuck to it 100%.  We're looking forward to working with Green Carpet Clean again. More...


Courtney G.

16 July 2015

I was desperate for clean carpet. My landlord refused to get new carpet and my last resort was spending over $600 to get rugs to cover only half the area of stains, dark spots, and overall horrible condition of the carpet. I called Green Carpet and was able to get an appointment for the very next morning. They came on time, were extremely friendly, and worked thoroughly for 3 hours. Their attention to details and desire for customer satisfaction was immensely appreciated. I would use them again in a heartbeat. Thank you for saving my peace of mind when moving into a new place and making it feel somewhere I can call home. I am grateful for this job well done! More...


Jocelyn C.

13 June 2015

This is the second time I've used Green Carpet Clean and both times they did an excellent job. I got an estimate online, the appointment was easy to make, they showed up on time, and did an awesome job cleaning the carpet in my bedrooms, hallway, and stairs. Not only are they professional and reliable, Far I, Ahtune, and the rest of the staff are all incredibly friendly which is another plus. I would definitely recommend them to anyone who needs to have their carpets cleaned. More...


Roxanne C.

25 April 2015

Awesome cleaning service. Easily & quickly made an appointment to have my couch cleaned; the gentlemen who came out to clean arrived on time & we're very nice & professional, & they got job done quick!I was very happy with my overall experience. Green cleaning & great customer service - I most definitely recommend you give this company a try. More...


Mat B.

11 April 2015

Best cleaning service I've found in oakland.  Reliable, great attention to detail, very friendly.


Maddie H.

4 April 2015

Scheduling my appointment was very easy. I emailed to receive a quote, which was very reasonable, and made an appointment for the following week. Clidell and Jhamel were on time, very friendly, fast and thorough. They were knowledgeable about what they were doing, and very clearly cared about the quality of their work.I have been living in my apartment for over two years, and have been raising a baby here for half of that time. My carpet was a gross, embarrassing mess. I would have been happy if it looked half as good. Instead, my carpet looks brand new. I will be recommending this company to everyone who asks me about carpet and house cleaning. More...


Clarice W.

14 March 2015

Awesome job. On time and pleasant folks. My carpets look almost new.


Des A.

7 March 2015

I have to say I was very satisfied with this carpet cleaning company. The customer service was great and prices were comparable to other companies. They match priced me with  the another company I had gotten a quote from . I called the same day and they were a able to come out. The person they sent out to clean my carpets worked hard. He literally hand scrubbed my carpet and got all my stains out. I have a busy house hold and my carpets were so  dirty he made them look new. The carpets were not soaked and dried so fast in less then an hour. I would use them again and refer  them to others!! More...


Kim C.

18 February 2015

Sari-I and his team are my carpet cleaning heros! The chemical free cleaning is excellent. They are tidy, considerate, and professional. Green Carpet Cleaning is a great value and a pleasure to work with! More...


Brooke F.

15 January 2015

Had an emergency carpet situation and these guys were able to come the same day I called. Carpet is all cleaned along with a sofa. Good bedside manner, affordable and on time. I will definitely use them again! More...


V F.

16 September 2014

these guys were great. i had a 1 year old organic wool carpet that i was really concerned about cleaning. it came out great and they even showed me how much dirt was actually in the carpet. whew!


Annie H.

4 September 2014

I am yelping since I found them on Yelp.Liked the name of their company, figured I should support someone local who emphasizes on green and clean. Also had great reviews.I emailed a request, Fari responded with a cost and time frame. Also called me to verify. The guys came a little later than the stated time frame but they called to notify me, which was no problem to me at all.They showed me how dirty their cloth became from cleaning 3 rooms, means they did a really good job removing dirt left from the previous tenants. The carpet is dark colored, but it looked brighter after the clean. The rooms smelled really fresh.Overall satisfied, will use again. More...


claudia r.

31 July 2014

Amazing. I called with a carpet emergency and they were so responsive and got the job done!


Ted H.

5 July 2014

Great service on our carpets. We had some really bad stains and they worked hard to get them clean. Excellent work.


Shannon F.

9 June 2014

I hired Green Carpet Clean to clean a tough stain at my office. The team was on time, very efficient, and friendly. Both guys were professional, eliminated the stain and removed a few others, too!


Eduardo S.

8 May 2014

I'm totally satisfied with the experience. It is the second time I use Green Carpet Clean.I left a message which was returned an hour or so later. I was not in a rush to have them come to clean the carpet and two couches at home so it was easy to select the most convenient date for me. They called me back a day before to confirm the appointment and also called me when they were on their way to my house.I have about 1000 sq. ft of carpet area. They took the necessary time to complete the job, no rush. It look like new (I maintain it well). Both couches also look really nice.Very professional service. I recommend it. More...


Eva Y.

5 May 2014

They showed up on time and was very courteous. Love their service and love their decent rates! They were spot on with their quote and I added on additional deep clean. Overall, it was quick and easy to schedule and service was great.Key note- they will not service your carpet if it is raining out. I get it, it's a quality thing for them. More...


Erica A.

10 April 2014

Wonderful friendly service, gave a quote and stuck to it, and they got the nasty pet stains out!!  It's true about the mint, my house smells wonderful.  I have horrible thick cheap carpet and now it looks brand new.  I would recommend these guys to anyone! More...


