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It can take years of planning and research to achieve your goals, and they often don't follow a straight line. Go Figure Accounting understands your goals because we share them.

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Jason Clute

Rachel has provided unrivaled advice and had done wonders for the growth and prosperity of the business.


Rob Hamilton

Thrilled to be working with these nice folks, especially with Rachel. Quick, efficient, smart. Thank you.


Sherrie Mark-Nemetz

Rachel is a great resource especially for business owners. She helps get you organized so you don't dread getting everything together when tax season rolls around. She is very reasonably priced and a joy to work with. More...


Donna Hamby

Just switched over to Rachel and her team after being with our previous accoutant for more than 20 years, until he retired. We were nervous about going to someone new, but our experience witih Rachel thus far has been stellar. Our transition has been smooth and worry-free for both our personal and business accounting/tax needs. We're just in our first year, but we're already looking forward to an equally long and happy relationship with Rachel! More...

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No one can predict the future, of course. But by developing an accurate, in-depth accounting of your business finances for yesterday through today, you can come pretty darn close.

Most people call it a chore. More than three-quarters of small business owners call it their biggest headache. Yet, it’s central to the success of all businesses. And it just so happens to be exactly what we do best.

QuickBooks is the go-to software program for business accounting, plain and simple. Though for many, “simple” is a matter of perspective. Not to worry. We’ve been Certified ProAdvisors for more than a decade. We know you may just be starting out, or you may have decades of experience under your balance sheets. No matter where you are on your business journey, it’s never too late—or too early—to harness the power of QuickBooks and grow your business to its full potential.

Sometimes the smartest move you can make as a business owner is to get out of your own head and into someone else’s; preferably someone trained to see the road ahead, navigate the potholes, and set realistic goals for your destination. Let us be your business’s designated driver.

Taxes are a fact of life for all of us, personally and professionally. And our individual tax pictures vary as much as we do. But the goal for individuals and companies alike are pretty straightforward: pay as little as possible and plan as best we can to minimize the pain and hassle throughout the year. Easy to say. Not so easy to accomplish. (Unless we do it for you, that is.)