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PestMed P.

3 June 2015

Gina has a special connection with her subjects. She had my daughter working the camera and delivered priceless photos. Everleigh didn't want to leave. It was comfortable and professional. She made it feel more like a play date for my infant than boring picture time. She was up and down on her knees and belly. Very energetic and not afraid to put her body in uncomfortable positions to get the winning shot. You will not be disappointed. You can tell right away that she is passionate about what she does. More...


joanne g.

26 September 2014

Gina is the best!!!!!   My daughter just got her pictures back and, and they are amazing. Gina has a magical way of making kids relax and have fun at the shoot.  The resulting quality of her photos are excellent.  My daughter had a lot of fun working with her, and we have magazine-quality pictures.  I cannot recommend her highly enough.  Great value and a super nice person to boot! WE are so, so happy.  I wish I could give her 10 stars! More...


Megan M.

7 April 2014

I absolutely love Gina!. The thing is, anything that looks easy took whoever is doing it countless hours of practice, and it's never as easy as it looks!  This is exactly why every time I think I'm going to take amazing, adorable photos of my child they look like bad flip phone photos. When Gina takes them the results are extraordinary.  If you want professional photos, you need a professional, and Gina is it! I've used her for personal and professional photos and was thrilled with the results. I loved all the photos whether they were taken in the studio or outdoors.  I especially love how conveniently located her studio is. Proximity off freeway and easy free parking matters-especially with kids! More...


Lynn S.

9 March 2011

Gina Risso is an amazing photographer! However initially I wanted to save a few bucks and went to Sears Portrait Studio. What a waste of money! The quality of their pictures is poor, the studio props are dirty and they rushed me through my hour appointment instead of patiently waiting for my toddler children to sit still. Lesson learned and I'm not going back there again!So I gave Gina a shot and I'm so grateful I did! She's wonderfully talented, passionate about her work, professional and friendly. I appreciate her work so much now because she goes out and about with you and your kids--to your home, the playground, the beach, the woods, etc.--to capture their innocence and spontaneity. You don't have to worry about your kids "behaving." You can let your kids play and trust that Gina will capture their beauty.As a mom I think my kids are the most beautiful creatures in the world. And the pictures she took of my kids make them even more beautiful! I like that they're not posing in the pictures. They're just out running, jumping, exploring and cuddling--as they always do. And that's what I see in my pictures. She also uses techniques to enhance the vibrant colors in nature and my children (ex. their eye and lip color). I don't know what this technique is called but my kids look ADORABLE!Her prices are competitive.  Spend the extra money and go to her. The few extra bucks far outweigh the lifetime of pleasure you'll receive from enjoying her pictures on your wall.Your kids aren't going to be this little forever. It's worth it for Gina to capture them now. I'm so glad I did! More...

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