Hana L.

13 January 2014

Green Carpet Clean is the best. Quality referrals make or break my own reputation, so I do my due diligence before hiring someone. This is quality work.There are two sides to every story. That's why when I began reading the reviews for Green Carpet Clean here, I took the negative reviews with a grain of salt. I did call to find out how the owner was responding to the negative reviews and to verify some of the details described in the reviews. The details of what they did checked out (products and methods used) but the dates of service did not (the owner stated he was not even in the area on 12/24/13, for example, already being off for the Christmas holiday out of town visiting family.)  And a review from a guy who lives in Ohio? How is that real?After screening this business, I asked if they could come in the next day - on New Year's Eve (when my business would be closed). I was so happy that they said yes! We have a high volume of traffic, so I need to plan a time to get my carpets cleaned when we're closed. I got my carpets cleaned in 2 hours and although they said they would be dry in 2 more hours I gave it a couple days to be on the safe side. I appreciate that they used all natural products, did a clean job, left the place clean, wore shoe covers to keep the carpet clean all the while they were working and even offered me shoe covers, as well! They explained the important health risks of using toxic chemical cleaners and the health benefits of using natural ones. Mostly I was impressed with their authentic commitment to and delivery of a high level of customer service - it's what we strive for in our practice, too, so to be in alignment with them in that value made me happy to hire them. I will do it again. I think you will be happy when you do, too. More...


Patrick L.

18 October 2013

We have 7 year old carpet that has been trounced by 2 kids(and friends) and I was tempted to replace all the rug areas as prior carpet cleaning services were not very effective and used lots of chemicals.  Recently I was searching around for alternatives and I decided to give GCC a try because I saw their Yelp reviews were so overwhelmingly positive.Today Jose and Mabel came and spent 2.5 hours on our house working their  "magic."  I was sooooo impressed.  Not only on time, polite and safe(sea salt, citrus and baking powder mix, and using special oscillating machine), but the results were fantastic...I took some before after pix also.  Heck, the price was reasonable enough that I think it will be worth it to rotate them into our house cleaner service every 3 months!Five stars!!! More...


Nancy S.

23 August 2013

Can't say enough good things about Green Carpet Clean. I was impressed by their level of customer service, environmentally safe products and the results were outstanding. I had deep stains on my stairway from workers trudging through our house-all gone. Even my cats enjoyed rolling in the carpets after they were dry. Kevin was our carpet cleaner-I highly recommend him. I will definitely call them again More...


Patrick C.

8 August 2013

A couple weeks ago, Malik and his cousin - sorry, I forgot your name! - came out to clean the carpets of the house we just bought.  The previous owners were filthy, filthy, FILTHY, wretched people who apparently refused to clean anything.  How filthy were they?  Well, let me point you to exhibit A - the mountain of dried cat crap they left for us on the patio.So yeah, filthy, cat-crap-collecting people had some cats that had shed EVERYWHERE.  Even after vacuuming and cleaning the whole house, I was still dying from the pet dander, so my wife called and scheduled Green Carpet Cleaners to come out and Malik and his cousin showed up on time on the appointed date.They deep cleaned about 1,500 sqft of carpet in just under 2 hours.  They were very courteous and friendly.  When they were done, we were left with a minty-smelling house and a furball the size of a softball.  Disgusting.  We let the place air out and dry and when we returned the next day, I no longer had issues and I was no longer scared to sit on the carpet.These guys are awesome and they are the exact type of small business that deserves to be highly successful.Strongly recommend. More...


Kate R.

27 July 2013

If you need to have a couch cleaned, this is the company you should choose hands down.  Fari is a passionate and well informed environmentalist, he has wonderful energy, a very positive attitude and his work was extremely detailed and thorough.  Fari went above and beyond for me, coming out to my apt in downtown SF on short notice on a Friday night b/c I had just relocated here from NYC and the couch that I had delivered, a floor sample, was filthy when it was delivered.  I have no place to sit and I have a small maltese that I didn't want sitting on dirt or chemicals.  This is the place to go, I have used a lot of cleaning services and this is as good as it gets. More...


Megan C.

23 June 2013

I called Far I in a bit of a panic: my dog had gotten sick all over the carpet in my roommate/landlord's home office, and I needed to get it cleaned up in the 3 days before she returned home. He and his daughter came the very next night - exuding kindess, patience and the most incredible positive energy - and worked non-toxic magic to get the carpet completely clean. I cannot thank Far I enough for coming on such short notice, for doing such an amazing job, and for offering an alternative to chemical cleaners so that I don't have to worry about my health or my dog's. I recommend Green Carpet Clean to anyone with cleaning needs - they do more than just carpets! More...


Keri L.

22 April 2013

What a wonderful service and amazing people! I recently used Green Carpet Clean to clean the carpets in my chiropractic/massage office. We had a fair amount of nasty oil stains (from massage) that we could not get out. Green Carpet Clean came in and now our carpet looks brand new!It is wonderful to have the option of a green clean. We have a large family practice where children and infants play on the floor of our waiting room. What a wonderful relief to know that there are no chemicals remaining in our carpets after a clean from this company! We promote natural health and wellness and this company allows us to embody that fully! The gentlemen who cleaned our carpets were a true pleasure to get to know. They were kind, caring and full of wonderful energy!I will definitely be using Green Carpet Clean in the future.Dr. Keri LinaneRevive Chiropractic Studio More...


