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Welcome to GNO Snoring and Sinus, New Orleans ENT (Ear Nose & Throat) Doctors and local experts in specialty care for sleep and sinus disorders. We focus on determining the causes behind common disorders such as snoring, obstructive sleep apnea, and chronic sinus disease.

Address: 4224 Houma Blvd, Suite 205, Metairie, LA 70006, USA

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Deenen Christmas-Perkins

7 June 2019

I recommend him to anyone suffering with there sinuses


Gabrielle Benson

29 May 2019

Was in and out with no problem great staff


Brian S.

9 May 2019

This place is a finely tuned doctor's office. Was able to get in and out and back to work before the boss noticed. Checked in, saw the doc, CT scan in the office, saw the doctor again and then went over my options. Staff was great and the doctor was clear and precise. Absolutely recommend. More...


John S.

1 May 2019

I was impressed with the promptness ,courtesy ,and professionalism of the staff and the physician. Nice folks. Thanks


Nihal Godiwala

3 April 2019

Very efficient, very easy experience at GNO. Dr Anand spends a great deal of time explaining options and working out an individualized treatment plan based on exam and history. Great ENT practice!


Elizabeth S.

20 December 2018

I had a great experience with Dr. Anand. After years of self-diagnosed sinus headaches, I finally made an appointment, and was so glad I did. Dr. Anand was so patient with my questions and complaints. I didn't feel rushed, and he took the time to explain everything in detail. I left feeling like I had a good understanding, and I was also relieved that he wasn't overly quick to suggest surgery/procedures. He was conservative and informative, just what I wanted. More...


Jamee Sellier

14 December 2018

Amazing experience, Dr. Anand is great! After dealing with breathing difficulties and sinus pain/pressure all of my life, today I was finally able to get relief with an in office procedure. Friendly staff and comfortable environment as well. More...


Jamie Giambrone

14 November 2018

EXCELLENT care by Dr. Anand, all East Jeff office staff and by everyone at Advanced Sugery Center for sinus surgery. All are professional, friendly and understanding. Home with absolutely NO pain. THANK YOU. More...


Ilyanette M. Bernabel

6 November 2018

My experience at GNO Snoring & Sinus was fantastic! Dr. Akash Anand, MD was thorough, professional and an absolute pleasure. He was able to identify the root of my sinus problems, I went into surgery to correct the issue after two weeks and my recovery was speedy and painless. I highly recommend going to see Dr. Anand for all your sinus issues and concerns. More...


Wong Ng

2 November 2018

Coming from someone who have history of sinusitis, septum deviation, chronic ear infection, obstructive sleep apnea, and nonallergic rhinitis, Dr. Anand is the 7th ENT I am being treated by. Although all 7 ENT that treated me was really good, I feel Dr.Anand jump right into seeing me at an appropriate time. I requested my primary care to see another ENT. She asked me if I would go to GNO snoring, with all the positive review, I was willing to give it a try. The following day, I got a call from GNO snoring & sinus to set up an appointment already. My first visit with Dr. Anand, he was listening to all my complaint and got me start with a xray of my sinuses. Within 10 minutes, he told me my sinus was definitely block and recommended for me to come back in two week to get a balloon septoplasty done. Although the procedure is not until 2 weeks from now, I am actually excitied about it. More...


Allan C.

4 October 2018

I had a pleasant experience with Dr Anand and his staff. He seemed knowledgeable about his material, and he provided insights that others have not. I was surprised that he recommended to not have a procedure for my issue, and he provided pros and cons that substantiated his opinion. This provided the sense that he supported my best interest. More...


Lori Ladner Treitler

8 February 2018

Amazing staff and Dr. Anand is by far one of the best doctors I have ever met. I am a nurse and have met quite a few. The sinuplasty procedure has so many benefits. Thank you


Mary Estalote

8 February 2018

Super impressed and worth the drive from Covington to see Dr Anand. My husband has suffered for years with recurrent sinus infections and even chronic cough. Today final got some definitive answers and a plan of action. Dr Anand is fast ,effective, efficient. Super nice Dr and knows his stuff. We felt validated and understood. His office staff is very polite and the wait was very little. I highly recommend Dr Anand... More...


Kim L.

