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Ray Deaton

9 August 2019

Fine group of officers who dutifully serve our county.


Michelle Michelle

10 January 2019

they are everywhere to help if you ask


Denise Hicks

18 November 2018

Believe it or not I think the officers are pretty fair. They are good men and women who decided to risk their lives to help others. How many of us do that


Craig Stallings

2 May 2018

I had the honor of having lunch with Sheriff Donnie yesterday in Greensboro. You should be proud to have a man in law enforcement with his character. Sorry I left your BC on the table


Rufus Lawrence

3 January 2018

I love the way you addressed the situation in question. We can work together as a community.


Jonathan Sackie Seabourn

29 December 2017

My mother was approached by a Greene Co Officer while she was sitting at the Pilot truck stop off to the side. She comes to my house later telling a story about how the officer was very adamant about searching her truck and harassing her. So me being my mamas son I sent them an ugly message when an officer reached out to me to straighten the mess out. He played the 47 second audio recording of their conversation where the officer not 1 time asked her about her identity or anything other than that he was just making sure he was ok. Sorry to the Greene Co Officer who I accused of being ugly to my mother based on her word and thank you for getting ahold of me to straighten the confusion out. More...


Kitty Paten

3 November 2017

I would like to give a heartfelt thank you to Sgt. Rutherford and fellow officers who came to my aid yesterday morning. As I was traveling on Highway 15, I struck a deer and the three officers provided immediate assistance even though they were on their way home from working all night. They insured my safety as I waited for the wrecker and directed traffic. I am truly grateful for these caring men and their dedication. � More...


Josh Trogdon

17 September 2017

Officer Tanner went above and beyond for my brother and I. On our 40 mile expedition to retrieve a phone. Not only did he help us retrieve the phone he helped us to laugh about the situation afterward. Officer Tanner, you are the Mother Ducking Man! More...


Lewis Blanchard

19 March 2017

Great Agency, Deputies, and Sheriff. Thanks for your dedicated service.


Ruth Hendrix

9 February 2017

Awesome to read such heart warming story in a Dear Editor letter to the Herald Journal. A great respect for our Vet and a tribute to much deserved J. Copelan send off with honor, respect and true memory for the family. Thank you for representing our true Southern community. More...


Soren Dresch

30 November 2016

Watched the Greene County sheriff's department put their lives on the line trying to stop an out of control criminal(s) today.


GiGi Rodriquez

25 September 2016

I wound like to thank one of your deputies (don't remember his name) for a very professional and kind traffic stop off of I-20W tonight. I was tending to a sleepy fussy baby in the vehicle and got distracted from the road. He pulled me over checked on our safety then gave me a warning to be careful. He was very pleasant and checked on our entire convoy of women and children. Thank you for doing such a wonderful job in these current days!!!! *****Please deputy if you remember my black car with the 2 infants, TAG yourself so everyone can know who you are � More...


Susan Landreth Everitt

2 August 2016

Sergeant Jamaal Hall rescued me and my daughter after we blew out a tire on I-20. He was so helpful and kind. Thank you!


Stacey Skelton

25 November 2015

So very thankful for The Greene County Sheriff's Office! I locked myself out of my car the evening before Thanksgiving, and they were able to help. I would have been in a serious mess without them, and I am very grateful for all that they do. More...


Crystal Ann Bell

27 June 2014

Outstanding officers, real nice guys. Would always come in the Flying J, when I worked there. Miss you guys!!


Laura Townson Ray

11 February 2014

Down home people who do a great job with that certain connection that keeps them in touch with whom they serve!