Atavia L.

9 April 2013

Excellent Business Referral ALERT! -Green Carpet and Cleaning Services: I just had my mother's home cleaned by this amazing business. They specialize in 100% natural organic carpet and house cleaning services. Superb customer services, amazing price, and the owner's people are from Arkansas. You know you can't wrong with folks from Arkansas!  Please support this business or refer anyone. They will not disappoint! My Mother is so happy and when "momma's happy"... you know the rest. Thank you again Fari! More...


Nina Z.

25 March 2013

I have had the 2-hour/2-person cleaning twice so far, and the carpet cleaning.  The first team was particularly great, led by Jose.  The price for 2 hours is more than what I'm used to (I'm from the  midwest and used to pay $20/hr to one person to clean). But they did a fantastic job, even getting a rust stain out of the tub that I had been trying to bleach out for the past 2 years.  The second time was not as great. The first team was better but they ran late and I ended up spending the entire day on this cleaning project.  The second team was on time an left on time but were not as thorough.  I'm a student so I can't afford these rates regularly but I they will be who I call for my move-out cleaning. More...


David G.

23 December 2012

We had two very dirty couches and two area rugs cleaned by Green Carpet Clean -- we have two children under the age of 8, so it was not pretty before they got here. But about 3 hours after they arrived and the rugs and couches are almost as good as new. Fari and Jelani arrived on time on a Saturday afternoon (called me when they knew the specific time they were coming), were very friendly and did a great job. I was really impressed with how hard they worked to get the stains out.Finally, the cost  was definitely reasonable. I called three or four other yelp highly rated places first and this one was $50-100 less, and had an opening a week or two sooner. I say give them a try. More...


Loa L.

20 December 2012

My rug is over 30 years old and was ready to be thrown out.  I have both dogs and cats and you can image the wear and tear even though I have had it cleaned many times.  I could not believe how gorgeous it looked after they finished.  It is still hard to believe!!!I am so impressed with the crew that came.  They were professional and so courteous.  They enjoyed themselves and checked in with me throughout  the process in such a concerned, polite manner.  They came in left quickly and made sure before they left that I was satisfied with the job.  I have never has such efficient , polite workers in my home!!!!!!! They go the extra mile!! !!!!! Absolutely no smell and it dried in 2 hours.  You can rest assured I will have them back again and I have passed the word to all my friends!!!!!   Loa Lovely,  Oakland, CA.  12/18/12 More...


Michelle C.

3 December 2012

Very happy with the job Green Carpet Clean did on my 5' x 8' area rug.  A super friendly father-son team, they were done in less than an hour, the rug dried in no time in the sun and the clean minty smell was neither overpowering nor lingering.  Not to mention I appreciate the no-toxic chemicals approach in light of my now crawling infant.  Recommended indeed. More...


Jonathan B.

19 November 2012

Amazing!! My area rug was heinously disgusting and an hour later it was radiant and smelled of peppermint. It's magic!


Eve T.

18 October 2012

I was very impressed by their professionalism.  Kevin and Jackie arrived on time.  Kevin explained their cleaning process step by step  in great detail.  I would certainly use their services again.  They removed a lot of dirt  and cat hair I had no idea existed.. I must admit however,  I was a little disappointed that they were unable to completely get rid of a couple of stains.  My carpeting was not that old, maybe three years or so but had taken a beating from previous tenants. In any case, as stated, I highly recommend their service. More...


Jessica W.

25 July 2012

I am really satisfied with their service. The came and cleaned carpets of my office and they did really made me happy. Everywhere is so clean, I can not find any spots on my office's carpet. quick , cheap and high quality service. This is what i got and what you can expect from them. More...


Y K.

24 June 2012

had no problems. made an appt, a very nice man came with a truck full of stuff, and did the job. and price was reasonable. hassle-free and carpet looks great. thanks for the rec, yelpers! More...


kathy o.

21 June 2012

We had our carpets cleaned by Green Carpet Clean yesterday.   Wow, did they do a fantastic job!  In particular they really got the stairs cleaned (34 steps).  We previously had another well-known company clean the stairs and they looked dirty afterwards.  When Green Carpet Clean was finished, the carpets on the stairs looked like new.  The staff that did our work (Jaky, Jose and Kevin) were friendly, professional and extremely hard working.  They showed up on time, the estimate was the same as was quoted to me over the phone, they were careful with my home and all around nice to have in my house.  Thanks so much for the great job.  You are my new carpet cleaners!   Oh yeah and we love the slight mint smell that you use.  Not too strong but just freshens the house! More...


Tenacious D.