11 December 2017

Professionals!  I'm 3 weeks out from my in-office sinuplasty procedure and feeling great and refreshed - the difference is honestly night and day.  The staff was professional, courteous and extremely personable.  They were accommodating in getting me in prior to Thanksgiving, which is important as I am in residency and needed to have it done before my holiday break.  I would highly recommend.  Thank you, Dr. Anand! More...


Maria Evans Reynaud

23 October 2017

Had a balloon sinuplasty done this past week to help eliminate chronic congestion/improve my breathing. I'm incredibly pleased that there's been evidence today that my sinuses are healing well. I'm already breathing 100% better and not feeling so congested! So worth the discomfort of the procedure if this is the long-term result! Thanks to Dr. Anand and the GNO Snoring & Sinus Center! More...


Jon Nesbit

6 July 2017

Staff is wonderful and very helpful! I can breathe!


Jeannette Holley

27 June 2017

I love Dr.Anand and his staff..They made me feel so comfortable..I had a Sinuplasty done 2 weeks ago..I just left the office for my check-up..Everything looks great..Ty so much guy's..� More...


Lisa Soto

26 May 2017

I love Dr. Anand and his staff. After a not so great experience with a couple other ENTs in the area, I am SO glad I came here. The best. He will answer any question, go over everything with you and the staff are so amazing. Go here for all your ENT needs! More...


William Morris

3 May 2017

Wonderful Place Dr Anand is the Bomb I would Highly Recommend this practice !


Becky Stevenson

18 February 2017

Very professional and friendly. I did not have a long wait time.


Paula Brandon

10 February 2017

He is the best dr abhand i would recommend him to everyone


Yvette Marie Burke Ezebuiro

20 January 2017

It's was easy to find and the staff was friendly and the doctor was friendly nice �


Jessica Bartholomew

22 December 2016

Dr. Anand and his entire staff are friendly and quick to get you in and out. But also make sure you understand everything and answer any questions you may have. Would definitely recommend them to anyone having sinus problems! More...


Heather Jones

17 December 2016

I have suffered my entire life with chronic sinusitis. Not even a week out of my surgery and I CAN BREATHE out of my nose like I have never been able to before! This doctor has completely changed my life! Thank you Dr. Anand! More...


Mike Peco

28 October 2016

Dr. Anand and staff are Awesome. Very professional and caring. I can't remember ever breathing this well.


Robin Stephanie Collom

8 October 2016

I go back for my follow up appointment next Friday very friendly professional stuff


Donald G. Lane

20 July 2016

Dr. Anand and staff are at the top of their profession providing professional, medically advanced and compassionate health care using cutting-edge methods and technology. I highly recommend him to anyone suffering with an ENT issue. More...


Christopher Nesbit

6 February 2016

Dr Anand and his staff are amazing. They took good care of me when I was in a tight spot and needed to be seen right away. You won't find a more professional and down to earth Dr. Thanks again!! More...


Amanda Castro

31 December 2015

Thank you Dr. Anand . Not even 10 minutes after my procedure and I already feel so much better . You are absolutely amazing !!! I can breathe !!!! Thank you to you and your staff for accommodating me the last day of the year !!! Absolutely no anxiety or pain during the procedure . Thank you , thank you , thank you !! More...


Carole Doucet Edwards

30 October 2015

Thank you Dr. Anand and great staff at GNO! Simple procedure done in office to fix my turbinates and now I'm breathing through my nose without whistling! Hopefully no more sinus infections now. More...


Victoria Latorre

29 October 2015

GNO and its staff are very caring and friendly! Dr. Anand is a great doctor.


Eric J Matlock

18 March 2015

best staff members.


Laura Warren

13 March 2015

I used to use a cpap but I really really really hate it.


Tiffany Rinck Callaghan

20 February 2015

Amazing doctor and staff! When a doctor's office don't make you wait a very long time for your scheduled appt. is a huge PLUS to me! I was in and out. Thank you


Natalie Jackson

30 December 2014

My husband had his tonsils removed by Dr Anand. He did an excellent job, and my husband can breathe better! Excellent surgeon!


Tracey Branch

26 October 2014

I have been a patient of Dr Anand for 2 years. Great doctor, great bedside manners. If you have a need for his services please check him out. Highly recommend him.

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