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Private, in-home dog training. I help people and their dogs with everything from puppy training to aggressive behavior to Canine Good Citizen and Therapy Dog training. We work in your home so lessons are tailored to you and your needs and solutions can be designed that are specific to your lifestyle.

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Joseph B.

22 March 2019

Our 5 month old puppy was becoming a little terror. The first training session with Rona changed everything. She taught us how to interact with him to put us in charge not him. Within a couple of days he was a totally different dog. We will continue to work with our puppy and Rona to raise a well mannered dog. Money well spent. More...


Mary Frasher

15 August 2018

Changed our lives, we have 5 dogs with all sorts of personality, some are not so good. She changed the way we live and it has been for the best.


Melinda Wright Watts

15 August 2018

After two sessions with Rona, we are learning to work with our Lab. Rona had us the minute she walked in the door.


Coleman Jennings

15 August 2018

Rona is awesome! Highly recommended dog trainer that will come to your house. We were amazed how quickly she connected with our dog and began to show us how to train her. We have a very energetic lab one-year-old dog and Rona was amazing with the way she communicated with her. Most importantly, she taught us how to train her!! THANK YOU!! More...


Kristina Zontini

15 August 2018

Rona is awesome! After going to other trainers and private lessons - Rona was able to help us understand our dog much better in an hour long skype lesson. We're really excited to start putting her techniques to action. More...


Sara W.

2 February 2017

One word - amazing!Helped with my very large foster dog who has been biting me unintentionally during play. I followed her advice and within 1 play session the problem has alleviated. Today slipping back into the behavior but the second I followed my training rules, bam! No more bites. Great trainer!! More...


Mary J.

30 August 2016

Rona is amazing! She helps out rescue dogs who need just a little bit of guidance sometimes! Her efforts to help, even in a last minute emergency, in person and even over the phone is incredible. I highly recommend her!


Helping dogs become better family members and seeing people enjoy their dogs more. It makes a better life for everyone.

I got my training in a shelter environment where I was training dogs with serious behavior issues to make them more adoptable. After passing dozens of dogs through the Canine Good Citizen test, many of whom were deemed "untrainable" by other trainers, I decided I wanted to help dogs like these stay in their homes and not end up in shelters in the first place.

I believe training should be accessible and affordable so people can get the help they need for their dogs.

I'm not only good with the dogs, I'm a skilled communicator who will help you understand the hows and whys of training your dog. I use positive reinforcement and behavior adjustment training techniques, so your dog learns to want to work with you, not just avoid punishment.

I've been able to help people when other trainers have told them their dogs were"loaded guns" and suggested they get rid of them or euthanize them. I never stop learning the latest advancements and techniques in training.

My goal is to get you what you need with the fewest lessons possible. That's part of keeping things affordable. I have hundreds of 5-star reviews and my clients love me. I'm also an AKC Canine Good Citizen Evaluator, so I can help you train for the test and then administer it.