31 May 2012

These folks are DREAMY. I admit, I am an absolute sucker for mint in any form. But COME ON. They not only clean my carpet... in an eco-friendly manner... which means that it doesn't attract or resurface dirt the way that conventional methods use... but then they also make the whole house smell like peppermint?! COME ON! We used them for our move-out clean, and the place was SPOTLESS. They spent 8 hours, count them, EIGHT hours scrubbing the entire two bedroom apartment and steam-cleaning the carpets. That included having to hack hardened goo off the inside of the fridge. It looked like somebody had tried to make hard candy but had spilled the melted mixture down the inside and let chill. That is how bad it was. They got all of it off. It was immaculate. The inside of the stove: immaculate. The floors: immaculate. Everything: immaculate! The cleaners were all super-friendly and incredibly easy to work with. And we were not, let me tell you - we were friendly as hell, sure, but we were also both packing and moving things out around them the whole entire time. And leaving a gross disgusting mess behind us, in the form of dust and mold and hair and dessicated cat toys and little lost forgotten candy wrappers and every other scrap and bit that you can imagine. Like everybody else, we saw the result and said "Why didn't we have them do this when we lived here?!" Well, now we're putting our money where our mouths are and scheduling them to do a move-IN cleaning this weekend, now that we're almost mostly basically unpacked. The new place doesn't have carpets... maybe they can peppermintize a sofa instead? More...


Stephanie B.

6 April 2012

Amazing customer service AND quality of work.  Our carpets look brand new.  Fari was helpful and Kevin was a great technician.  He was friendly, thorough and honest.  We will definitely use this company again! More...


Helene F.

1 April 2012

It's such a pleasure to give an outstanding Yelp review to a company that really deserves it.  If what you value is great customer service, safe healthy products and excellent results, Green Carpet Clean is your answer.  I am house-sitting for a woman who is a heavy smoker; the smell was really overwhelming when I first arrived last week.  I found Green Carpet Clean via Yelp, and went with them initially because they responded right away to my call and scheduled same-day, which I needed in order to breathe in my home! The owner/manager, Far I, came to clean the rug and treat it with wonderful smelling natural products like peppermint oil & gave me great advice on how to remove the tar/nicotine smell from the moulding and walls.  Days later I had the upholstery cleaned with the same excellent results.  Both Far I and staff (Jackie and Mike) are wonderful, on time, friendly, communicative.   The company is staffed with real people, with integrity and a heartfelt intention to help people feel happy in their environment.  Five stars! More...


Annie O.

22 February 2012

Happy customer! Before moving to our new apartment, I wanted my carpet to be cleaned with green product. I am not removing dust to get toxic product in my house. The phone consultation was fast, pleasant and professional. On the day - on time (so good), professional, courteous, efficient. The apart now is smelling peppermint so cool and refreshing. They use green product and not a lot of water, I really appreciate that. Definitively call them again when I need a job well done and in a Green way More...


michelle h.

21 February 2012

My carpet is like new after five years of major use (with a shedding dog).  They came on time, put in extra time, and charged me what they said they would.  It didn't hurt that they were extremely friendly and took time to explain the process.  Thank you!  Treat yourself to a clean carpet! More...


Jimmy Y.

5 February 2012

Our new washer and dryer flooded the carpet and when we initially called Green Carpet Clean, we were a little hesitant given that the price they quoted us was a little higher than others.  However, the person we spoke with, Fari, who also runs the business had experience in dealing with these types of situations and also had the right equipment unlike a few other cleaners we called so we decided to go with them.  We are so glad we did!!  They were worth every penny.  He worked for 3+ hours as there was a lot of water in the carpet and he wanted to make sure he did an excellent job, which he definitely did.  I will be using him in the future for any additional carpet cleaning services.   On a side note, I had called him on a Saturday afternoon and he was able to come out early the next morning starting at 9am.  He was very friendly and hardworking. More...


Judy N.

2 February 2012

Our light carpets were several years overdue for a cleaning.  General wear and tear as well as a cat with stomach issues had left them in a sad state. Will and his crew arrived on time, explained the process, and left the carpets looking like new.   We were delighted with the results and the professionalism of the crew.  We'll surely use the company again and will not hesitate to recommend them to friends and family. I have never written a Yelp review before but felt the service deserved this effort. More...


Therese K.

14 January 2012

These guys are great!  They were on time, walked me through their cleaning process and did a fabulous job.  They even got a spot out that had been in the carpet since we moved in.  Left a great pepperminty scent, too.  Will definitely call them again. More...


Gary M.

8 November 2011

Green Carpet Clean did an amazing job.  The price they charged ($99) was surprisingly low considering the time and effort they put in and the results they achieved.  A dramatic but here-unspecified calamity left stains in a friend's carpet that appeared likely to be irremovable.  I was just an interested bystander, not the client, but after doing some research (starting with Yelp) I suggested this company as one of two possibilities, and after she spoke with them on the phone, they were her choice.I've been known to get names wrong, but Dexter and Kevin seemed like such nice guys that they'll probably forgive me if I'm misremembering theirs.  They explained what they were doing, and why; and what they did was much more than just completely remove the stains from the wall to wall carpet covering two hallways and a bedroom and leave it looking like it was new.  Among other things, they also cleaned baseboards and removed dirt that we didn't even realize was there.And in doing the job with nontoxic materials, they didn't shorten the projected lifespans of the humans or the cat who live in the house.  My friend Sharon is planning to contact them in the near future to arrange to have them come back and clean her drapes and some other things. More...


