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kenneth champion

30 June 2019

GoldenFalconGym is one of the Best Muay Thai MMA Bjj Schools in the Area. World Class Muay thai Instructor Mohammed Lemjerdine Leads the Pack with Tons of Experience and top notch Stricking every day your Learning something new in are Close nit family based Community Very welcoming He pushes and motivates everyone to Become better and reach there Goals


James Burton

6 March 2019

I haven't been there yet but I heard that this is a hardcore gym


Xiomari Caban Garcia

6 December 2018

Nice small community gym , very serious work put into their workouts


Carlos A Avila

9 November 2018

Great coaches, great people, what more can you ask for?


mimi's plants

6 October 2018

The place is clean the gym leader is polite and knowledgeable, this place has some good Fighters!!!


Estefano Carlos Nascimento

22 August 2018

The best gym


Kaitlin Cullen

23 July 2018

From the first time I stepped into this place I felt 100% welcomed.


First Class Movers, LLC

6 June 2018

Top Quality instructors/coaches. Friendly environment. Home of humble savages


Michael Hernandez

20 February 2018

Its a gym of humbleness joy an respect very tough the strong will b stronger mentally pychsicially here an will become champions i enjoy my muay thai coach an my jujitsu coach Angelo Richardson they both welcome me with open arms since i left renzo gracie ive been growin stronger wiser since ive been training here an both care about there students this is my family osss!��


Charles N Grace

27 March 2017

Best school around filled with great people n one of the best Muay Thai coaches, Mohammed around. For me its more a home than just a gym this is the feeling. N the quality n care top notch. Training over 20 yrs I can say that this gym their Muay Thai program alone got me shredded and in the best shape I have ever been. Great place great people. For all levels also. Check it out the experience speaks for itself. Ous... More...


Roger Denton

27 October 2016

Excellent Academy Top level instruction I would recommend this Academy to anybody from beginner to Pro great work ethic great group of people all like-minded working top level martial arts


Miguel Santos

18 October 2016

A professional environment taught by excellent teachers with a lot of training and competition experience.


Carlos Correia

18 October 2016

Great high level trainers. They can Coach anyone from first day of martial arts to a pro fighter. Great place, I would highly recommend it.


Sergio Hruszko

21 May 2016

It's not a gym it's a fight school, it's where you punch each other in the face and say thank you afterward, it's where your grateful someone tried to rip your arm off because it shows you your mistake, it's where your team pushes you to your brink because they know you can overcome it even though you don't, you can't skip a rep or get off the treadmill before time runs out, if you let up your getting choked or catching a kick to the ribs, it's finding out what your made of every time you go, this is GOLDEN FALCON, this is where you realize your better than you ever knew you were. Come join the family and start finding the real you! More...


Melissa DeVito

19 February 2016

Fun and friendly atmosphere, awesome classes, and cute guys.


Cara Cook

18 February 2016

Speed school is honestly my favorite place to be. It's filled with hardworking people that motivate you to get better. Not only are the coaches extremely knowledgeable everyone is always ready to help you learn. With a team like this you progress quickly. It's really the best group of people I've ever had the pleasure of meeting and working with. Speed school is not only a team, it's a family. More...


Brandon Murphy

15 February 2016

The experience of training with well rounded individuals and kind minds keeps me motivated to come back. The facilities are great and the team is too. Gotta love it they get you involved and invested More...


Nina Ortiz

15 February 2016

Great People, awesome training, hard work, and amazing energy!


Arnell Richardson

15 February 2016

Great Muay Thai training and great group of people! It's a very friendly environment. I would definitely recommend this place.


Alex Ortiz

15 February 2016

Golden Falcon Gym is not only my home but my family... I've grown exponentially not only as a fighter but as an individual by being a part of a group of people who truly care for my well being in and out of the gym.. I wouldn't trade this place for the world. Top notch training in all facets and an awesome environment.. I love my gym.. More...