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Clarence Barry-Austin

26 May 2017

Although not a patient/client, I know of Mirel's reputation, and it is second to none in her field.Clarence


Leah Dade

26 May 2017

She is extremely knowledgeable and truly works to bring wholeness to people. I recommend her often to families who are experiencing relationship challenges. She is always on the cutting edge of therapeutic strategies to assist her clients. She freely gives of her time and the information that she has and shares it in a variety of venues to help others. I highly recommend her!! More...


Rick Gilman

26 May 2017

Mirel Goldstein is a caring and thoughtful therapist. She is respectful and sensitive to your needs and concerns. Highly recommended.


Stephen Levine

26 May 2017

When thinking about choosing a therapist, you want someone that is easy to talk to, understanding, warm, friendly and compassionate. Mirel Goldstein is it! She helps put the pieces back together. A great professional that makes sense. More...


Michael Katz

26 May 2017

Mirel Goldstein is easy to talk to and would recommend her therapy services to anyone.


Abe Melamed

26 May 2016

Mirel is the best therapist in the world! I question anyone who has anything negative to say about her. She is professional, personable, and really great at what she does! Will certainly be referring anyone looking for a therapist to her! More...


Abe M

26 May 2016

Mirel is unquestionably one of the best therapists I know and have encountered, both in the general professional world, as well as in my own person experiences with therapists. I would recommend her to anyone!


David Melamed

27 May 2015

I do not know a single therapist more dedicated, kind and knowledgeable than Mirel Goldstein.

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