Andre R.

27 October 2011

I moved into a new condo and wanted to clean our area rugs and the condo's carpeting prior to move-in.  Green Carpet Clean was flexible on pricing, able to do the work quickly and do it well, and Vince and Kevin were very professional!


Welch W.

4 October 2011

This service is the real deal.  I agree with other reviewers, inasmuch as they truly care about their service.  In addition, it's great to hear them whistle while they work.  A first rate company.  Their rates are reasonable. The only draw back is that after cleaning you will use your vacuum more often. More...



8 September 2011

This is a long overdue review from service provided in May.  Fari was great to deal with and did a great job!  He's a nice guy and even came back the next day to rake the carpet, which made it look even better.  I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him! More...


Julie D.

30 August 2011

This is the BEST carpet cleaning company I have ever used.  Dexter spent over 2 hours on just my 2 children's bedrooms.  These are not the largest rooms in a house but he would not quit until he was satisfied he got every stain completely out.  Dexter was the most hardworking, courteous, professional business owner I have come across and that is why I am writing this review.  I wish them the best in their business, that it grows and thrives!! More...


Christine J.

17 August 2011

Yes, yet another happy customer!The day didn't start out so good...I was a little skeptical when my 10 am appointment came and went. BUT after a call I felt it was an honest mistake and they more then ever made it up to me.  They came last night and cleaned until almost 9:30pm.  They really did care and were just awesome.Dexter and Far-I were courteous, professional, hard working, and just the coolest guys.  I'm so stoked on my new fresh carpets, I have been walking barefoot on them while taking long deep breaths.  Ahhhhh....the serenity and the cleanliness of peppermint.  Never knew clean carpets could make me so happy.  LOL!Thanks guys!  You rock and I"m telling all my friends.  See you again soon.*CJ More...


Morgan L.

1 August 2011

These guys did an amazing job cleaning my area rug, which was white and had gotten covered in dog hair that wasn't coming up with the vacuum. They were friendly, and totally made extra time to squeeze me in at the last minute. The carpet is so clean, and it smells wonderful in here. More...


R. L.

15 July 2011

I couldn't be happier with the carpet cleaning provided by Green Carpet Clean. The two-man crew just left after spending spending 4.5 hours on a couple of flights of stairs, landings, and two bedrooms. Our carpet had not been cleaned since we moved in 10 years ago (yea, way too long) so I knew they were dirty and I didn't expect the kind of great results the guys managed today. The guys were great; courteous, professional, and efficient. The carpet looks absolutely fabulous! Plus, this minty smell is great. At first it almost smelled a little like being in a giant Girl Scout thin mint cookie (which, I'd imagine would not be a bad place to be). More...


Cara Y.

16 June 2011

These guys are awesome.They literally left 10 minutes ago, and I'm staring at what 2 hours ago were stained, food-crusted (thanks to our 14-month old), wearing-5-years-of-high-foot-traffic area rugs.  These suckers look brand new.  Like, the kind of clean that makes you realize that you'd just become accustomed to living with filthy rugs because you'd always look at them and say to yourself, "Meh!  They're not *that* bad."Yes.  They WERE that bad.Far I and Bobby (I apologize if I'm not remembering your name correctly) did a fantastic, efficient, and thorough job all the way through - and were extremely personable, professional, and friendly from start to finish.I'm now about 5 minutes from taking my shoes off and lying down on the living room rug to bathe in the scent of peppermint.**I'm unfortunately also going to continue to feel kind of like an asshole for not having any cash to tip them with.  Because really, they deserved it. More...


Susan I.

12 June 2011

I can't even describe how grateful I am to these guys. A week ago, a family member had some very Unfortunate gastrointestinal distress and we discovered a horrible, terrible, mess. I called this company and they said they were busy until the end of the week. Then they must have heard the utter desperation in my voice so they said they'd come out that same night (ie., after their FULL WORK DAY). They came and were absolutely cheerful, kind, discreet, wonderful, and did an amazing job making the WHITE CARPET (yeah right ) and several throw rugs absolutely spotless. And they left the house smelling like unicorns and peppermint. They stayed until the job was ALL done, after 10:30pm, and I could not have been more grateful. As soon as things calm down around here I am going to have them return and do the entire house. THANK YOU to these humane, professional and wonderful cleaners. I teared up a little bit while writing this. More...


Sean C.

14 May 2011

I'm not a big Yelp guys (this is only my second review), but I felt compelled to write a review for Green Carpet Clean after they cleaned our carpets today.  We were totally impressed with their service.  They arrived on time, finished when they said they would and charged us exactly what they estimated.  The two guys were super friendly, engaging and answered all our questions.  And best of all, as we have a baby on the way, they use no chemicals.  Our place looks greats, smells great and we couldn't be happier! More...


Fabio M.

5 May 2011

Quick, efficient and green. Great pine scent too. I paid only $99 with the special...


claudia c.

