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I am an ontological coach; ontology is the study of being. I support people in creating what they want by living more from their source essence and less from their survival or defense mechanisms. I offer powerful coaching that illuminates where you are getting stuck and frees you to create a powerful life that you have been dreaming about.



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When I see a client pop it brings me so much joy! I love supporting people in create the lives of their dreams. This is powerful work and to be with someone who truly get to own what they want and then go forth and support them to create it is humbling. I wake up and pinch myself that I get to do this.

I was in the last year of my masters degree in Consciousness and Transformative Studies and did not know what was next. I did my masters because I loved the content so much, it fit with my interest in transformation. So I went on retreat for a month to really dive into the question of what was next in my life. After spending a week at a Zendo, then two weeks solo hiking in the back country, and a week with a shaman, I came back with a hell yes to becoming a coach!

I put my money where my mouth is. Life Coaching is not yet recognized by any accrediting standards. The International Coaching Federation (ICF) has been working on coaching standards and stands as the makeshift accrediting body until there are solidified national standards. I am finishing my accreditation with the ICF and also finished a masters degree in this field. Moreover, this body of knowledge has been my life's work.