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While the only thing in today's market that seems to be constant is change, people are the key ingredient to how we facilitate change. While the growth of business takes strong leadership practices,along with a point of reference that leads us down the correct path, this seems difficult to find.


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Kim Harper-Lee

1 August 2019

The Greater Concepts Team is phenomenal! Very efficient and Professional! I recommend their services to anyone starting a new business.

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The most important thing is.........

Goal setting & planning which leads to strong year over year growth in financial performance.

In 2010, I experienced a spinal cord injury that resulted in me becoming a Quadriplegic. Although the medical misfortune has led to a minor change in lifestyle; I still have my strong passion for Business Leadership and directing environments towards training and profitability. Greater Concepts by Design was established to assist business and industries in developing of operating procedures, marketing, and training.
While most operations work day by day to meet the ongoing challenges of business, it becomes tough to view in on the process of managing as opposed to getting caught up in it. One of my goals that I achieved was to become an author of a great leadership tool that would assist in the development, and enhancement of management skills.
I also want to use my 35 years of leadership experience to assist businesses in increasing growth and development of progressive concepts

I have worked with many corporate clients and the most important aspect of working with people is to bring added value to an organization.
I also feel that the sharing of knowledge I have always used in developing team members which leads to educational enterprise



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