2 May 2011

Also had Jonathan and his associate come by to do my carpets, attracted to the Green method.  They did a wonderful job, though when it all dried, there were two areas that needed more attention - Called Farai, and he came right over after the weekend to spot the two problem areas, and did a great job.  I wasn't optimistic, especially since one was an old coffee stain that reappeared after cleaning the dingy adjacent areas that hid the old stain.  Farai worked on both stained areas, was sociable, interesting and intelligent (had great discussions, from music to politics, from economics to race relations, and more), and got it all done to my satisfaction.  Usually give four stars, so there's room for improvement, but these cleaners are committed to making their customers happy - and the one review where the client wasn't satisfied, should have called back since I'm sure they'd have made stains (that they probably couldn't see before they dried - I couldn't see the two problem areas until several hours later) disappear. More...


Trisilenia S.

11 April 2011

Green Carpet Clean boy am I glad that I found this company on YELP they had such great reviews I thought let me give these guys a try, I had my carpets cleaned on Thursday by Jonathan and Tavaris they were professional hard working and explained there products and cleaning machines to me as I can see why my carpets are so clean. I truly must admit that this is a wouderful carpet cleaning business my carpets were a bit damp to the touch almost dry when they left but I am astounded by how clean my  carpets are I did not think it was possible,  I had my carpets cleaned a year ago and I was very displeased with the service.  Have your carpets cleaned by Green Carpet Clean they are the best!!! More...


Jill R.

30 March 2011

Jonathan and his partner (sorry, forgot his name) just left our house about an hour ago.  These guys were truly professional and kind.  They called earlier to let me know that they were running about an hour late.  When they arrived they got to work and boy, our carpet and rug look fantastic.  Please give these guys a call if you need a reliable, trustworthy carpet cleaning service.  We will definitely use them again.  And, they use non-toxic materials...yay!! More...


Nino M.

23 March 2011

This is a review that is long overdue but well deserved.I just bought a foreclosed Condo and it was in real bad shape.  I was so disgusted that I didn't even want to go barefoot on the new carpet and I couldn't even step into the bathroom.  I called Green Carpet Clean after seeing their high marks on Yelp!.  Man, were these guys good!  I decided on them, because they do both carpet cleaning and housecleaning.My place took two days to clean.  I had the housecleaning scheduled first and the carpet cleaning second.  The two women did the housecleaning were amazing!  I'm sorry that I'm forgetting or butchering names, but I think one of the women was Tiffany (she seems to be in charge of the day's process); I met the owner Farai (again, sorry if I'm butchering the name) and he was a pleasant man to meet.  He even gave me a redwood seed, which I'm still looking to plant once the dust settles.  Anyway, back to Tiffany...  I showed her that I really need help with the kitchen and bathroom; one of the bathrooms was so disgusting that I'll save you the details because I still gag thinking about it.  I left to do some errands and returned about 2 hours later.When I got back Tiffany showed me what they have done and the bathroom looked GREAT!!!  The toilet was so clean, I couldn't believe it's the same one.  Also, I thought I had frosted shower doors and I actually hit my head trying to look in because I thought they were already open.  The place was starting to look great and livable and I'm glad that I can use my own bathroom.  I thought the housecleaning was already done, but Tiffany stated she still has a few more things to do, which she'll do during the second schedule.  She offered to clean the insides of my cabinets, microwave, and fridge for a small additional cost and I agreed to have them done and I'm so glad that I did.  I once again left Tiffany while I did my errands and when I returned about 2 hours later, I was smelling something peppermint and I heard the carpet cleaner running and met the guy behind it.  The man was as pleasant and detailed as Tiffany.  He explained to me what the smell was and gave me tips on how to get rid off unwanted odors.Anyway, I was so glad that I called Green Carpet Clean.  They did an awesome job on my place that I now fall asleep on the floor and don't mind going barefoot on any of the floors.  I would call them again and probably schedule a quarterly major clean up of my place.  So worth it!!!! More...


Jayme C.

21 February 2011

I am very pleased with the cleaning job provided by Green Carpet Clean.  They were very clear on what time they would arrive and how long the job would take.  Jonathan shared with me the benefits of green cleaning, for both myself and the environment.  Dexter was great to point out step by step what he and Jonathan were working on.  Both guys were very friendly.  And in the end, not only do my carpets look and feel great, you can even smell the cleanliness!  Thanks again guys. More...


Megan M.

22 January 2011

I am very pleased with the service I got from these carpet cleaners.They called to let me know that they were running a few minutes late, which was much appreciated. They were very friendly and efficient.When I called, they said they were quite busy but asked if it was urgent, and they fit me into their schedule. They were also extremely accommodating with the date and time, making it very easy to make an appointment. There was even a weird, gummy spot on the carpet that was very difficult to get out, and I checked in to find both men on the floor using their hands to get the stain out. They were very dedicated to doing a good job.They also showed me the stuff that came out of the carpet and it made me feel so glad that I had called them! The carpets were almost dry by the time they gave me a quick tour and there was a light peppermint scent for a few days afterward. Yay, no harsh chemicals!Would definitely call these guys again! I even passed on their info to my neighbours.Word of advice: if you plan to pay cash, try to have some bills in different denominations in case they don't have a lot of change. They ended up being able to find the correct change, but didn't have a lot of extra cash on them. More...


Jen H.

18 January 2011

Jonathan and Malik were not only efficient and professional but they were delightful guys, the kind of guys that you hope to have on hand when you're having work done in your home.  They went out of their way to explain the process and the products that they were using.  They moved large pieces of furniture and did some extra spot cleaning without my asking.  Best of all - my carpets look amazing! I wish I had before and after pictures for you because the difference is astonishing.  I would not hesitate to recommend and hire Green Carpet Clean again.  They did an excellent job! More...


Alan D.

17 January 2011

Pros:------* Jonathan & Malik (sp?) showed up on time, were very friendly, and did a great job cleaning the carpeting of my small townhouse.* They had a great attitude about making me happy, going over several heavily soiled areas two or three times to get pretty much everything up.* They use greener cleaning agents than many carpet cleaners* The carpet is not left very wet at all... looks like it'll be completely dry within about 6 hours from when they left, many parts sooner.* Seems like a great little family-run business, which is cool.Only Con:------------I took one star off only because of pricing, especially since in the end, the Plum District certificate I purchased made very little to no difference in the ultimate price I paid.  I wouldn't do something like this via Groupon or Plum District again for this reason.  So, I still ended up paying more than average market price for a job like this, but I was attracted to the good yelp reviews and the fact they emphasize green cleaning, which is important to me for health and because it's better for the planet.  According to Jonathan or Malik (can't remember which), they also said their process uses 1/10th as much water as most carpet cleaners, which is great.Anyway, thank you Jonathan and Malik for a great job today! More...


Bee A.

14 November 2010

Whoa, impressive!  We're in a rental that had nasty smelling and dirty carpet on the stairs and hallway.  We'd tried to clean the stains ourselves to no avail.  I called Green Carpet Clean because I don't wish to subject myself, my children, husband or pet to the toxic chemicals that are used in your ordinary carpet cleaning business.  In exchange for going the green route I thought I'd have to settle for less than spotlessly clean carpets.  No so!  I stood at the foot of my steps and said, "Wow" a few times before I could say anything else.  The carpet was spotless; it no longer smelled; and it didn't smell like toxic chemicals!  Really - this company and its service rocks!  Bravo! More...


Omar S.

21 October 2010

5 stars but why?1. On time2. Called ahead to let me know they were on their way, which was good, because I was so busy I forgot we even scheduled the cleaning.3. Friendly, almost too friendly, I felt like just kickin' it but tried to keep it professional and make sure the job got done.4.  They worked during the late hours from about midnight to 4am!5.  The carpets were clean.Word of warning to business owners, make sure you give the carpet ample time to dry just to make sure it's safe for everyone.Highly recommended! More...


kadet k.

27 September 2010

This company is golden. Great rates, efficient, professional, friendly, and they go the extra mile to make sure every little spot is treated thoroughly without additional charges. The owner even left me with some of his cleaning solution! You have come to the right place. More...


Chris M.

18 August 2010

These fellas were nice, professional, thorough as hell, and didn't quit until the job was done.  If I could give 6 stars I would.


James B.

17 August 2010

This is the best carpet cleaning company I have ever dealt with in 20 years. The time they stated they were coming, they arrived. Fari, took the time to explain how the cleaning process works as compared to standard carpet cleaners. This company will have my business for now on, when you compare the amount of times a regular carpet cleaner will have to come out as compared to Green Carpet Clean they are cheaper, also they have increased the life of my carpet, saved me $1800 in replacing my carpet. Fari, if you ever need a reference, send them to me, your company is the real deal, as I stated before you will be doing all my buildings. More...


Mary V.

16 July 2010

Amazing! Green Carpet Clean are the best!  On time, friendly guys and the before and after were unbelievable. I was going to replace the very dirty old hall and stair carpeting in my Victorian five-plex but instead I decided to check yelp for green carpet cleaners. And am I ever glad that I did___the carpeting looks brand new. As a result I've made appointments for two of my other properties.This is  2/24/2015 reviewI'm still using Green Carpet Clean for all of my 16 rental units. I repeat everything that I said above___on time, friendly  and hard workers who still do miacles on the carpeting. I highly recommend them and the price is right! More...


Lauren M.

9 July 2010

Have you ever had your soul cleaned?  Well, call GREEN CARPET CLEAN and you will experience a level of clean you never have before....and I am not exagerating!Far I and Johnathan are two of the most positive-spirited, professional and effecient people I have ever had the pleasure to hire!  There was not a spot on my nasty carpet that they couldn't conqure! (I was honestly thinking of just moving out so I wouldn't have to deal with the nastiness any more!)The best, best, BEST is that I feel I am truely living in integrity by using eco-friendly carpet cleaning!  The house smelled rad.  The carpet felt soft under my feet. It dried quickly!I have referred them to many people and I had the pleasure of seeing my friend's excitement when they finished a move-out clean for her.  Far I and his crew have an incredible attention to detail! I am so happy to tell all the yelpers in the world that I LOVE GREEN CARPET CLEAN! I enthusiastically recommend them.  Your carpet will feel better. You will feel better.  The Earth will LOVE you better!Thank You Very Much!!!! More...


Dylan M.

9 June 2010

Just as many of the other reviewers have said these guys are great, showed up exactly on time, finished quicker than expected, and did an awsome job for $99 exactly. While you may be able to find a bit cheaper of a deal, the service and timelyness are worth a few extra bucks to me.I am also adding some before and after shots so be sure to check those out. More...


Lynda D.

16 January 2010

I can't recommend this company enough!!! Fari and his team have just left our house after doing a phenomenal job cleaning our carpets. They look brand new!!! We have two small children and a cat so needless to say our carpets have taken quite a beating. My four year old actually said "why did they put new carpets in?"Fari and his team were super-friendly and very professional and the price was also great. If you're looking for a carpet cleaning service, these are your guys. More...


Eri K.

11 January 2010

We had our 6' x 10' FLOR area rug cleaned this morning by Green Carpet Clean and it looks amazing!  We have a 1 year old baby and 2 cats so the rug was pretty dirty.  But in an hour, Far I and Michael were able to get all of the stains out.  The rug looks brand new!  Far I was friendly and professional.  I am very pleased with their service.  I highly recommend them! More...


Tara F.

1 December 2009

These guys are great! They were able to take a last minute appointment, the carpets have never looked better (or smelled better, I LOVE that they don't use stinky chemicals!), and their rates were lower than anyone else that we called.This is absolutely the company you want if you're looking for great service at a great price; and it's a big plus that they only use natural cleaning products to get the job done! More...


Marjon M.

16 June 2009

Based on the reviews on Yelp I called Green Carpet Clean, also because I like a healthy, and environmentally-friendly cleaning.Fari is a very friendly guy. When he came in with only a few appliances I honestly had some doubts, but the eventual result was amazing. Our carpet was very filthy and looks like new again. We had pre-vacuumed the rooms, but he took his vacuum-cleaner and vacuumed all the edges and ridges. He moved the sofa and other furniture and cleaned very thoroughly.He worked 4 1/2 hours non-stop, even though I told him he can take a break if he wants. The price was very reasonable and for an additional fee he also cleaned some of our rugs. Fari does not only do a great job, he is very dedicated to his work, and does not leave until the carpet is sparkling clean. Definitely recommended! More...


Brooke B.

5 June 2009

Super friendly, approachable, efficient, thorough and affordable. AND no chemically after smell. great carpet cleaning


Sara D.

26 April 2009

Great service!  High satisfaction!  And peace of mind, knowing that the process is green.


Leo L.

17 February 2009

My masochistic landlord installed white carpet in my one bedroom place. She told me that it would be cleaned before I move in, but she lied. The renting price was really good so I wasn't about to argue with her.As much as I hate to spend my money on something she should have done herself, I HATE the thought of filth on my carpet! (Walking barefoot was a nightmare!!) After considering the Rug Doctor from the local grocery store, I came to my senses and went on Yelp. After calling the four and five-star-reviewed carpet cleaning companies, I was pretty much quoted more than I wanted to spend by almost all of them, and the one that was within my range could not do a same day service.When I saw the Green Carpet Clean review I thought it would be pretty pricey because of the "Green" method involved. I was surprised when they matched the lowest offer from another top ranked Yelp company and was able to do a same-day service!! I was then left with a quandary; "Green" or "chemically". I was suspicious of the Green method because I thought that it just wouldn't do the job of good old fashioned aliphatic petroleum solvent, isopropyl alcohol, and other detergents and soaps. HOWEVER, Fari broke it down for me real good over the phone, and my lesson in Green Cleaning didn't end until every mark on my white (ex-grey) carpet was GONE! (Even the ones I didn't really care about - Fari insisted on removing them just for the sake of showing me the power of Green =). He helped me move around my furniture; the heavy AND the light, because he's cool like that. Needless to say that I am very happy with his efforts and company (he is a very remarkable human being, who had lived through many interesting anecdotes). More importantly, my carpet was clean! How do I know? He SHOWED me the dark filth he removed from my carpet with his machine! And I breathed a sigh of relief KNOWING that it is CLEAN! (And not just masked by chemicals with which the stains would resurface after a few days like in my past experiences). Fari was professional throughout his effortful service and genuinely deserves the business that I highly recommend that you all give him.Peace and Love! More...


victoria y.

16 February 2009

First off, I am NOT a frequent yelper, however my experience was so awesome  I actually made an account JUST so I could rave about this guy.  I thought my carpet  was a lost cause, having been heavily soiled by the previous tenants, but Fari was able to make it like new in the healthiest, environmentally safe way.  He has the most innovative machine that I have ever seen.  My carpets were dry in a couple of hours as promised, and I could SEE the dirt removed and out of my house.  I have a design on my carpet that I never knew i had.... that's how good the improvement was.So, if you are getting your carpets cleaned, I recommend this guy for any one of these reasons......1. You want your carpets CLEANED, without getting your carpets soaking wet, without the mildew smell, and you want the stains gone for more than just a few days (like other Yelp! carpet cleaing companies).2. You care about your health, and don't want to inhale toxic chemicals that other carpet cleaing companies use.  (I personally researched the ingredient).3. You care about the environment and don't want to pollute it any further.4. You want to hire someone that is a perfectionist and cares about your carpet, to the point where even if there is a stubborn stain and you tell him that its no big deal, he will still go out of his way to make sure the stain is gone for his sake more than yours.5. You want to hire someone who is really kind, honest, and hardworking. More...

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